Sturm's Territorium - Die etwas andere Dinosaurierseite

King Ghidorah’s Prophecy

Session 3

(By Kedzuel)


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Somewhere Near Jupiter


“Grand King Ghidorah has been making himself a life down there on that pretty blue ball,” began Deedra.  “Too bad his life has now been put on hold.  That religious fanatic really put a damper on his life.  He won’t even leave his apartment.”  She turned back to her servant Thufor.  The slumped over, lizard like man smiled deviously. She returned his expression with a wicked grin on her thin lips. “Good work, Thufor.”

“My pleasure, my Queen,” he bowed. “And it was even easier to escape the Earthling policemen once King Ghidorah revealed his true form and rebuilt the building with his powers.  They were so stunned, they just stared in awe and fear of him.  I escaped without trouble.”

“My poor love,” Deedra sighed. “So alone, so depressed, so sad.  Lying in bed all day, never seeing the light again.  Sooner or later, he’ll run out of money and his apartment will be repossessed.  The humans already canceled his psychic show.  He had it much simpler with me.  And I shall remind him of that once more.”  She turned to an enormous, foggy glass tube.  A dark form stirred inside the glass tube.  She smiled at the form and touched it with her hand.  Her station was a laboratory, the exact same satellite that granted King Ghidorah his incredible psionic powers.  She was hard at work again, creating a monster that will once and for all rid her of King Ghidorah, or at least bring him back to her—where he belonged.  Her assistant, Thufor had gotten a hold of samples of Godzilla cells.  She wanted to create a monster with the power and durability of Godzilla, and also with the psionic power of King Ghidorah.  She infused some of King Ghidorah’s essence inside the monster—to give it the psionic power the space dragon possessed.  She wanted her King Ghidorah back and she was willing to do anything to get him back.  Deedra glanced out the window of her immense satellite.  Her thoughts turned to the new love in Ghidorah’s life.  Victoria Swanson was her name.  Deedra flushed with envy and jealousy that this weak Earthling could hold the heart of the mighty King Ghidorah.  She thought of them, Ghidorah and Vickie lying in bed every day, snuggling, holding each other, and kissing.  The human had stolen her love away from her.  Deedra sighed as she turned back to the tube.

“You will bring my lover back,” she said. “Or he’ll die by your hand, my baby…my Spacegodzilla.”



KG’s Apartment

Vickie rolled over onto a heavily scaled chest, resting her head against it.  She felt the muscular chest rise and fall with every slow breath.  She began to stir a bit, slowly slipping in and out of consciousness.  She turned her head and opened her eyes slowly, watching as the golden scene came into focus.  Lying on the fluffy pillows beneath her was King of Terror himself, Ghidorah.  The three-headed dragon’s heads were curled, two of them laid flat on his chest, and the other head’s lengthy neck was wrapped around Vickie’s waist.  King Ghidorah breathed slowly, but he did not snore.  Vickie could hear a slight soft purr come from all three heads and it even vibrated his chest.  She placed a soft kiss on his chest and reached over to pat the head that was around her slender form.  She felt the golden dragon stir as she groomed the head’s soft, golden mane.  The eyes of the center head opened slightly turning towards Vickie.  A smile appeared on his scaly lips.  The eyes of the other head also opened and they both lifted up off the pillow.  Then, the third head’s eyes awoke and it lifted up off of Vickie’s waist.  King Ghidorah wrapped his wings around Vickie as the center head came down and nuzzled her.

“Morning, sleepy,” Vickie smiled.

Guten Morgen, King Ghidorah purred in German. Sleep well, Mein Morgenstern?

“I did,” she sighed as she stretched.  Vickie let loose a yawn as she rose from the bed.  King Ghidorah leaned up, one of his heads grabbing the covers and pulling them over his legs as she lifted off from him.  Ever sense he returned to New York, Vickie had been living with him.  Also, King Ghidorah had not left his apartment since his return as well.  He had been avoiding the media and the crowds.  He knew that they would hunt him down, sticking their microphones in his face (or faces) asking him questions then twisting the truth.  He wanted no part of it.  His show was canceled the day he revealed himself.  He had lost his best friend and manager Tom McArthur.  He had no friends, no job, but at least he had Vickie.  He was the King of Terror, he use to insight fear in the hearts of humans.  Why was he now cowering in his apartment because of them?  Kaiser Goldstein had gained an image, one that was respected by those who believed in his abilities.  Now, he came off as the Defiler of Children.  King Ghidorah had no choice but to hide.

King Ghidorah leaned over, resting his center head on Vickie’s shoulder, and leaning the two outer heads on her arms.  He wrapped his wings around her again and purred softly.  Vickie turned and leaned close to his snout, placing a kiss on his lips.  Ghidorah leaned into the kiss, his forked tongue grazing the opening of her mouth.  Vickie loved it when his tongue licked her lips.  King Ghidorah leaned away, smiling again.

“What are you going to do today, Kaiser?” she asked him.

Stay in the apartment, he replied. I can’t go outside.  Even if I’m in human form, I can’t go outside.

“I wish you wouldn’t stay in here,” Vickie said. “You’re becoming lethargic.  It’s not healthy.  That’s all you do is lay in bed all day with your heads under the cover.  I mean, yeah, it’s great to cuddle with you and—other things, but you need to get up off your lazy ass and do something besides lay down and watch TV.”

Which reminds me, King Ghidorah began as his right outer head turned towards the TV set.  The set turned on, controlled by the dragon’s telekinesis.  King Ghidorah began to flip through the channels until he came upon the news. There we are.  News.  I can see what’s going on in the world without leaving the comfort of my apartment.

Vickie rolled her eyes in frustration.  She really wanted him to go out, even if it was just to get the mail off the stoop.  King Ghidorah watched intently as a scene played across the TV screen.  There was a crowd of news cameras focused around a person trying to make his way in.  Ghidorah leaned into the TV, recognizing the person who they were crowding around.

Mein Gott, das ist Tom! King Ghidorah cried. What is he doing there?

“He’s being hunted by those cameras!” said Vickie.

“Where is Kaiser now?” asked one of the reports.

“How should I know?” asked Tom. “He disappeared.  He said that he’ll never return to this planet again!”

“King Ghidorah was reported flying over San Diego a few weeks ago along with Mothra,” said another reporter. “How do you explain that?”

“I don’t know!” cried Tom, struggling to get away from them. “He rarely tells me anything.”

“Did you know about Kaiser’s secret before the incident at your studio?” asked a reporter shoving a microphone near Tom’s ear.

“No!” cried Tom. “I didn’t!  He never told me he was really King Ghidorah!  I swear I didn’t know.”

“So, you’ve known him all this time, but you’ve never known he was King Ghidorah until a few weeks ago?” asked the same reporter.

“Yes!” cried Tom. “Go away from me!  Go away!”

Tom, sighed King Ghidorah.

“You need to save him,” said Vickie. “You need to rescue him from those reporters.  He’s your friend.”

He still has a grudge against me, King Ghidorah sighed.

“Even if he does, you have to save him, Kaiser,” Vickie leaned against his chest. “You’re his friend.”

You’re right, Vickie, said the dragon. You’re right.  Lock the doors.  Make sure no one comes in, for any reason.  I don’t want you to get hurt.

Vickie leaned over and kissed him again.  She wrapped her arms around the dragon’s central head.  She could hear King Ghidorah purr once more as he pressed his lips against her, kissing her passionately.  Then, he moved away and hopped off the bed.  The golden dragon’s wings were folded at his sides, trailing beyond his feet and to the part where his tail split into two.  He glanced back at her one more time and smiled.

“At least you’re getting out of the house, Kaiser,” Vickie grinned. “And pick me up a bagel with cream cheese while you’re out too!”

Alright, dear, King Ghidorah chuckled.  The King of Terror faded away, disappearing from Vickie.

“Good luck, Ghidorah,” Vickie sighed.  She turned back to the screen.


“I told you again!” cried Tom. “I don’t know where he is!”

The chaotic scene was broken by a melodious, triple bell call from the sky.  Tom felt the wind pick up around him, blowing the papers and the trash around the sidewalk and the streets.  His eyes turned towards the sky as well as the eyes of the media and their cameras.  They were silent when they saw him appear.  King Ghidorah hovered several 100s of feet above him.  The broad wings of the enormous dragon flapped slowly, creating the wind that blew across the streets.  All of traffic stopped and the people got out just to glance up at the glistening golden dragon.

“Then again, may be I do know where Kaiser is,” Tom breathed.

Leave him alone, King Ghidorah snarled into the minds of every reporter there.  King Ghidorah threw back his heads and let loose another melodious roar.  His wings began to spark up and flash, flickering with electricity.  Then, all three heads shot forth, releasing their bolts of deadly golden lightning.  The lightning raced and missed Tom, chasing the fleeing reporters down the streets.  As soon as they disappeared, King Ghidorah turned back to Tom.

No thanks are necessary, he somberly rumbled.

The space dragon turned away from his friend and began to fly away.

“Kaiser!” cried Tom.  King Ghidorah turned back to him and landed in the street.  Tom looked up, focusing on the central head. “Where the hell have you been?!”

Hiding in my apartment for the last two weeks, King Ghidorah sighed. Where else?

“I thought you were going—well…leaving,” he said. “Going into outer space or so you said.”

I couldn’t leave Vickie, Tom, the dragon sighed as he laid down on the sidewalk. And I couldn’t leave you either.

“Shit, Kaiser,” Tom sighed. “Just answer me this, what made you change?  What turned you into a good guy?”

It’s a long story, King Ghidorah said.

“I’ll buy you a drink,” said Tom. “Sugar filled, like you want it.”

The dragon let loose a chuckle and his form shimmered.  Tom watched as the dragon’s form shrank down until he was staring at a blonde haired man with ruby eyes.  Kaiser smiled.

“All the chocolate and sugar I could have in my latte?” he asked.

“Sure,” said Tom.

“And that’s the other reason why I can’t leave,” said Kaiser. “Only Earth has the sweets to stave off the hunger for life force and essence.  Sugar doesn’t grow on other planets.”

Tom laughed.  Kaiser and Tom walked down the street, finally coming to their favorite café.


Kaiser sat down, pouring the sugar packets into his chocolate filled latte.  He stopped for a moment just to stir in the sweetness, and then he began to pour again.  Tom still could not figure out why Kaiser did that, even if he was King Ghidorah.  Did the space dragon have a sweet tooth?

“Do space dragons get diabetic?” Tom asked.

Kaiser looked up: “Huh?”

“I mean, you drink a lot of sugar filled drinks, you pour sugar into your food,” said Tom. “You like everything that’s sweet.  And you’ve been doing that since I’ve known you.  Even some of the doctors can’t understand why.  And you say you’re diabetic.  I mean, isn’t that enough sugar?  Aren’t you over doing it?”

“Well, I am not diabetic,” Kaiser said. “But I do need the sugar.  I need lots of it.  The sweet tooth is a part of the reason why I’m good.”

“You eat sweet stuff, you become a sweet man,” Tom laughed.

“No it isn’t like that,” said Kaiser. “When I returned to Earth, I became extremely powerful.  This power was given to me by a space witch—or rather bitch named Deedra.”

“Space bitch,” Tom chuckled.

Kaiser smiled as he sipped his latte: “She—has some sort of fetish about me.  Apparently she’s been hunting me down for eons.  She’s obsessed.  But, she promised me power, and that’s how I gained these powers that I have now—the psionic abilities that I have.  Unfortunately, that power came with a price.  Besides the fact I had to feed off of the life force and essences of humans…preferably the youth, I had to marry Deedra.  Well, I didn’t want to, so right when I was about to destroy Godzilla and Mothra, I turned on Deedra, and attacked her.  We fought, but I came out on top—though I was heavily wounded.”

“Okay, so, she bitch slapped you,” began Tom.

“If bitch slapping means I came crashing into Germany, then yes, she did,” Kaiser chuckled.

“Ouch,” Tom gulped. “So what else happened?”

“Well, I knew that she would be looking for me, so I used my ability to shape shift—another ability given by Deedra—to hide myself from her,” he continued. “I found that if I were to keep up the guise of being human, I would have to learn to live like you and never take on my true form again.  I knew that if I were to take on my true form, I would reveal to Deedra my location and she would try to hunt me down.  The way she sees it that I have two choices.  I can either go with her and become her ‘love slave’ or I can die.  Becoming human was the best choice I’ve ever made. I was free from Deedra.  Then, as time went by, I became human on the inside too.  So, I decided to fully complete my transformation into humanity by way of transmutation. I was going to literally turn my body completely human and be rid of my dragon form forever. I would be free from Deedra then.  I was willing to do it.  But then, Deedra found me. She found me and that’s why we’ve been seeing monsters attack New York.  So, in order to save this city, I have to remain a dragon.”

“So that’s why you never told me,” sighed Tom. “You were in hiding.”

“I knew that if I did, it would put you at risk and she could use you to get to me,” Kaiser sighed. “I never meant to hurt you personally.  But the way I saw it was—I was trying to make a new life…a life without Deedra.  I wanted to leave King Ghidorah with Deedra and become Kaiser Goldstein.  I guess even that’s impossible.”

Tom sighed again, leaning back against the chair.

“Believe me, Tom,” began Kaiser. “Under different circumstances, I would have told you when I felt that I could trust you with my secret.  But because of Deedra, I knew that if you were to have known about me, you would be in great danger.  I was looking at for you.”

Tom nodded, folding his hands around his cup.

“I’m sorry, you know that,” said Kaiser.

“I know you are,” Tom. “At least you’re telling me now.  Even if—it was after 10 years.  But—I suppose that if I were in the same situation as you, I would do the same thing.  She’s really that bad?”

Kaiser chuckled: “The worst.  She’s beautiful though, incredibly beautiful, but it’s only skin deep.  Once you look into her eyes, you can see the ugliness inside.  I wanted nothing to do with her.  Even when she touched me, I cringed.”

“You—you and Deedra…you weren’t really—like—close,” began Tom. “I mean…you said she called you her ‘love slave’?”

Kaiser cringed: “I was her—play toy.  I’ll leave it like that.”

“Jesus, Kaiser,” grimaced Tom. “You know, you’re right, you’re better off hiding.  Quite frankly, I kinda wish you never told me about that.  But, truthfulness is the foundation of friendship.”

“Thanks, Tom,” said Kaiser. “I appreciate it.”

Kaiser took another sip of his latte, pouring more sugar in it.

“Okay, so what’s the deal about the sugar then?” asked Tom.

“Well, I knew that stealing the essence of children would disclose my location to Deedra, so I had to find a suitable substitute,” said Kaiser. “I found, after many experiments on human food, that sugar is the only substitute to the life force, soul, and essence of youth.  So, there you go.  As long as I intake sugar, I will not crave the essence of youth.”

“Keep eating the sugar then,” Tom smiled. “So, you and Vickie together again?”

“Yes,” Kaiser nodded. “She lives with me.  I’m trying to hide her from the media too.”  His eyes widened. “In fact, I better go to her.  I told her not to leave the apartment until I got back.  I was afraid something might happen to her.”

Tom handed Kaiser his cell phone.

“Here, call her,” he said. “And tell her to come to the café down the street.  She needs to be let out of that place too, you know.”

Kaiser took the phone from Tom and unfolded it.  He held it up to his ear…


*          *            *


“Send Gigan down,” said Deedra. “Send him down to Earth as a warning to King Ghidorah.”

“Just Gigan?” asked Thufor.

Deedra walked down the hallway and into a large bay area.  There, Gigan, the space cyborg—sat—awaiting orders from his mistress.  Deedra smiled.

“Gigan!” she cried. “You wanted your revenge for what Ghidorah has done to you?”

The beaked cyborg screeched in agreement, rising to his feet.

“I know that Ghidorah is more powerful than you now,” she said. “Don’t fight him, just deliver a message to him.”

Gigan nodded, hefting a sigh.  He wanted to fight King Ghidorah.  The space dragon humiliated him that day when he came to New York.

“Go, Gigan!” cried Deedra. “But don’t let me stop you if you do get some kicks in.”

Gigan’s face brightened up and he saluted her with his sickle, handless arm.  His fins spread and he launched into the dark void of space, speeding towards Earth.

“This will be interesting, Ghidorah will either listen to Gigan or kill him,” said Deedra.

“Yes, my lady,” nodded Thufor.


“Okay, come right over,” said Kaiser. “Love you too, Vickie.”

He turned off the phone and handed it back to Tom.

“She’s coming over,” said Kaiser. “She’s happy that you and I are talking to each other—and that I got out of the house for once.”

Tom chuckled as he sipped more of his coffee.  Kaiser placed the latte up to his lips and drank, licking his lips when he was done.

“So, what are we going to do about the show, Tom?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Tom sighed. “You’re now the most unpopular guy in the world—along with Saddam Hussein.”

“Great, I’m equal with a terrorist country leader in a desert,” sighed Kaiser.

“I don’t think so,” said Tom. “I think you’re better than him.  You’re a great guy, Ghidorah, you just don’t give yourself credit.”

“Danke,” smiled Kaiser. “Große Götter!  What a life, ja?  We have problems.  And I need to find work.  What are we going to do without show?”

“Make another show?” asked Tom. “I know, maybe if I get you on a talk show—you could tell the world what you told me.  Maybe, that will help our image.”

“Or ruin it,” sighed Kaiser.

“You know that hiding is making it worse,” said Tom. “If you don’t tell them now, they are going to make up stories, and more stories—and hell—maybe you and I and Vickie should move to outer space.  I don’t want anything to do with this either!”

Kaiser sighed and nodded: “Okay, Tom.  Who is willing to have me on their show long enough for me to explain everything?”

“I could score something with Jon Steward,” said Tom. “Or Conan O’Brian.”

Kaiser sipped his latte again.  His eyes turned as he heard a sound come from the front desk of the café.  Someone was screaming.  It was the clerk at the front desk.

“Get out of here!” he cried. “Shoo!  Get out of here you nasty bug!”

Kaiser’s keen ears picked up a chirp and his head turned towards the sound.  He saw a rather unusually large moth flutter around the clerk.  The moth was about 3 feet wide—from wing tip to wing tip.  The wings of the moth were covered in patterns of pink, white, and some red and green as well.  The clerk was trying to swat the moth with his broom.  Kaiser rose from his chair, recognizing the moth.

“Stop!” Kaiser cried. “Leave that creature alone, now!”

The moth fluttered towards Kaiser, diving into his chest, trembling.  Kaiser rapped his arms around the moth’s body, cradling it.

“You’re King Ghidorah, right?” the clerk asked, recognizing Kaiser’s human face. “That bug a friend of yours?”

“Yes,” said Kaiser. “I’ll pay for the damages she caused.  Just don’t hurt her, please?”

Kaiser’s eyes focused on the man’s yes, his breathing becoming steady.  In a smooth morph, Kaiser became King Ghidorah.  The man was mesmerized by the dragon’s stare.  Tom glanced to Ghidorah, then back to the clerk.  Then, the man blinked, turning away and returning to his work.

“Just make sure it don’t bother the customers,” said the clerk as he began to sweep the floors behind the desk.  Tom looked at King Ghidorah.

“Did you just…” Tom broke off.

It’s called the power of suggestion, King Ghidorah replied. My will over his.  I was just stronger, I guess.  Besides, I can’t let him hurt Fairy.

“Fairy?” Tom asked.  King Ghidorah opened his wings, revealing the frightened pastel colored moth clutching his chest.  Tom leaned over, seeing the unusual moth in King Ghidorah’s wings.  “Kaiser, you know some of the strangest characters.”

This is Fairy Mothra, said King Ghidorah. The messenger and companion of the Alias.  Usually, the Alias are with her.

“The Alias?” asked Tom. “You mean those fairies that ride with Mothra?”

Yes, the dragon nodded.  King Ghidorah turned back to Fairy. Hallo, Fairy. Wie gehts?  Has something happen to Mothra?

The moth looked up at the dragon and chirped.  The center head of King Ghidorah leaned in, listening to the chirps and whistles of the moth.  He made some slight nods as he listened in.  Fairy Mothra was disturbed and afraid.

“What did she say?” asked Tom.

She said that Mothra has been sensing Deedra’s movements, King Ghidorah replied. Something that I haven’t done because I’ve been worried about the press.  You say that she’s sending a monster down to find me?  What monster?

Fairy chirped.  King Ghidorah turned to Tom.

Gigan again, the dragon chuckled. Deedra is sending Gigan all by himself to confront me.

“Why would she want to do that?” asked Tom. “Aren’t you like ten times bigger than Gigan?”

Ja, King Ghidorah replied. And I’m 100 times more powerful than him as well.  Still, something’s up.  I better be on my guard.  She may be using Gigan as a distraction for something even bigger.

Fairy chirped.

Correction, there is something bigger to worry about, King Ghidorah said, picking up Fairy’s comment. Fairy says that Deedra has been busy lately.  Mothra’s been sensing Deedra’s activities.  She said that the space witch has been using a lot of power lately—for what, Mothra doesn’t know.  I can only suspect that Deedra’s been empowering another monster to come down and fight me—either kill me or bring me back to Deedra.

“So, she empowered Gigan?” Tom asked.

It’s a possibility, said Ghidorah. But I doubt it.  Gigan’s a cyborg, he’s only half living.  Psionic powers are for completely living beings.  Machines can’t use it.  Maybe, she gave him other powers.  Anyways, this will be the closure he spoke about.

“Closure?” Tom shook his head in confusion.

Remember when the cockroaches came to Earth?  The Nebulans?  I was enlisted by them and partnered up with Gigan to make Earth more ‘suitable’ for the roaches.

“In other words, to conquer Earth,” said Tom.

Wunderbar! The dragon complemented. Gigan became a bit attached to me.  He considered me his brother.  Then, when we flew away to get away from Godzilla, our friendship became rockier.  I separated from him and went on my own once more.  Gigan wants closure.  In a way he’s obsessive like Deedra.

“You know some strange characters,” Tom sighed. “And I do so repeat again!”

King Ghidorah laughed again.  He rubbed Fairy on her furry head, comforting the trembling insect with the index digit of his wing.

“So, are you going to go out there and confront him before he reaches New York?” asked Tom.

Nein, the dragon shook his heads. I’ll let him come down here unopposed, thinking he’s getting the upper hand by surprising me.  But when he gets here, I’ll be ready.  King Ghidorah glanced down at Fairy. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you, Fairy.  It’s okay.

He felt the unusually large moth begin to relax in his wings.  He heard her chirp again.  Fairy brushed one of her antennae on King Ghidorah’s chest.  She glanced up at him, her blue faceted eyes sparkled.

That’s a good girl, the King of Terror sighed. I’ll get you back to Mothra Island in a minute right after I deal with Gigan, ja?

The moth nodded.  King Ghidorah held her close to him, smiling.

“That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Tom.


“King Ghidorah comforting a pastel colored moth that chirps,” he sighed. “I mean—it just doesn’t fit.”

Why? Asked King Ghidorah. I can’t be comforting too?  Just because I was once a scourge and a menace to the universe?  A demon?  I can’t comfort someone who is frightened?

“No, it’s not that,” said Tom. “I mean, it just doesn’t fit.  A three headed dragon—and a scary one at that—comforting a pastel moth that looks like she should be a little girl’s cute plush toy.  The scene just doesn’t fit.  But, okay, you have a soft heart under all those scales.”

I do, he smiled. I do.

King Ghidorah’s keen ears picked up sounds coming from the streets.  He could hear people screaming and running.  One of his outer heads leaned over, stretching out towards the sounds and looking out the window.

Uh-oh, he whispered. Gigan’s here.

“He is?” asked Tom. “Where?”

Follow the screaming.

Tom heard a cry from the street.  He saw several people run past the window.  Some of them tumbled and were crushed by other more adept runners.  The customers inside the café went outside to see what all the screaming was about.  Once they saw it, they ran down the street.  Even the café clerk went outside and started running.  Tom and King Ghidorah walked outside, bracing themselves against the café window.  King Ghidorah held Fairy Mothra close to him.  Rays of red shot out from the sky, causing massive explosions.  Several buildings exploded, sending debris up into the air.

Ja, Gigan’s here, King Ghidorah sighed. Deedra must have made his eye laser more powerful.  He couldn’t cause that powerful of an explosion with it before.  But he’s still the same size.

“Some times little people are trouble too,” called Tom.  His head turned towards an explosion and ducked just as several cars on the street went flying. “You better do something!”

Here, take Fairy! King Ghidorah cried as he handed the little moth over to Tom.  King Ghidorah’s center head came down to her. Now, Fairy, you stay with my friend Tom.  He’ll take care of you.  I have to go fight Gigan, okay?

The moth chirped.  King Ghidorah smiled.

She says she’ll stay with you, he told Tom.

“That’s great,” Tom called over the destruction. “But now you go do your job, Hero of New York!  You fight on our side now!”

Damn right I do! King Ghidorah laughed.

“Good luck, Kaiser,” he chuckled as he watched the space dragon grow to his true form.  King Ghidorah glanced down.

It’s King Ghidorah, he corrected. And don’t you for get it!

King Ghidorah glanced back, seeing Gigan land on the ruined scene.  Smoke billowed around the monster as he slowly crept up to the dragon.  King Ghidorah extended his broad, bat-like wings.  The membranes shimmered elegantly in the light.  He let loose a low snarl, his lips curled up around his dagger-like teeth.  King Ghidorah got on all fours, using his wings like forelegs as he walked over the rubble and flames.

“Ghidorah,” snorted Gigan.  Once more, he was speaking in a voice that only Ghidorah could understand. “Surprised to see me?”

“Yes,” King Ghidorah hissed, speaking in the same language. “In a way.  But I knew you were coming, Gigan.  You can’t hide your thoughts from me.”

“She sent me down to you,” the cyborg began. “An ultimatum.  You come back, or you die.”

“I figured as much,” the dragon smiled fiendishly. “But I laugh at her threats.  You’re nothing compared to me.”

King Ghidorah arched his necks up high, hissing deeply.  His forked tongues flickered out as he hissed.  Although he was on all fours, he was still several times taller than Gigan.

“You don’t scare me,” Gigan growled as he stepped back to get a better view of King Ghidorah.

King Ghidorah chuckled.  He leaned down towards the small cyborg, his red eyes narrowing.

“If you are done with your message…” the dragon hissed once more.  Ghidorah stared at Gigan intently, his eyes focusing deep into Gigan’s mind. “What is this…monster that will bring me to Deedra, Gigan?”

“No monster…” Gigan shook his head, his single eye widened.  His ears began to ring.

“You’re lying!” King Ghidorah leaned down to Gigan, taking a sniff of him with his center head.  The forked tongue of the center head lashed out, licking its lips.  Gigan stepped back, feeling an emotion he was not use to—fear.  Ghidorah laughed: “I thought you were not afraid of me, Gigan.”

“I—I’m not…”

“Then, why are you backing away from me?”  King Ghidorah came forward, his wing slamming down near Gigan’s side, preventing him from escape.  The space dragon literally towered over him.  “You won’t escape…you are far too valuable to let go.”

Gigan shook his head, not understanding what King Ghidorah was saying.  The dragon’s eyes flashed and the cyborg felt a squeeze upon his mind.  He felt a punch slam against his brain and Gigan fell to the ground, unconscious.  King Ghidorah hissed, leaning a way from the cyborg.  He glanced down at Tom and Fairy.

“What the hell did you do to him?” Tom asked.

I hit him, mentally, King Ghidorah replied with his mental voice. He’s unconscious.  He knows something.  I did not want to fight him—endangering lives here.  Besides, with a mind as simple as Gigan, it’s easy to smack to unconsciousness without having to physically do it.

“Okay,” Tom shrugged. “What are you going to do with him?”

I was thinking about taking him home with me for some interrogation, he replied with a slight smile.

“You’ve got to be joking, Ghidorah!” cried Tom. “That’s Gigan!  He won’t fit in your apartment!”

Ghidorah chuckled.  He knelt over and picked up the limp body with the slender, opposable claw on his wing.  All three of his heads dipped down and he began to concentrate.  His golden glow encompassed Gigan’s form and both monsters slowly began to shrink.  Tom stared with wide eyes as the two towering giants soon became human sized.  King Ghidorah quickly reverted back to his human form.  He placed Gigan’s arm around his neck and dragged him over to Tom.

“How’s this?” Ghidorah—Kaiser asked.

“Okay,” said Tom. “That solves that problem.  But won’t Deedra be looking for him?”

“I want her to look for him,” said Kaiser. “And I want her to send whatever monster after me as well.  I’ll prove to her once and for all that I am not afraid.  I want to be left alone.”

Tom nodded, then he glanced at the human sized Gigan: “What about him?  How long will he stay unconscious?”

“Not long,” said Kaiser. “Let’s tie him up and…blindfold him.”


“Eye laser,” he replied.

“Oh,” nodded Tom. “Eye laser?!”

“Don’t worry,” smiled Kaiser. “He can’t see, he can’t shoot.  Tie his arms up too.  And we’ll need to sheath his sickles as well—just in case.”

“You’re gonna just magic the stuff we need to keep this guy tied up?” asked Tom. “Because I don’t have any rope or anything else.”

“No,” Kaiser sighed.  He glanced over to some scaffolding on the building over.  He noticed there was some rope hanging down from the wooden planks.  Kaiser’s eyes narrowed and the rope disappeared, only to reappear in his hand. He smiled at Tom: “Here we go.  Rope, enough to tie him up and to gag him.”

“How the hell did you do that?” Tom asked.

“Magician never tells his secret,” smiled Kaiser.


Deedra leaned back from the screen, sighing.  Thufor glanced back his twisted face grinning a bit.

“He has Gigan,” Thufor said.

“I know,” Deedra said. “He’s trying to force me out.”

“Might as well just do it,” Thufor began. “Kaiser is a very powerful being now.  You’ve made him that way.”

“Kaiser?” Deedra asked, turning around with a shocked expression on her face. “You call him by his human first name?”

“Seems fitting, doesn’t it?” Thufor asked. “That King Ghidorah would call himself Kaiser.  It means ‘emperor’ in German, you know—ultimate ruler.  Emperor Ghidorah.  Fitting for him—for his new powers and abilities.  He has evolved beyond even us now—completely free from control.  Now he controls—Emperor Ghidorah.”

“Silence!” Deedra cried. “That’s enough of that.  Prepare Space Godzilla.  We’re attacking before Ghidorah can find out anything else from that dimwitted fool—Gigan!”

From within the bowls of the station, a tube opened up.  For the first time, he breathed on his own, taking in the air around him.  He opened his eyes to the world.  Around him was silence and steel.  Space Godzilla stepped out of his crystalline womb and stretched.  He had within his mind the knowledge of his father—King Ghidorah.  His blue scales gave off a golden cast and his eyes flashed with blood.  He glanced down.

“Space Godzilla,” began the voice who had been whispering to him from the moment he was conceived. “Come to me, come to your mother.”

What is it you will of me? Space Godzilla asked.

“You know your father?” she asked him. “You know who he is?”

Ghidorah, he replied. A great and powerful golden dragon with 3 heads.

“You know what he has become?” Deedra asked.

A traitor, he replied.

“A father should be here taking care of me, not away and—being a cheat and going out with human floozies,” she cried. “Go, bring him back here, if he refuses, kill him and bring his body back to me.  I can reanimate him afterwards.”

Yes, Mother…the bluish colored monster bowed as he walked out towards the opening of the space dock.

“He has all the powers of Godzilla and the mental powers of his father King Ghidorah,” she smiled. “Let’s see how ‘Kaiser’ fairs against him.”


*          *            *


“I was heading out to meet you guys,” began Vickie. “What’s going on?”

“Get a chair,” Kaiser called. “Quickly.”

Vickie backed away from the door seeing the two men walk in with a strange looking creature hanging from their shoulders.  She recognized him as Gigan, but he was human-sized.  She brought a chair over and Kaiser sat Gigan down on it, tying his sickle arms to the back.  Gigan thrashed about, screeching and squawking.  Behind him was a tiny, brightly colored moth.

“Okay, would someone mind tell me why there’s a human-sized Gigan here?” Vickie asked.

“He’s my prisoner,” Kaiser smiled.

“I heard on the news report that he attacked and you intervened,” she began.

“Media’s quick,” Tom chuckled. “Too quick.  Yeah, he attacked, Kaiser got up there and knocked him unconscious and now, he’s our prisoner.”

“Great,” Vickie sighed. “Just make sure he doesn’t blow up everything.”

“It’s my apartment,” Kaiser grinned. “I’ll say what gets blown up around here.  Now…”

He reached up and snatched the blindfold from Gigan’s singular, red eye.  Gigan squawked and blinked, staring at the human with stunned shock.

“Surprised to see me, aren’t you?” Kaiser grinned. “If you decide to try and burn me with your laser, I’ll make it to where your head ends up on your ass.  Verstanden?”

Gigan nodded.

“Gut!” Kaiser chuckled. “Now, mein kleiner Freund, did Deedra upgrade you in any way?”

Gigan squawked, shaking his head.

“What did he say?” Tom asked.

“He said ‘no’,” Kaiser replied. “Alright, then, what is this monster?”

Gigan began to squawk and chirp, Kaiser listening in to what he was saying.  Then, Kaiser’s eyes widened.

“What?” asked Vickie. “What did he say?”

“Nein,” Kaiser breathed. “Das ist unmöglich!”

“What?” Tom asked. “Stop speaking German and tell me what he said!”

“He said I have a son,” Kaiser said. “I—can’t have a son.  I have no mate.”

“Deedra,” Vickie began. “You had Deedra one time.”

“Ja,” he sighed. “But I never did anything with her.  Vickie, I never did a thing with her.  I was too disgusted by how she clung onto me constantly.  She creeped me out!  I never had son with her!  Nie!  You lie, Gigan!”

Gigan squawked again, chuckling.  Kaiser’s ruddy red-brown eyes narrowed and his lip pulled back into a snarl.  He reared back and slammed his fist into Gigan’s cheek, knocking the cyborg monster over in his chair.  Kaiser held his hand close to his chest, forgetting that in his human form he also had the strengths and weaknesses of a human.  His knuckles ached from the punch, but he had the satisfaction that he at least knocked Gigan over.

“Kaiser!” Tom cried. “Jesus Christ!”

“Ghidorah,” Vickie called as she rushed to his side.  She noticed that his hand now had sore places on it and it began to bleed a little around those areas. “You’re bleeding.  I’ll get some ointment.”

“Don’t bother,” Kaiser sighed.  His form shifted and he once more took on his dragon form.  His hand became the wrist of his wing, and it no longer bled.  With the tiny, dexterous claws on his wings, he reached down and grabbed Gigan, pulling him back up.

“Now, tell me, you poor excuse for a living being,” King Ghidorah hissed. “What has Deedra created?  If it is my son, how did it get to be my son?”

“Why don’t you just pry into my mind and find out, Ghidorah?” Gigan hissed back.

“I think I will,” the space dragon grinned.  He closed his eyes and focused on Gigan’s mind and memories.  He began to project these thoughts into Tom and Vickie’s minds. She—had a sample of my cells and a sample of Godzilla’s cells.  She cloned a monster from these.  Space Godzilla…

“Space Godzilla?” asked Vickie. “So, it’s Godzilla’s son as well?”

“That don’t sound right,” Tom sighed. “But cloning…”

To create a monster that is the embodiment of my favorite foe, began Ghidorah as he turned back to the humans. But have all the powers that I possess.  Another monster created from some part of me…

“What?” Vickie asked. “What do you mean by that, Kaiser?”

Ghidorah’s form shifted again and he returned to his human form.  Kaiser walked over to the couch and plopped down upon it, sighing.

“There was another,” he began. “A dark creature created from the dark energy I gave off.  A piece of me was cut off long ago, and it created a monster from it.  I’ve heard legends call it Desughidorah—or Desthdrah, or something like that.  Called it my son as well.”

“How does just a section of you grow into something else?” asked Tom. “That’s insane.  Is that how people on your planet procreate?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Kaiser laughed. “We did it the same way you all do.  But I have so much power inside me that anything that gets section off grows into something else.  It’s like I’m some kind of damned ameba!  It’s nothing I can control.  And since I was evil at that time, the thing that buds off of me turns out to be nasty!”

“Kaiser,” began Tom. “Don’t ever cut your hair.  I don’t want some hairy dragon-monster destroying the city or something.”

“It only happens when I’m in my dragon form, Tom,” Kaiser said. “I’ve gotten my hair cut many times in my human form and nothing grew from that.”

“How do you know?” Tom asked. “There could be some creepy, hairy monster in the sewers lurking around, just waiting to strike.  All thanks to you, Kaiser.”

Kaiser shook his head, rolling his eyes.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” Kaiser snorted. “Look.  It only happens when I am in my dragon form.  You just have to trust that.”

“But why does it happen?” Vickie asked.

“So I could build an army that is under my control,” Kaiser grinned a bit fiendishly. “A technique I learned long ago.  They are a part of me, and they are mine to control.”

“So, if this Space Godzilla was created from a piece of you, then you could control it too,” began Tom.

“I don’t know,” he sighed.


“Because Deedra took a piece of me and a piece of Godzilla and created that creature,” he replied. “Her will over him might be stronger than mine.”

“That’s right,” Vickie began. “Deedra is more powerful than you.”

“Remember, Tom,” began Kaiser. “I barely survived when I fought her, and the only reason why I’m alive was because I retreated.”

He turned for a moment, hearing the sound of Gigan grumble.

“Ruhe!” he called. “I’ll hear nothing from you.”

“What did he say that time?” Vickie asked.

“You don’t want to know, Vickie,” Kaiser sighed. “Tom, that thing’s coming down here.  I’m going to have to fight it.”

“I know,” Tom said. “Why are you saying this?”

“Our reputation?” Kaiser began. “How much money would our old station pay to get the first footage of King Ghidorah saving New York from a horrible monster as Space Godzilla?”

“How much money would our old station make from such footage?” Tom asked. “I get your point.  We could use this.”

“My slate will be on its way to getting clean,” Kaiser grinned.

“I can just see the headlines,” Tom chuckled. “‘King Ghidorah, Savior of New York’.”

“Friend to children and puppies all around the world!” Kaiser cried.  The two began to laugh in the scheming.

“You guys are despicable,” Vickie snorted. “Here the city is in danger and you two are thinking about your fame, reputation, and what the headlines will say in the next morning.”

“What do you expect?” Tom asked. “I have to think about my client and his fame.  Turning infamous into famous, right KG?”

“Ja,” Kaiser nodded.

“You won’t win,” Gigan snarled.

“We’ll see about that,” Kaiser smiled.

“With this new development, and you winning this battle,” began Tom. “We could have our old show back.  They would want us on every talk show, knowing that King Ghidorah is on their side and they wanna know how they got there.  This could be the exact thing we need to solve our problem.”

“No more hiding,” Kaiser sighed.

“Good things from here on out,” Tom grinned. “King Ghidorah, I never thought that name of yours would be making me money.”

Vickie still rolled her eyes.


Godzilla rose out of the North Atlantic Ocean, glancing around.  Something called him to this side of the world.  The Atlantic Ocean was not familiar ground to him.  It was also deeper than he was used to.  He sensed the presence of another, something that called him.  He knew though that King Ghidorah was near here.  He heard from Rodan and others that King Ghidorah was in a human settlement known as New York City.  So far, the mighty King of Terror had not been causing trouble there.  Though, it would be great to challenge him again since the last time they fought King Ghidorah completely humiliated him—leaving him to die feeble and weakened.  The space dragon did not even have the courtesy to kill him, saving him from such pain.  Die by combat was the honorable way to go, even if it meant defeat.  But also dying by combat would mean Godzilla won.  King Ghidorah would be left alive, to live on, haunted by Godzilla’s death.  But King Ghidorah left him there to die, and so King Ghidorah won that battle.  Godzilla had to live on with his humiliation, wanting to die, but did not.  He spoke to Mothra recently, hearing that King Ghidorah went back up to fight the strange being who brought him back to Earth.  He heard he also lost that fight, crashing into a landmass known as Europe.  King Ghidorah disappeared after that.  Godzilla heard that he has resurfaced, now living in New York.  So, how was King Ghidorah living in New York and not causing any problems?

Godzilla continued to swim on until he saw the lights of Manhattan glowing over the horizon.  For the moment, he wanted to make sure his presence was not known to the humans yet.  As Godzilla swam on, he caught a human advertisement billboard floating on a raft.  The billboard was massive.  Usually, these human things would not matter much to Godzilla, but for some strange reason, he had to look at it.  His eyes caught why the billboard was so important.  It had the picture of King Ghidorah on it.

“King Ghidorah?” Godzilla rumbled out.  He could not understand the strange writings that humans used.  Though, he did understand the crowd of humans standing around King Ghidorah with their noise gathering sticks—humans called them microphones—shoving them up towards King Ghidorah, demanding explanations.  It seems that the people of this New York City worshipped King Ghidorah, or were just not afraid of him.  Godzilla move towards the billboard, seeing the expression of King Ghidorah in the picture.  The space dragon obviously did not want them to crowd around him.  He could tell King Ghidorah seemed to fear them around him.  So, perhaps they were not worshipping him after all.  King Ghidorah feared them, but they did not fear him.  Something did not seem right.  Humans were always afraid of monsters, so why was this different?  Godzilla dove back into the water, passing the billboard.  He saw a flash of light from the water and his poked his head out.  Something crashed into the city.  It was the thing that called him.  Godzilla finally rose up from the water, setting foot on Manhattan Island.  Water dripped from his spiny scales and his massive, angular, crooked dorsal spines.  He slowly began to walk towards the crash site.


“What was that?” Tom asked, feeling the apartment shake underneath him.

“Kaiser?!” Vicky called, flinging herself onto Kaiser, throwing her arms around him.  She buried her face into his chest.  The apartment continued to quake underneath them.

“He’s here…” Gigan chirped.

Kaiser turned, hearing Fairy Mothra chirp to him.  The moth fluttered onto his head and held on as well, shaking.  The apartment continued to shake, and Kaiser lost his composure, shifting back into King Ghidorah.

Everyone, get off of me! Ghidorah cried.

“We can’t stay here,” Tom called.

Ghidorah turned when he heard something crash and break from one of his shelves.  It was one of his oriental eggs he collected.

Ach!  King Ghidorah roared out. Mein Gott, ich schwöre, daß ich sie dafür töte! (My Lord!  I swear I will kill her for this!) My priceless painted eggs from Siam! Zur Hölle mit Deedra!

Gigan chuckled.

“Kush mër in toches, Gigan!” Ghidorah roared out, not realizing he mixed the language of monsters with German.

“Kaiser, what the hell do we do?” Tom asked.

Don’t ask me! The dragon called out. I’m just as freaked out as you!

“You’re King Ghidorah, Kaiser!” Tom roared, grabbing one of Ghidorah’s heads and bring it close to him. “Do something!”

How about I cash in my deposit for my apartment! The dragon called back.

“How about going out there and see what that is!” Tom roared at him.

And leave you and Vicky stuck with Gigan, you think I’m that crazy?! Ghidorah snapped at him.

“This apartment complex feels like it’s about to come down, Kaiser,” began Vickie. “What ever caused that wants to destroy it.”

It’s Space Godzilla! King Ghidorah called. Tom, get Gigan and Fairy.  Everyone come into my wings.  I’ll teleport us out of here!

Tom grabbed Gigan and drug him over towards King Ghidorah and took Fairy into his arms.  King Ghidorah concentrated and they disappeared.  When they came outside, Ghidorah looked up, seeing a blue scaled, Godzilla-like creature standing over the rubble that was once the apartment complex.

My home! King Ghidorah swallowed. My entertainment system…Verdammt seihst du!

“You’re worried about your TV set?!” Vickie cried at the top of her lungs. “Kaiser!”

I spent hours trying to program that damned thing! King Ghidorah cried. All my Barbara Walters tapes are gone!

Vickie stared at him, dumbfounded.  Tom laughed.

“He has a small fetish about Barbara Walters,” Tom chuckled.

What can I say? Ghidorah smiled. Her witty commentary gets me all frisky at times.

Vickie let loose a grunt and kicked the space dragon in a spot where she should not have.  King Ghidorah’s six eyes crossed and he fell over.  Vickie grunted again, crossing her arms and sighing.

I’m sorry Vickie…Ghidorah pleaded, his mental voice becoming a high-pitched squeak. Really, I am.

“Shut up,” she sighed. “The city is in danger from your son and you’re worried about your Barbara Walters tapes!  Disgusting!”

King Ghidorah crawled up onto his knees, wrapping his wings around Vickie’s waist.  His outer necks wrapped around her shoulders and his center head drew close.

Vickie…everyone has faults…he purred into her head.  Vickie seemed to melt in his handsome gaze.

“I hate it when you do that…” she breathed, leaning up and planting a soft kiss on the dragon’s lips.

“Okay, you two turtle doves!” cried Tom. “That thing’s gotta go!  Kaiser!”

Ghidorah held Vickie close when he heard another explosion.  Space Godzilla roared out in pain as a blue beam raked across his crystalline back.  For some reason, he did not even notice King Ghidorah and the others below him.  Ghidorah glanced up, his eyes wide when he saw the blue beam.

Godzilla! He called. That was Godzilla’s heat ray!

“Godzilla?” asked Tom. “What the hell is he doing here in New York.

“Space Godzilla called him,” Gigan informed.  King Ghidorah glanced back, with wide eyes.

“What did he say?” asked Vickie.

Space Godzilla brought Godzilla here, King Ghidorah replied. Vickie, Tom, take Gigan and Fairy away from here.  He turned to Gigan. “If you harm them, not even death will save you from the agony I shall inflict upon your fragile, frail, mind.  Understand?”

Gigan nodded as Tom began to untie him.

“Take them and protect them, Gigan!” King Ghidorah called as he disappeared.

Gigan squawked for the humans and the moth to follow him.  They dashed off, escaping from the two battling, giant monsters.  For Gigan, this was an odd feeling.  He never ran from other monsters before, unless he was defeated in battle.  He, especially, never ran along with humans away from the battle.  This had never happened before.  Being human-sized was a different perspective to him.  He wondered how King Ghidorah got used to it.  He knew if he did what the space dragon said, King Ghidorah might reward him by returning him back to his normal size.  So, for now, he decided to protect these humans as best as he could, even if it was against his better judgment.  He led them into an alley, seeing a crowd of humans stampede down the street.  They were running from Space Godzilla’s battle with Godzilla.

“Great!” Vickie called. “Traffic!”

“They’re leaving the city,” said Tom. “We should too.”

Gigan could understand human speech and he nodded in agreement.

“I’m not leaving Kaiser!” Vickie called.

“He can handle himself,” Tom said. “He’s the most powerful monster out there now.”

Gigan turned to the sounds of the crowd.  He heard policemen sound their whistles and sirens, trying desperately to direct the people to a safe place out of the city.

“Brooklyn Bridge is probably jammed,” said Tom. “The Tunnel…no way.  Where can we go?”

“Follow them,” began a very scratchy voice.  Tom and Vickie turned to Gigan, realizing that he just replied in a language they could understand.  Gigan pointed with his sickle arm. “You follow them.  Safer.”

“Follow them?” Tom asked. “We’ll get trampled.”

“No,” Gigan shook his head. “Safer.  We follow humans.  Human in uniform know where safe.”

“Yeah, but you could get captured,” Vickie said.

Gigan’s red optic lit up in surprised.  This was the first time a human actually was worried about him.  He slowly began to understand why Ghidorah cared so much about them now.

“Won’t get captured,” Gigan said. “You go…I go.  Promised King Ghidorah.  Humans be safe with Gigan.  Come.  Follow human in uniform.  Him not know difference.  Him stupid.”

“Wouldn’t go calling him that if I were you,” Vickie shook her head.

“Human female funny,” Gigan chuckled. “Make up story.  Human female smart.”

“Yes,” Tom nodded. “Human female very smart.  Human female is a lawyer and passed very hard bar exam.”

“Oh, shut up,” Vickie snorted.

“Human female really lizard in disguise?” Gigan asked, confused.

“See, even Gigan knows what a lawyer is,” Tom chuckled.

“Oh, give me a break!” Vickie grunted.

“Then, female make perfect mate for Ghidorah,” Gigan grinned.

“Jesus Christ,” she sighed. “And where the hell did you learn how to speak English anyways, you metal chicken?”

“Human talk,” Gigan began. “Gigan listens.  Gigan is also smart.  Gigan is cyborg.  Machine learn much.”

“He’s a learning machine,” Tom said. “Like an AI system.”

“Never thought of him like that,” Vickie said. “Kaiser never said much about it.”  She turned Gigan towards her. “Look, we have names, you know.  I’m Vickie, he’s Tom.  And Ghidorah is Kaiser.  If you haven’t noticed…”

“I call you name, you no call me chicken, okay?” Gigan asked. “You call me Gigan.”

“Okay,” Vickie said.

“Me Tarzan, you Jane,” Tom chuckled.

“What Tarzan?” Gigan asked. “Vickie female said you Tom.”

“Never mind,” Tom sighed.

“Stop confusing him,” Vickie snorted, slapping Tom in the stomach.

“Yes, ma’am,” Tom chuckled.

“Human in uniform leaving!” Gigan called, seeing the policemen walk away as soon as the streets were emptied. “Tom and Vickie follow Gigan!”

The three darted towards the police officers as they started to get into their cars.  The one of the officers saw them running up to them.

“Hey!” called Tom. “We need out of the city too!”

The officer lifted his communicator up and began to speak into it.

“I found more people to evacuate,” he informed some of the others. “A man, a woman, and some strange looking thing…”

“Me Gigan,” Gigan corrected.

“Uh, he’s pretending to be Gigan,” began Vickie. “He’s in a costume.  We just got back from a costume party.”

“I’m Tom McArthur,” began Tom. “Producer of To the Other Side with Kaiser Goldstein and his agent as well.”

“So, where’s you three-headed dragon star?” the officer asked. “He needs to be evacuated too.”

“King Ghidorah is monster,” said Gigan. “He fight.  He no leave like humans.  He no flee.  He no coward.”

“Kaiser is going to fight those two monsters?” the officer asked. “This some sort of media joke you two cooking up?”

“I swear, Kaiser didn’t call Godzilla over for a fight,” Tom chuckled. “This isn’t his fault.”

“Station,” began the officer into his communicator. “I’ve got Tom McArthur here with me.  You know who he is right?”

“Yeah,” they heard the voice through the speaker. “He’s King Ghidorah’s producer for his psychic show.”

“He says that Kaiser is going to fight the two monsters, save our town, and reap the rewards afterwards,” the officer continued. “Can you believe that?”

“If that three-headed dragon’s got an afternoon psychic talk show, I’ll believe anything,” the voice laughed. “What does he want?”

“Mr. McArthur and company wish for an escort out of town from the monster fight,” he began in a cocky tone.

“What?” the man cried over the speaker. “Can’t their space dragon celebrity protect them?”

“He says King Ghidorah is fighting Godzilla and this other monster,” he replied. “So, they want us to escort them out while he fights.”

“Tell Mr. McArthur and company that we don’t give rides to anyone who’s friends with that dragon!”

“What?!” cried Tom. “Kaiser and I pay taxes!  Now, get us outta here!”

“Sorry, train’s full,” the officer smiled. “Maybe the next district can help you.”

The officer hopped into his car and started to drive off.

“Hey!” cried Vickie. “What ever the hell happened to protect the innocent?”

“If you see any innocent,” began the officer with a chuckle. “Call the station, we’ll be over to protect them.  Bye.  Have fun with your monster friends.”

They watched as the car sped away, disappearing into the steam rising out of the vents.

“See, policeman stupid,” Gigan said. “Him no help.  What kind of person he be?  He leave you behind.”

“I thought you said that he wouldn’t know the difference,” Vickie began.

“Big-mouth human Tom said he friends with Kaiser/King Ghidorah,” Gigan shrugged. “He know difference then.”

“Big-mouth?!” cried Tom. “Look, he would’ve found out anyways, my face is all over the place—news, radios, talk shows.  So’s Kaiser!”

“He find out when too late to do anything about it,” Gigan began. “You no say anything then, he no find out until later.”

Tom snorted again.  His head turned towards a loud ringing bell call and the sky was ignited with a bright, blinding, golden flash.  He glanced up to the sky, seeing King Ghidorah’s mighty form gather up the energy around him, sending it hurtling down towards Space Godzilla.

“King Ghidorah now in fight,” Gigan informed. “We must flee.”

“Tom, don’t you have a car?” Vickie asked.

“Sold it,” Tom sighed.  The ground began to quake underneath them.  He glanced up again, seeing King Ghidorah leap up into the air, landing and sliding towards them.  Pavement and ground slung out from underneath his claws as he landed.  The enormous, winged, golden space dragon glanced down at his friends below.

What the hell are you still doing here? He roared out.

“We can’t get a ride out of the city,” Vickie called.

Where’s the cops? King Ghidorah asked.

“They said they don’t help those who are friends with you, Kaiser,” said Tom. “Damned fancy, says I.”

Dumme Idioten, he sighed. And I pay taxes!  Damn…

“King Ghidorah, if you would return me to my natural size, I could fly them out of here,” began Gigan.

“Was?” King Ghidorah snorted. “Nein, forget it!”

“Why?” Gigan asked.

“I don’t trust you,” King Ghidorah shook his heads. I will not make you large again.

“Kaiser,” began Vickie. “If you could, he could fly us out.  I trust him.”

He’s a scoundrel, Vickie! The space dragon cried.

“So were you, remember?” she asked. “And you asked me to trust you after you lied—to me—to the world.  So, trust him.”

I’m different, he protested.

“So different from him?” she asked. “If you learned to be good, so can he.  And something tells me he can.”

“Give me a chance, Ghidorah!” called Gigan. “For old times’ sake!  We were friends once.  Come on!”

King Ghidorah turned around, hearing Godzilla’s roar.

“Godzilla!” King Ghidorah roared out.  Godzilla came crawling on his hands and knees.  The great ‘King of the Monsters’ glanced up at the much larger space dragon accusingly.

“You brought that monster!” he roared. “He has your powers.”

“If you haven’t noticed, shlamozel,” began King Ghidorah. “He looks a lot like you as well.  We’re both to blame.  Now, stop fighting me and join me.”

“I’ll never join you!” the mutated dinosaur cried. “You killed, murdered my kind!  My mate!  How dare you say I should join you!  You humiliated me twice!”

Deedra wants you, father, King Ghidorah heard Space Godzilla spit into his mind. Dead or alive.

“Better off dead, I say!” Godzilla snorted.

King Ghidorah’s eyes widened when he saw Space Godzilla’s crystal on his head light up.  He leaned up and crouched over Godzilla’s battered form, folding his brilliantly shining, golden wings over the dinosaur’s body.  He felt the power of Space Godzilla’s corona beam splinter across his golden scales.  With ever damage he took in, King Ghidorah began to draw the energy into himself.  Godzilla’s eyes were wide, seeing how his age old rival was protecting him with his very body.

“I weep for every death I have caused, Godzilla,” King Ghidorah whispered. “You have to believe me.”

“Ghidorah!” called Gigan. “What about us?  Vickie and Tom!”

King Ghidorah turned one of his heads towards the cyborg, his eyes were wide.  Gigan called them by their first names.

All right! King Ghidorah cried. “Lauya úvëa úra le a man î néa lîn!” (Grow large and become who you were!)

Gigan felt strange at first as his body stretched itself out, reaching its true size.  One moment he was looking at the humans, the next, they were at his toes.

“Now do as you promised and get them out of here!” the dragon roared.

Gigan knelt down and scooped the smaller beings into his claws.  He hoisted them up to his neck and fanned his fins on his back.

“Kick him in the nuts, Kaiser!” cried Vickie as Gigan began to fly away.

Oh, like you kicked me there? King Ghidorah asked.

“I’m sorry I did, Kaiser,” she called. “I’m sorry I got mad at your crush on Barbara Walters.”

I’m sorry I got mad at your crush on Mathew Perry! King Ghidorah cried after her. If I live through this, I’ll buy you the Friends DVD box set!

“If you live through this, you and I are not coming out of that room for the rest of the night, if you know what I mean!” Vickie laughed as Gigan faded off into the distance.

“Ich habe heute Abend Sex!” King Ghidorah roared, though luckily he roared it in German.

“Do you mind getting off of me?” Godzilla asked. “You’re scales are prickly.”

“Oh, don’t be such a baby, mein kleiner Eidechsenfreund,” King Ghidorah chuckled.

“I just realized something,” he sighed. “German suits you.”

“Danke.” King Ghidorah grinned.

When you two are through with your lovemaking, I wish to continue this fight, Space Godzilla began.

“Is that any way to talk to your father(s)?!” King Ghidorah snorted.

“You think that I will help you in this?” Godzilla asked.

“Do you have a choice, Godzilla?” King Ghidorah asked. “Das Weib used both our cells to create that thing!”

Space Godzilla grinned, listening to them talk.  His eyes closed and he concentrated on King Ghidorah’s body.  Though it was heavy, he was strong enough to lift it with his mind.  The crystals on his shoulders flashed with blue light, strange electric energy fluctuated about his shoulders.  King Ghidorah glanced back, his eyes were wide when he felt his form rise up from the ground.

“Was soll  das? Lass los!” he roared out. (What is this?  Let go of me!)

King Ghidorah’s eyes flashed and Space Godzilla flinched as pain fiercely attacked his head.  The strange cloned monster roared out in agony, holding his head.  His tail flailed wildly as he staggered back, clawing the air.

“Und that is what you get for picking me up!” King Ghidorah cried.

King Ghidorah landed down beside Godzilla, seeing how wounded he was.  His regenerative abilities were not working fast enough to compensate for the wounds Space Godzilla inflicted upon him.

“I can heal you,” King Ghidorah informed. “If you’ll let me.”

“I don’t need your charity,” Godzilla snorted.

“What charity?” Ghidorah asked. “I’m offering my help!”

Godzilla grunted, sighing and blinking, trying to keep himself conscious.

“Look, put our difference behind you,” the dragon began. “I have.  I’m different now.  I’m not that horrible creature you met so long ago.  This town, its my town.  I don’t want it destroyed.  I have no home to go to.  You are Godzilla, King of the Monsters!  You protect the people of this planet—their homes from scum like that!  Now, I’m one of them.  So, protect my home!  I’m begging you!  Let me help you so you can help me.”

“You called me the King of the Monsters,” Godzilla began, his eyes wide. “You—you said that title wasn’t even appropriate for me.  I was nothing more than an animal to you.”

“I make mistake!” King Ghidorah. “Ja, true.  I was a king once.  Now, I have no kingdom.  I have nothing!  All I have is a stupid TV show where I try to console the people who lost their loved ones.  That’s it!  You do more!  Now, please, do something for me.  Please.  I am willing to give you a fighting chance.”

Godzilla sighed a bit and thought. Then, he glanced up, seeing Space Godzilla overcome King Ghidorah’s psychic attack.

“Only if you say ‘please’ in German,” Godzilla glanced back, grinning a toothy smile.

“What?” King Ghidorah asked. “Okay, fine.  Hilf mir bitte, Godzilla?”

“How do you say ‘I will’ in German?” he asked.

“Why do you want to know German?” King Ghidorah asked.

“Just do it,” Godzilla grinned again.

“Okay, fine!” the dragon grunted. “This is how you say it…Ich werde.”

“Ich werde,” Godzilla replied.

“Ach,” King Ghidorah sighed. “Don’t know why you want to know German.  Oh well… Treten wir ihn in den Hintern!” (Let’s go kick his ass!)

“What ever you said, you said it, King Ghidorah,” Godzilla chuckled.

Space Godzilla lifted up, his head clearing.  He grunted and leapt towards the two other monsters, firing his corona beam at both of them.  The twin electrical beams splintered and forked off, striking both.  King Ghidorah leaned over again, covering Godzilla with his wings.  He began to whisper, concentrating on his mental powers and extending out his healing abilities to Godzilla.  He began to help Godzilla’s regeneration process.  Godzilla’s pain slowly went away and he was able to stand again.  King Ghidorah reared back, letting loose one of his own bolts towards the cloned monster.  Space Godzilla grinned as a shield came up around his body, blocking the energy bolts racing towards him.  King Ghidorah reared back, bellowing his frustration.  Godzilla finally rose to his feet, shaking his head.  His back lit up with blue-white and he felt the force of his breath reach up through his throat.  The giant, mutant dinosaur arched his neck and sent his heat ray forth, hoping to break the shield around Space Godzilla’s body.

“Psionic shield,” said King Ghidorah. “We can’t break it.  He’s got Pillar of Iron Will up as well.  But my will is stronger.”

King Ghidorah made no movement when he struck.  One moment Space Godzilla was up, full of confidence, with a shield, the next he fell down.  Something hit him in the head and his mind locked up.  King Ghidorah took in a breath and exhaled delicately.  Streamers of ghostly golden energy flowed out from his mouths down towards the still body of Space Godzilla.

“When I say, fire on him,” he informed Godzilla.

“Right,” Godzilla nodded.

King Ghidorah lifted the body up, keeping a firm ‘Ego Whip’ on the clone’s mind.  His telekinesis lifted the blue ‘Godzilla’ up high into the air.  Then, Godzilla began to hear the sound of bones crushing.  King Ghidorah was crushing Space Godzilla with his mind.

“Fire!” he called.

Godzilla lifted his head up and belched forth his blue ray.  Space Godzilla’s form was sent flying across the city, impacting on a skyscraper.  It fell down, tumbling onto of Space Godzilla’s form.  King Ghidorah and Godzilla could hear the sound of the space clone’s shrill call, a mixture of both of their famous roars, sound.

“Nice shot, Godzilla,” King Ghidorah smiled. “Give me wing…”

He held out his wing, ready for a high-five.  Godzilla just rolled his eyes.

“Okay, maybe not,” the dragon sighed.

“Focus, Ghidorah!” Godzilla roared. “It’s not over yet.”

“We make pretty good team though, ja?” King Ghidorah asked.

“Don’t push it,” Godzilla snorted. “After this is done, you and I will separate, never to see each other again, okay?  I don’t wanna see you, you don’t wanna see me, okay?”

“After me trying to help you, heal you, save you—this is what I get?” King Ghidorah asked.

“There’s still things I can’t forgive that you’ve done to me, to those who I love,” he said. “Not even this will help.  But since that thing’s made from both you and I, I’ll help you just this once.  But only once.”

“How sweet…” began a sinister voice coming from above them.  King Ghidorah faced all three of his heads to the sky seeing a frighteningly beautiful, raven-haired, humanoid woman hover above him inside a glossy bubble.  “The two bitter rivals join together to defeat the thing that is apart of them.”

Deedra! King Ghidorah cried.

“Hello, my fiancée,” she grinned. “How do you like our son?  We had him out of wedlock.  I think we should get married now to make sure our son doesn’t become a bastard-child.”

Geh und f**k dich selber, du Schlampe! King Ghidorah cried out mentally, at the same time letting loose ferule, guttural, bell call from all three heads. (Go f**k yourself, whore!)

“Honey, not in front of the child,” Deedra giggled. “You’ll upset him.”

At her word, Space Godzilla rose from the rubble, undamaged by King Ghidorah’s mind attack and Godzilla’s atomic ray blast.  Both monsters stared at their strange clone with wide, hopeless eyes.  Space Godzilla shook the rubble from his deep blue scales, staring back at his two fathers with malice.

“I took the best from both of you,” began Deedra. “Strength and power of Godzilla, the godlike magic, mental powers, and psionics from King Ghidorah.  A nice combination between the both of you, is he not?  Combining the powers of two rivals, but how ironic it has brought those two rivals together against him.”

Deedra, I will come up there… King Ghidorah began.

“And do what?” she asked. “Try to defeat me again?  You remember the last time you tried to force your hand—wing—upon me Ghidorah.  You were beaten to near death, crashed in Germany.  And now…you’re speaking German? German Dragon, How far have you fallen from the tree, Ghidorah?”


Vickie watched the fight from atop a skyscraper.  She managed to convince Gigan to allow her to remain in the city.  He stayed with her though, after flying Tom to safety.  He made a promise to King Ghidorah that he would not let anything happen to her.  She realized what Deedra was doing to King Ghidorah, playing on his human emotions, making him loose himself.  He could not think, he could not act, he could not even use his great powers that Deedra had given him.

“Kaiser!” she cried. “Get a hold of yourself!  Come on!  Please!”


Space Godzilla grabbed a hold of King Ghidorah and flung him away as if he was a heavy blanket.  Godzilla’s lips pulled back and his jaws dropped.  His heat ray exploded from his mouth, only to impact upon Space Godzilla’s shields.  Space Godzilla grabbed hold of Godzilla’s neck, throwing him to the ground.  His corona beam split out from his mouth, shocking both monsters.

“Grab Ghidorah,” Deedra ordered.  Space Godzilla nodded, lifting Ghidorah up by his center neck.  His other two heads drooped lowly.  King Ghidorah’s center head’s face bunched up into a snarl, growling at the clone.  Deedra came down from the sky, placing a cold hand on his scaly chest.

“Well now, Ghidorah,” she began. “I’ve blocked your powers.  I gave them to you and I can take them away, understand?  You’re my little pet, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

I am no one’s pet, Deedra, King Ghidorah hissed.

“Hold his heads down accept the center one,” she ordered Space Godzilla. “Having him lying on his back.”

Space Godzilla nodded, holding him down with both claws.  King Ghidorah struggled to get up, but he felt his strength leaving him.  Deedra straddled his chest and caressed his central head’s cheek.

“Kiss me and I can make this all go away instantly,” she hissed to him.

You are a sick woman, do you know that? He asked her. You need help.  You need medical treatment, something.  Und you need to leave me alone.

She leaned towards him, planting a forceful kiss on his lips.  King Ghidorah jerked away spitting in disgust.

What do I need to get?! He roared. A court order stating you’re not allowed to be within 150 feet of me?


“Ghidorah let Deedra toy with him,” Gigan began. “That not right.”

Vickie turned back at the great, beaked cyborg: “Can you help him?”

“Gigan made promise to protect Vickie human,” he said. “No break promise to Ghidorah.  Besides, Space Godzilla more powerful.  He destroy me.”  He turned back to Vickie. “Thank you for convincing King Ghidorah to make me big again.”

“Believe me, he had not right in saying that he was any different,” Vickie smiled back. “I mean, you could be nice to us—if we’re nice to you.”

“Never had reason to help humans,” Gigan shrugged. “Vickie different from everyone else.  Now Gigan knows why King Ghidorah changed.  Vickie special.”

“Thanks, but I’m not why he changed,” Vickie giggled.

“Maybe not, but you reason why he stays that way,” Gigan shrugged. “A lot nicer than Deedra.  Can Gigan stay with you too?  Deedra no nice to me.”

Loosing human friends, thought Vickie. But I’m gaining monster friends.  How odd.

“You’ll have to ask Kaiser,” Vickie said. “Don’t know what he’ll say.”

“Gigan behave,” Gigan chirped, grinning as best as he could with his metallic beak. “Gigan sweep floors and make beds if have to.  World domination life have bad dental plan.”

“Now you know why Kaiser changed,” Vickie laughed.  She glanced back to the fight, hearing King Ghidorah cry out again.  Space Godzilla was now busy electrocuting Godzilla.  She shook her head. “I know King Ghidorah.  He has more power than this.  Why is he holding back?”

“Because Godzilla is there,” Gigan replied. “He no want to kill Godzilla.”

“We have got to get Godzilla out of there, then,” Vickie said.

“I know how,” Gigan said.  He reared his head back, his single optic glowing brightly.  Then, with a single force, he blasted his laser out, striking Space Godzilla’s hide and throwing him back.  Vickie knew what to do next, climbing onto Gigan’s back and holding onto his shoulder scales.  His fins lifted up and he leapt into the air, landing beside the unconscious Godzilla.

“Grab him, Gigan!” Vickie called.

“He no like this, running away,” Gigan protested. “Godzilla great warrior, not coward.”

“He doesn’t have a choice,” Vickie said.

“Right,” the monster agreed.

King Ghidorah lifted one of his heads up, seeing Gigan pick up Godzilla with his sickle arms.

Gigan, what are you doing? He asked, directing his attention to Gigan only.  He peered in Gigan’s mind, seeing his plan.  He realized what that was. Oh…continue.

“What are you looking at, my love?” Deedra asked.  She glanced back, seeing Gigan fly off with Godzilla and Space Godzilla just rising up from the ground. “No!  Space Godzilla, go after them!”

I shall…Space Godzilla nodded.  He leapt into the air, speeding swiftly after the two fleeing monsters.

Nein you don’t! King Ghidorah roared after him.  He finally fought through Deedra’s control over him and clicked his central head’s tongue inside its mouth.  Space Godzilla came falling from the sky, his body suddenly growing limp.

“No!” Deedra cried. “What?  No, why—how did you…”

No body here but you and I and our son, Deedra, the space dragon chuckled as he rose up from the rubble.  He rose up into the sky and extended his wings, his body started to glow brightly.

“Oh, I see, you want Godzilla gone so you can use your full potential,” Deedra chuckled. “Wouldn’t matter, you’re still not as powerful as I am.”

We’ll see about that, my precious dead fiancé, King Ghidorah reared his heads back and let loose a powerful roar.  The ground trembled beneath Deedra and Space Godzilla.  The blue-scaled clone rose up, his head swimming and dazed from the fall.  Electricity ignited the air and struck the ground around him.  Ghidorah’s mind closed upon the energy, fashioning and molding it into a solid form.

“After that!” Deedra commanded the clone.  Space Godzilla leapt up, concentrating his energy upon the electrical construct.  He fired his beam at it, the energy gathered into the construct’s hands.  Before Space Godzilla could react, the beam was fired back at him with an even greater force, sending him flying off into the distance again.  Deedra let loose a shrill shriek and dove toward King Ghidorah.  One of his heads turned towards her and she became frozen in mid air, unable to move.

“Where did you learn that, Ghidorah?” she asked. “Where?  Huh?  I don’t remember you having the ability to conjure up elemental constructs.”

Shows what you know…King Ghidorah growled as he directed the construct towards Deedra.  The electrical creature grabbed her by the arms and started to squeeze her.  She cried out in agony, feeling the burning energy tear through her skin and singe her hair.  Her eyes caught the expression of King Ghidorah.  The King of Terror’s face was unmoving, unemotional.  He cared little what he was doing to her.  He neither took pleasure, nor plain from her agony.  Then, the energy snapped back and she was flung from the arms of the construct, colliding with the weakened body of Space Godzilla.  Deedra could barely move, her own blood burnt onto her skin.

“Space Godzilla…attack him!” Deedra coughed.

Yes, mother, he nodded.  Space Godzilla bounded for King Ghidorah.  He was caught up in King Ghidorah’s cold glance and he froze.

You’re mindless, you realize that? He asked. You just take orders from her, no matter what condition you are in.  I was like that.  Now, I know better!

He grumbled for a moment, crossing his wings in mid-air, hovering over the wobbling Space Godzilla.  Then, King Ghidorah reared his head back and let loose another powerful roar.  Space Godzilla let out an agonizing shriek of pain, gripping his head.  Something was in his mind, clawing and gnawing at it.  He felt wetness seep out from his ears and he looked down at his claws, seeing his own blood drip from them.  Space Godzilla fainted, lying flat onto the ground.  King Ghidorah glanced down at the fallen body, breathing hard as he came near it.

It is not as sweet as a human child’s essence, he began, looking up at Deedra. But, it will do.

“No!” Deedra cried. “No, please!  Don’t!  No!”

You want me to devour the essence of the youth, King Ghidorah said as he ran a talon from his wing over the body of Space Godzilla. This is just as good as any youth.

“No!” she cried. “He’s our son.”

Nein! He roared back, making her mind shriek in agony. He’s your abomination!  Und I shall send him back to Hölle where he belongs.  You will watch, just as all the other mothers had to when I took their children to feast upon their souls.  You will watch!

King Ghidorah banished his construct and concentrated.  What looked to be tentacles of energy descended down from all three of his mouths and attached themselves upon the still form of Space Godzilla.  Deedra was powerless to intervene, King Ghidorah had weakened her.  She could do nothing but watch.  Ghidorah began to inhale, energy warped and fluctuated up through the glowing vines from his mouths.  Deedra watched, her eyes wide just as she saw the blue clone’s form began to wither away into dust.  Ghidorah sucked the body dry of its energy, its essence, leaving nothing more than a pile of dried dust on the ground.  The great, golden dragon reared back again, letting loose another bellowing roar, feeling the power flow through him.  He licked at his lips, looking devilishly at Deedra.  His gleaming ruby eyes narrowed at her.

Go away, he said. Leave me alone now und forever.  I don’t want to see you again.

“You killed him!” she cried, lifting up, trying to find the strength to strike at the dragon. “You murdered…”

Nein, Weib! He roared back. Never say that after what you made me do!  I released him from your grip!  Das ist genug!  Leave me be.  Go find someone else, Deedra.  I don’t love you, I will never love you.  I hate you, now und forever!

Deedra stared at him, her eyes filled with hatred.  She wiped her eyes free from her tears and vanished.  King Ghidorah breathed heavily, feeling a sob clinch his throat.  He scattered the dust that was Space Godzilla’s body in a fit of rage.  Half of New York was destroyed because of his battle.  What good name could he receive from this?  He covered his heads with his wings, sobbing on a crumbled building that was his apartment.

I—understand now…he wept. My home is destroyed…I have nothing…

“No, you don’t,” began a familiar voice. “You’ve got us.”

King Ghidorah lifted his heads up, wiping the tears from the eyes of his central head with a talon.  He saw Gigan stand there with an exhausted Godzilla hanging over his shoulder.

“Gigan?” he asked, using the monster tongue he had gotten to know so well. “Was ist los?  Why you—after all I’ve done…said…why?”

“I’m your friend, your partner, right?” Gigan asked. “Aren’t I?”

“Ja,” King Ghidorah breathed, leaning back on his haunches. “Of course you are.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I kept my promise,” Gigan said, motioning to the tiny figure standing on his shoulder.

“Hey, Kaiser!” Vickie cried. “Hey!”

Vickie! Ghidorah breathed. Mein Morgenstern!  Come here!  Come to your Kaiser.

He got up off of the ground, his wings extended out to embrace her.  She leapt off of Gigan’s shoulder and landed in the palm of King Ghidorah’s wing.  She swiftly scampered up his shoulder and finally to his central head, seating herself between his majestic horns.

“I love it when you call me your Morning Star,” she said.

You are, Ghidorah said. You shine brighter than any other star in the sky.  His central head turned to the heavily wounded Godzilla.  “Godzilla, I—would like to apologize for—for everything that I’ve done.  Really.  I’m sorry I’ve caused you so much pain in the past.  Killed your family, I am truly sorry.  I—I want to make it up…”

“Why did you come anyways?” Godzilla asked. “We did nothing to you.  Why attack us those millions of years ago?”

“I thirst for power, Godzilla,” Ghidorah replied. “It consumed me.  I was maddened.  I—was stupid.  I even destroyed my own home planet.  The weight of those deaths are a heavy burden now.  If this makes you feel any better, for every death, my heart is pierced.  I’m weak now because of it.”

“You’re not weak,” Godzilla looked up at him. “Not from what I saw what you did to Space Godzilla and Deedra.  What you did to Mothra and I.  You’re not weak.”

“The strongest are often the weakest,” he sighed. “I have great power, but my heart is weakened by it all.  Now, I’ve lost everything I own.  I am the same as any human here now—I am the same as them.”  He broke off from his words, realizing what he just said.  His eyes roved to Vickie.  Vickie, I’m—I’m human!  I’ve done it, I’ve transmutated.  Maybe not physically, but I did it!

“That’s good to know,” she laughed. “Now will you stop tormenting yourself in trying to get rid of your dragon form?”

You like me better this way? He asked.

“Yes,” she said. “I do.  And you know why.”

Oh, right…that…King Ghidorah began to blush with embarrassment. I think I feel better.  Except for the fact my apartment has been completely demolished.  What am I gonna do now?

“Come stay at my house,” Vickie smiled. “It’s my old summer home, far away from the fight.  I told Gigan to drop Tom off there.”

“She has a nice homestead,” Gigan commented.

“Lots of acres,” Vickie said. “Lots of room, and quiet…no reporters.”

Not yet, just wait till someone finds out…King Ghidorah began.

“Well, we’ll enjoy it until then,” she smiled as she kissed the top of his forehead.

Godzilla and Gigan just watched as the golden dragon just melted with that kiss.  His heads turned back to the others.

“Gigan…what are you going to do now?” King Ghidorah asked.

“I was wondering if I could come and stay with you, Ghidorah,” Gigan began. “But…um…”

“Gigan can come to Ogasarwara,” said Godzilla. “My thanks for saving my ass back there, Gigan.”

“I can come live with you?” Gigan asked.

“Where else can you live?” Godzilla asked. “Not here.  Ghidorah’s gonna be up to his necks in human reporters.  It’s not safe.  You can stay as long as you behave yourself and don’t start any fights.”

“Sure, I will, honest,” Gigan chirped happily.

“Deedra let go of her control over the other monsters?” King Ghidorah asked.

“When they returned, they couldn’t remember a thing about what happened,” said Godzilla. “Rodan awoke with a headache.  Megalon could not understand why he had bruised arms.”

“So, the monster attacks have now stopped?” asked Ghidorah. “They won’t come look for me?”

“Not unless you misbehave yourself again,” Godzilla smirked. “But something tells me your human girlfriend will make sure that won’t happen.”

King Ghidorah chuckled and glanced back at Vickie.  Vickie was just staring at Godzilla, not understanding what he was saying.  The words he spoke sounded like nothing more than grunts and growls to her.

“What did he say?” she asked.

He said that Gigan can stay with him on Monster Island, King Ghidorah translated to her. And the other monsters won’t bother us anymore.

“That’s good,” she smiled. “Thanks, Godzilla.”

“Gigan want to stay with Vickie and learn more human words,” Gigan said. “Vickie come and visit?”

“I’m sure I could,” she said. “And teach you more English.  Kaiser?”

“I don’t see why not,” King Ghidorah shrugged, speaking in monster. “Why do you want to learn English for? Und die Eidechse wants to learn German.  You both attack Japan, why don’t you two want to learn Japanese?”

“You know Japanese?” Godzilla asked. “If you do, I can finally tell those damned soldiers to stop firing at me!”

“Nein, I don’t,” King Ghidorah sighed.

“Damn!” Godzilla sighed.

“Fine, fine, I’ll teach Godzilla German und Vickie you can teach Gigan English,” he sighed again. “But you two aren’t gonna be able to talk to each other, communicating in two different human languages.”

“That’ll be confusing,” Vickie laughed.  King Ghidorah glanced at her, a bit shocked she understood what he said.

How did you know what I said? He asked.

“Because you used some German with your words now,” she said. “Doesn’t matter what language you speak in, you still use some German in here and there.”

Whatever, King Ghidorah sighed.

“Well, I better take Godzilla home since he’s still very wounded,” Gigan said. “Good-bye, Vickie.  Nice meeting you.  Gigan hope to see you again.”

“It was nice to meet you too, Gigan,” said Vickie.

Gigan waved his sickle arm and picked up the wounded Godzilla again, flying off into the distance.

“Come on, handsome,” she said. “Let’s go to my house.”

What am I going to do about my reputation? King Ghidorah asked. Along with all this mess?

“Well, that’s what construction workers are for,” said Vickie. “No one got killed—no one human got killed.  They evacuated the city before all the heavy fighting happened.  Now, come on, you look like you need some rest…and a nice foot rub.”

Nein, I give you foot rub, he said.

“You need the foot rub!” Vickie laughed.  King Ghidorah spread his wings and lifted off into the sky.  For now, he had some peace, at least until the media finds him.


Tom glanced outside as he saw the enormous dragon land on the grass.  Ghidorah glanced around, seeing just how big Vickie’s plot of land was.  Tom walked outside as Ghidorah lowered his central head to the ground for Vickie to climb off.

“So, is everything okay?” asked Tom. “The monsters gone?”

Ja, King Ghidorah sighed as his form shrank down to a more human size.  He wrapped his wings around Vickie and leaned his heads onto her back. I’m tired…

“He needs to get to bed,” Vickie sighed. “You’re welcome to stay here too, Tom.  I can’t expect you to leave without some bed and breakfast.”

“I’ll call a cab,” he said. “I called my brother to see if he was all right.  He is.  His apartment is still standing.  So, I’m going to stay with him.”

King Ghidorah’s head lifted up off of Vickie’s back: I’ll pay for your cab fare, Tom.

“With what, Kaiser?” Tom chuckled. “You don’t even have your wallet let alone your pants.  It’s alright.  I’ll be fine.”

Tom, I’m sorry about this…

“Hey, look, you and I are going to go back there and we’re going to get on a talk show,” he said. “How about Jay Leno?  What do you say?”

Alright, King Ghidorah nodded his central head. Jay Leno.  I hope he’ll be kind.

“I’ll make sure you’ll get it,” Tom smiled. “It’ll be alright.  You did what you had to do.  It could have been worse if you didn’t face that monster.”

King Ghidorah buried his face into Vickie’s shoulders.

“It’s not your fault, okay?” Tom said. “It’ll work out.”

I’ll be deported for this, King Ghidorah sighed. I’m better off going back to Germany.

“No,” Vickie said, turning around. “I don’t want to live in Germany, Kaiser.  And I’ll follow you wherever you go.  We are going to make it.  I know it.”

The golden dragon leaned into her, holding her close.  She could hear him sob.

“We’ll burn the bridges as they come, Kaiser,” she whispered. “You’re strong, you know.  You can make it.”

Everything was so perfect…I was finally doing what I wanted now, he wept. King Ghidorah has ruined everything.

“You’re King Ghidorah,” Vickie said. “And that is who I fell in love with.  We’ll be alright.”

“Trust me,” said Tom. “You and I, Ghidorah.  We can make that name of yours work for the best now.  They won’t hate it anymore.”

We will? He asked.

“I know we will,” Tom smiled. “You still have us, no matter what happens.

Danke, Tom, King Ghidorah smiled.



A Small Town 50 Miles Outside of Albany, NY


It was a small jewelry store in a small town.  But from what he heard, it had much acclaim for its artwork and craftsmanship.  He pushed the glass door open and entered the store, glancing around at the glistening jewelry under the tiny spot lights.  An elderly man with a smiling face and shining eyes greeted him.

“What can I do you for, sir?” the jeweler asked.

“Oh?” he asked. “Just admiring your work.  Tell me, what do your engagement rings look like?”

“Right over here,” the jeweler said, opening the glass case up and bringing out several glistening, diamond rings. “These are the best, and the most bought of all the engagement rings.  This one here is a fire cut, 14-karat diamond.  Mighty expensive, but it makes the ladies flutter with joy when they see it in the box.  The band is white gold.”

“How much?” he asked.

“About 3,000 dollars,” the jeweler replied. “We do accept monthly payments though, if you like to do that.”

“I like that ring,” he smiled. “I’d like to buy it.  Do you accept credit cards?”

“You want to pay with a full credit card?” jeweler asked.

“Ja,” he replied.  He took out his leather wallet and pulled out his VISA card.  He handed it to the jeweler, who looked at the name.

“Kaiser Goldstein?” he asked. “Hey, aren’t you that guy on the TV who sees dead people?”

“That’s me,” Kaiser smiled back.

“You TV stars must have a lot of money,” he sighed. “Wish I had that much.  Who’s the lucky lady?”

“Would you believe a lawyer?” Kaiser chuckled. “If she ever makes judge, I wouldn’t have to worry about finding one to marry us off.”

“No, I guess not,” the jeweler laughed. “She must be something to be buying a 3,000 dollar ring for.  You must be the luckiest man in the world.”

“Nein,” he sighed. “I’m not.  I just feel like I don’t appreciate her enough.  Maybe this ring will say that I do.”

“This ring will say that you’re about to reach up and pluck the moon out of the sky for her,” the jeweler laughed.

“You know, I can do that, if she wants me to,” Kaiser laughed.  He glanced down, seeing that the card had gone through.  The man handed him the receipt and he signed it.

“Thank you, Mr. Goldstein,” he said. “Hope she’s happy with it.  It does have a warranty.  If she doesn’t like it, you can return it.”

“I hope she likes it,” Kaiser sighed. “I really do.  I hope it won’t scare her.”

“Just show it to her,” he said. “She’ll love it.”

“Danke,” Kaiser said. “Good-bye.”

Kaiser walked outside and placed the ring box into his pocket.  He spread his arms wide and his form began to grow and glow, until it was replaced with the enormous form of King Ghidorah.  The great space dragon leapt into the air, flapping his wings and sounding his bell call, disappearing into the bright morning sun.


The End


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