Sturm's Territorium - Die etwas andere Dinosaurierseite

King Ghidorah’s Prophecy

Session 2

(By Kedzuel)


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200 Miles in Space on the Shuttle Destiny

He felt the jolt of the shuttle as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.  He fought against the controls to try and keep the nose level.  He could feel the hull break apart, and he feared that they would not make it to the landing.  He prayed that they would make it to the landing so that he could see his wife and child again.

“Captain,” began his lieutenant began. “The tiles on the plane, they’re coming off!”

“Keep it together, folks,” he ordered.  He looked back at the lieutenant.  She shook her head. “It’s alright to be afraid.  Fear is what keeps us on task.  We need a little fear to know a little courage.”

“Destiny,” called the Houston controller. “We’ve got the landing lights on.”

“Our plane is badly damaged,” called the captain. “I’m afraid that we’ll break up upon entry of the atmosphere.  And our fuel tanks are becoming overheated.  We’ll explode.  Just tell my wife and son that I love them.”

The shuttle jolted again, this time to a complete stop.  Golden lights danced playfully across the windshield of the shuttle.  The captain glanced out, hearing a melodic sound come from outside the shuttle.  They were no longer on fire, the red hot flames did not burn them.

“Captain!” cried the lieutenant. “Something’s got us!”

“What?!” he cried.

“We’re not moving,” she glanced at the instruments. “We’ve stopped completely.  Something grabbed us.”

Relax, began a deep voice in their minds. Relax and sit back.  Today is not your day to die.

The captain leaned back and began to breath deeply.

Turn off your engines, Captain, the  voice commanded sincerely. To avoid explosion.

The captain leaned over and shut the engines down, upon command of the voice.  He did not know why he was following a disembodied voice’s orders.  The voice was controlling his movements.

“Captain,” she began. “Why did you shut the engines down?”

“Because the voice ordered me to,” he breathed. “So I did.”

A shadow passed over them as they felt their craft began to move again.  They were slowly descending down through the atmosphere.  The lieutenant glanced up through the windows, her eyes were wide.  She saw three draconic, golden heads atop of three lengthy necks.  Broad bat-like wings slowly flapped as the creature descended towards the planet.

“Sir!” she cried. “There’s a monster that’s got us!  I know that monster.”

“What monster?” he asked.

“Out there,” she pointed. “It’s King Ghidorah!”

“King Ghidorah!?” he cried. “The space dragon?  He’s saving us?  Or is he saving us to eat us?”

Saving you so that you may see your wife and son, Captain Norman, the voice replied deeply.  So that you may live to see another day.

Norman looked up at the dragon and then towards the ground.  He could not see the city of Houston slowly come closer to him.  He glanced around the plane.  It was suspended in a shimmering golden bubble of electric energy, protecting it from the heated friction of the Earth’s atmosphere.  The protective casing was projected straight from the three-headed dragon’s wings.  He reached over to the radio, trying to make contact with ground control.  The radio only gave static.

I am deeply sorry, Captain, the strange accented voice began. But I’m afraid that the protective shield around your shuttle is blocking all radio contact between you and Houston.  The shield is for your protection and nothing else.

“So, it’s the effect of the shielding,” he sighed. “That’s why we can’t contact Houston.”

You are nearing the landing site, the voice informed. Put your landing gear down, Captain.

Again, the captain followed the orders of the ethereal voice.  He slowly began to realize that the voice was coming from King Ghidorah himself.  He had heard that the great King of Terror could speak with telepathy.  The voice of the golden dragon was accented slightly, with the accent of a man from Eastern Europe.  The runway came into view.  Norman lowered the landing gear as he felt the shuttle’s tires fold out from underneath the fuselage.  Within minutes he felt the tires touch pavement.  The shuttle rocked softly as it landed, applying its full weight onto the tires.

Come out, King Ghidorah commanded. They have put the fire shoot up to your door.  They are worried.

Norman led his crew out of the shuttle door, finding the fire soot ready for them to slide down on.  There was a shadow above him, and he glanced up.  His eyes spied the great form of King Ghidorah, floating motionlessly above the shuttle.  The central head lowered down, cocking sideways to watch as several medical personnel and guards rushed out to catch them.  Fire trucks and foam sprayers gathered around the shuttle.  Strange, they were more concerned about the crew of the Destiny than the enormous monster that hung suspended above them.  It did not seem right that they were more concerned with the safety of the astronauts and not the dragon.  He began to realize that perhaps it was because of King Ghidorah’s mental abilities.  They were under his control.  The great dragon did not want any disturbances, his concerns were for the astronauts.  Why would the universe’s most evil monster be concerned with astronauts and their safety?

Hop down, Norman, the King of Terror ordered. It is not wise to worry them so.

Without any questions to the dragon, Captain Norman slid down the shoot along with his lieutenant and the other astronauts.  King Ghidorah remained suspended above them.

“Welcome back, Captain Norman!” cried one of the guards. “Someone up there must like you.”

“Do you not see the huge dragon in the sky?” he asked, pointing up at King Ghidorah. “I don’t know why or how, but that thing saved me.”

The guard glanced up and then stared back at Norman.

“Strange isn’t it?” he asked. “We got this mental signal from him.  He said that he was going to save you.  We can’t argue with a monster we can’t stop, can we?”

Norman glanced up at King Ghidorah.

“Why?” he asked.

Ich kann es nicht glauben, the dragon spat with his mental voice.  Norman was shocked, King Ghidorah had spoken in German. You would question your savior?  I believe you Americans have a saying: “Don’t look at the gift horse in the mouth.”

The great golden dragon rolled over in mid air, his back facing the humans below him.  His central head snaked down towards Norman.  The astronaut stepped back, as the golden muzzle came close to his face.  King Ghidorah’s forked tongue flickered out and grazed his top lip.

But if you want to know why, Ghidorah began, his mental voice tickled the inside of Norman’s mind. I want your kind to trust me.

The dragon flipped himself back over again and began to ascend to the sky.

I’ll be watching for my face in the news, he rumbled. See you in the papers.

Norman watched as King Ghidorah slowly disappeared into the clouds.


New York


Kaiser Goldstein grabbed the coffee off of the hot eye.  He took in the aroma for a moment, feeling the sleep wash away from his eyes.  Kaiser had taken a nap earlier that day, tired from saving the shuttle.  He grabbed a canister of sugar and started to pour it in.  He stopped momentarily just to stir and taste the brew, but then once more poured the rest in.  He wanted it sweet, very sweet.  Kaiser sighed as he sipped at the coffee and grabbed the remote for the small TV set sitting on the kitchen counter.  He had a much larger one in the living room of his exquisite apartment complex, but he did not feel like getting up to turn it on.  Kaiser flipped through the channels until he saw the news come on.  Kaiser sipped again at the coffee mug, his lazy eyes watched the TV.

“Today was a vary momentous day,” began the anchorman. “We have actual footage of King Ghidorah, the infamous King of Terror from outer space, saved the shuttle Destiny.

Kaiser spat his coffee out in shock.  He wiped his mouth off and turned up the volume.

“When asked about the incident, Captain Felix Norman had this to say…”

The scene changed to Captain Norman, surrounded by reporters.

“He just said: ‘I want your kind to trust me.’” Began Norman  Then, he flew away.  But the entire time, he was telling me to relax, that he was bringing me safely back to my family.”

“It’s good to relax,” Kaiser nodded. “Especially when I’m trying to save you.”

“This is the first time that an American has ever heard King Ghidorah’s voice,” began one of the reporters on the scene. “Can you tell us what did he sound like?”

“He’s German,” Norman shrugged. “He spoke in a German accent, and even spoke the actual German language itself.”

“German?” the reporter asked. “Do you know German, Captain?”

“Never spoke a word of it in my life,” he replied. “But I’ve heard it enough to recognize it.  And that was German.”

The scene returned to the anchorman back at the media studio.

“And there you have it,” he said with a smile. “King Ghidorah wants us to trust him.  We still don’t know why this space monster who—since the 1960s has attacked our planet and destroyed our cities, would want to save a shuttle.  And for that matter, where did he learn how to speak German?”

“He lived in Germany for a few years?” Kaiser snickered.

“What do you think, Martha?” he asked, turning to his partner.

“Strange story, but frankly, I don’t trust a monster that has three heads and mind control powers,” she replied, shrugging.

“Hypocrites.” Kaiser spat.

He flipped the channel over to another news show, feeling a little hurt from what that news anchor said about him.

“King Ghidorah saves Destiny!cried an obnoxious anchor. “I am amazed, and just because he saves a shuttle doesn’t mean we’ll give him anything!”

“Eck,” he changed the channel again.  This time he landed on Jay Leno’s program.

“An interesting topic today,” Leno began. “King Ghidorah saves a shuttle from certain death.  The shuttle Destiny was loosing its paneling, and its engines were about to explode when he arrives to save them.  The dragon incases the shuttle in a protective shield, which consequently also disables any contact between the shuttle and ground control, and lands it safely to Houston.  He controls the pilot, telling him to shut off the engines and put the landing gear down.  Then he takes control over ground control and forces them to only worry about the shuttle and not his appearance in the sky.  I’m confused.  Isn’t this the same guy who barbecued North America in 1966?”

Laughter could be heard from the background.  Kaiser did not like the sound of it.

“He was, wasn’t he?” Leno continued. “So, we’ve got a bad space dragon who now wants to become a good Samaritan? Where does it get off with that?  And what about that German accent?  If I’m correct, he visited Japan more than any other part of the world, and he has never visited Germany, so why doesn’t he have a Japanese accent and speak Japanese?  Why a German accent?  Does he think that he could be the next Hitler?”

“Was?” Kaiser cried. “Vhat he talking about?  I’m insulted!”

Kaiser’s head turned as the phone rang.  He reached over to his cell phone and placed it to his ear.

“Hallo?” he answered the phone.

“Kaiser, I’m sorry,” began a feminine voice. “I’m sorry that this is happening.  Are you okay?”

“Vickie!” Kaiser cried. “My pride’s hurt, that’s all.  I try to do something good in my natural form and I get rotten tomatoes in my face.”

“Don’t worry to much on it, Ghidorah,” she began. “Give them time to accept this new leaf of yours.  It’s not like it’s gonna happen over night.  Besides, as long as they don’t know that you are Kaiser and King Ghidorah, they will still respect you for the man you are and not the monster you use to be.”

“I am trying to accept myself in the process,” Kaiser sighed. “To have humans accept me in both forms will help me accept myself.”

“Don’t do it that way,” Vickie said. “That’s the wrong way in dealing with this. You have to believe in yourself.  I do.”

“Thank you, Vickie,” Kaiser smiled.

“Look, it’s too late now, but how about tomorrow we get a cup of coffee together,” she began. “My treat.”

“No, I’ll pay,” he insisted. “Consider it another date with the most handsome eligible bachelor in the world.”

He heard Vickie giggle.

“Alright,” she said. “One ‘o Clock, be at our favorite café spot.”

“I’ll see you then,” Kaiser grinned.

“I love you,” Vickie sighed. “King Ghidorah, or Kaiser Goldstien, I will always love you.”

Kaiser got up from his table and sat down on his couch, staring at the picture of Victoria Swanson.

“I love you, Victoria,” he breathed. “Take care, sweet dreams.”

“I’m gonna dream about you,” she giggled. “So, dream about me.”

“I will,” Kaiser said. “Goodnight, love.”

He heard the phone click off and he set it down on the table.  Kaiser sighed and got up, not wanting to go back to bed yet.  Though, he felt tired, warn from the day.  There was a bit of anxiousness inside of him as he stared at the door to his bedroom.  Kaiser took in a deep breath and walked into the room.  He sat down on the bed and laid his head down on the pillow, trying to get his mind at ease.  After all those media shots of him saving the shuttle, he did not want to look at his dragon form for a long time.  Kaiser sighed again closed his eyes.  He felt his consciousness began to drift again…


*          *            *            *


“After all this time, I had found him!” Deedra cried, glancing down at the glistening golden scaled form before her. “King Ghidorah, the great Space Dragon of planet Ghidrain!”

“His planet was destroyed many millions of years ago, Highness,” began Thufor. “He destroyed it himself.”

Deedra patted the canine-like creature on his head: “I am well aware of that.  And many times he has fought against foes and was never beaten, until those monsters of Earth nearly killed him.”

She leaned closer to the central head of the enormous three-headed dragon, placing a taloned hand on his snout.  She heard a rumble echo from within his throat as the lip twitched.

“I will make you greater than ever, Your Majesty,” she purred softly. “Better, faster, stronger, and larger.  You will be mine and I shall be yours.”

The ruby eyes of the dragon slowly opened up, glossy from the long nap.  Shards of his meteor were scattered about his body.  Deedra had ordered several servants to sweep and clean the shards up, casting them out to space.  The three heads of the dragon rose lazily into the air and glanced around.  She heard his rumble from within, startled by his new surroundings.

Where am I? The dragon asked mentally.  Deedra knew he had a limited form of telepathy, used mostly in communication.  The dragon continued, glancing down at her: Who are you?

“I am Queen Deedra of the Dark Star,” she replied. “You are on my ship.  I found your meteor floating about this sorrowful asteroid belt.  You were healing yourself, were you not?”

I had a rather cumbersome battle between that radioactive lizard Godzilla, King Ghidorah snarled. He is the only creature who has bested the King of Terror.

“I can help you have your revenge, Your Majesty,” she smiled evilly.

“Your Majesty?” It has been a long time since I was ever called that, the dragon mused. And what do you want with me?

“I want you to help me take over that small blue planet the humans call Earth,” she began slyly. “The third planet from its star.”

I know of it, he snapped. And I am no one’s lackey anymore.  I will no longer be someone’s tool for conquest.  I want nothing of that planet.

“Except revenge?” she asked.  King Ghidorah’s eyes widened.  Deedra brushed his triangular scales with her hand. “I don’t want you as a slave.  I know of your current reputation.  I want you as my equal, my partner.  I am a powerful sorceress.  I can make you more powerful than you ever dreamed.  I can give you powers that only gods possess.  You will have no equals, save me.  Join me, we can take that planet.  It possesses a great power, greater than anything in the universe.  That was why so many others tried to conquer it.  They never told you that, did they?”

No, King Ghidorah sighed. They never bothered to tell me their plans.  I was nothing more than a weapon to them, never an intellectual equal.

“You are my equal, King Ghidorah,” Deedra crooned. “I am telling you why I want that planet.  It is your choice.  I will not force such a magnificent creature such as you to help me.  If you wish to go, you are free to.”

This was the first time, he had heard anyone give him a choice in the matter.  King Ghidorah was always under someone’s influence, and never did he have a choice.  He could leave now and she would not press the subject again.

“I only offer once, though,” she began. “Once you leave my station, I will not offer it to you again.”

King Ghidorah rose to his feet, folding his wings inward towards his chest.  The membranes of his wings glistened softly in the low light of the bay area.  Deedra’s eyes sparkled, dazzled by his gorgeous scales.  The dragon shook his manes atop each of his heads.  Their tongues flickered out of the mouths, licking the sides of their lips simultaneously.  He had to ponder greatly on her offer.

What sort of powers will you give me and is there a catch? He asked her, eyes stared down at her in scrutiny.

“Your telepathy,” she began. “I can increase it a hundred.  With the new boost to your telepathy, you will have the abilities to control vast areas of beings, from the most intelligent to the least intelligent.  You can alter their minds and turn them to your control, make them slaves for you.  These new mental powers will give you the ability to teleport yourself and others to anywhere you will desires.  Your gravity electrical beams will also increase in manifold, and with enough power you could destroy one planet with a single shot.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg of what you can do once I increase your power.”

Sounds tempting, he purred. But what about the catch?

“The only thing you would have to worry about is the fact this power requires vast amounts of energy to sustain,” she sighed. “You will have to consume life force energies from living beings to sustain your power, preferably the life essence of living creatures, such as the humans.  The most pleasing of human essence is the essence of youth.  It is sweet as nectar and it will give you more power than the essence of the aged.  As humans grow old, their essence diminishes, until they die.  The children have vast quantities of essence within them, and their qualities are pure innocence.  You get the idea.”

And that be the catch? King Ghidorah asked, sniffing.

“That is the catch,” Deedra replied. “What do you think?”

The great golden dragon raised his heads up and sniffed the air again.  He turned to Deedra, his eyes narrowing into tiny slits.

I will agree to your plan, he hefted mentally. If it means revenge on Godzilla and Mothra.

“You will be more powerful than they ever could reach,” Deedra grinned. “They will not be able to touch you.  Come with me.”


King Ghidorah found himself strapped to a slab of metal with various tubing sticking out of his mouths.  Wires and electrical devices that monitored his life functions attached themselves to the sides of his body and chest.  He breathed slowly as he glanced back at the strange, raven haired woman who called herself Queen Deedra.

What is all this? He asked, a little shocked to be strapped down. Why am I strapped?

“Unfortunately the path to great power is paved with pain,” she sighed, her voice becoming somber.  “I regret causing agony, but it is a side effect of inducing you with such godly energy.  But when you arise, you will never be the same weak creature many remember.  The straps are to keep you in place while I empower your body.”

She leaned over the railing, smiling at him with a smile of lust.  King Ghidorah turned away, knowing the meaning of that smile.  He wanted nothing to do with that smile.  Deedra continued to smile at him as she signaled for Thufor to pull the lever on the machine.  The dragon watched with wide eyes as golden energy filled the tubes.  He felt the energy fill his body, and his muscles began to twitch.  It was like a wave, crashing against his body, King Ghidorah did not see it coming.  The pain wracked his form, shooting streams of agony through his very soul.  He screamed, his trio of voices shook the station with their agony.  Tears seeped out from his eyes.  His toes curled up and his tails lashed about.  Electricity sparked up around his body.  Ghidorah’s central head turned up, its eyes were wide.  His body began to grow, the muscles rippled and bulged out, making the straps tighter.  His wings began to reform and grow longer and wider, armed with enormous talons at the end of each digits.  He roared out again, his voice becoming deeper and more melodic.  King Ghidorah snapped the straps, and rose from the slate.  The pain was overcoming him, ripping his body in two.  He knelt back down, thrashing about in agony.

Stop it! He cried. Enough!  I can’t take it anymore!

“I’m not finished yet!” Deedra cried. “But it will be done soon.”

His height increased nearly four times its normal size.  The center head’s horns grew out and branched off, becoming more like the majestic  antlers of an elk.  Deedra was satisfied, he had completely transformed.

“Grand King Ghidorah,” she breathed. “Isn’t he a handsome sight to behold, Thufor?”

“Yes, my Queen,” Thufor nodded. “He is.  Such a beautiful creature of power, stealth, and intelligence.  You should be proud.”

King Ghidorah felt the pain subside, breathing heavily.  He was curled up, his wings folded into his body and his tails coiled around his legs.  His body still shook from the absence of pain.  He never felt pain like that before.  He prayed to who ever heard him that he will never feel it again.  His central head looked up at Deedra.

“Arise, Grand King Ghidorah,” she called. “Arise and meet your new destiny…”


*          *            *            *


Kaiser awoke in a sweat, swallowing heavily.  The phone was ringing loudly as he awoke from his dream.  He was dreaming about the past, of what once was.  Kaiser wiped his forehead and reached over to answer the phone.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Kaiser!” a voice cried. “Where the hell are you?”

“Tom?” Kaiser asked, wiping his eyes.

“Who the hell do you think it is?” Tom asked. “Get your ass over to the studio!  You’re late!”

“Scheiße,” he snorted. “It’s not that late in the day.”

“It’s almost 11am!” Tom cried. “Now get over here!”

Kaiser backed away from the phone: “Alright, fine.  I’ll be there.”


Once he got to the studio, Kaiser met the burning eyes of Tom.  This was the first time in months since he had been late and not have an excuse.  Kaiser shuffled his shoes on the ground and smiled.

“I slept late?” he shrugged.

“We have ten minutes before we go onto the air, Kaiser!” Tom cried. “Now, get to the make-up and wardrobe and be ready to do your hocus-pocus!”

“Tom,” began Kaiser. “Why do we do a live show?  Let’s tape the show instead.  How about that?”

“Because people don’t believe you can see the dead,” he rumbled. “So, we need this live show to prove it.  Now, get out there and show them what you can do!”

The make-artist and the wardrobe technician gathered around him, adjusting his tie and began to apply the make-up to his face.  He closed his eyes and just let them pamper him right before the show.

Arise Grand King Ghidorah and meet your destiny…

“Who would have thought my destiny is on a TV show telling people about their loved ones in the after life,” Kaiser sighed, recalling what Deedra had said.

The make-up artist and the wardrobe pulled away from him as he began to walk towards the stage.  He saw several people began to take their seats.  They were his live studio audience, the people who he will call out to when the dead call to him.  He could not help but to notice a few Asian people sitting down near the central row of the audience seats.  His keen ears listened to them as they talked amongst themselves.  They were speaking Japanese.

“Great, Japanese,” he sighed. “I just hope none of them have family members that were killed by one of my raids through Japan.  That would not be good.”

“Okay, people, we are on in 2 minutes!” cried Tom. “Kaiser, get out on the stage!”

Kaiser rushed out onto the stage, smiling at the audience who came to view him.  Some of them smiled back, the others just stared blankly at him.  Kaiser adjusted his tie and glanced back at the Japanese audience members in the center row.  They were still talking and he knew exactly what they were talking about.  Only a few years ago, he had started to learn Japanese, but he did hear his vary name—King Ghidorah come up several times in their conversation.  They were talking about the shuttle incident from yesterday.  He wondered if he should have just let it burn in the Earth’s atmosphere.

No! He cried. What am I thinking?  Despite what has happened to me, no one deserves to die like that.  I was honored to save them from death.

“Okay, we are ready!” cried the director. “Cue the intro!”

Kaiser waited for his signal to start talking, watching the teleprompt with anticipation.  He tried to keep his mind off of the Japanese audience members and on to his show.  Tom signaled Kaiser.

“Greetings, everyone,” he began. “Welcome to the show.  As you know, I am Kaiser Goldstein.  For those of you who are new to the show, what I do is listen to those who have passed on to the next life and who want to get in contact with their loved ones in this life…to give them a message, or tell them that everything is fine.  I advise you to take this show as you will, as your discretion.  If you do not believe in this, that is your choice.  What ever afterlife your religion, if you believe in one, describes, you may work this into your opinions of this show.  I do not discriminate for each religion, for everyone has their own opinions of what is in store for them in the afterlife.  I am only here to bring loved ones from the other side close to their relations so that they might see some sort of closure and then move on—whether they have yet to say good bye or have an important message to give to that person still among us in the world of the living.  Take this show in your own opinions, I am not here to force my beliefs onto you.  Now, shall we begin?”

He glanced around the room, feeling the lure of the souls on the other side call to him.  Though, what disturbed him the most were the calls from the Japanese’s loved ones.  And one of them was a child—a child he killed in ’98.

“Dear God,” Kaiser sighed. “No, not this.  Don’t haunt me now.”

He stepped slightly forward, staring at the Japanese audience members.

“The spirit is Japanese,” he announced. “And is a child of 12.  She was killed by King Ghidorah in 1998, when he absorbed her essence.”

One of the Japanese, a woman rose to her feet, shaking fearfully.

“Am I correct?” Kaiser asked.

“Yes, you are,” she nodded. “She was killed by King Ghidorah.”

“Her voice is the loudest in this room, madam,” he began. “The loudest I have ever heard.  I don’t sense shadows like I normally do, she is here with me now.”

“What does she have to say?” the woman asked, tears coming from her eyes.

“She said that her death was painful,” Kaiser began, feeling a welt in his throat. “But she is at peace now.  She loves you.  She said that she is waiting for you.  You will wait for her?”

“Yes!” she cried. “I will!  Thank you, Mr. Goldstein!”

“No, thank you,” he sighed.

“Lies!” cried a voice backstage. “All lies!”

Kaiser turned to the voice, seeing a man push the crewmen aside.

“Hey!” cried Tom. “You’re not supposed to be back here!  Who the hell let this joker in?  Security!”

The disgruntled looking man reached into his pocket and pulled a pistol out.  He aimed it at Kaiser, with shaking hands.  Kaiser stepped forwards.

“Please, put that away,” Kaiser called.

The man shook his head as he felt his mind being plucked at for a moment.  Kaiser stared at him.

“No!” he cried. “Defiler of God!  Devil!  You’re lies will end here!” The man fired the gun. “Die, beast!  I will cast thee into the fiery inferno!”

Kaiser felt the bullet penetrate his chest.  He let out a yelp feeling the blood leap up into his throat.  His concentration was broken when he felt the bullet piece his skin.

“Kaiser!” cried Tom. “God, no!”

Tom leapt at the assailant, tackling him to the ground.  The gun fired again, and another bullet found itself into Kaiser’s chest, this time piecing his heart.  Blood, rich and red splattered out from the wound.  Kaiser felt his chest cave in as he slowly toppled towards the ground.  Kaiser glanced back at Tom and the attacker, his vision becoming blurry.

“Monster!” the man cried. “I know who you are!  King Ghidorah!”

Tom reached out and grappled with the man, fighting for control over the gun.  Another shot sounded and Kaiser finally fell over, as the bullet shot through his shoulder.  Tom held the man down, yanking the gun from his hand finally and held it at the man’s head.

“Don’t move!” he hissed. “Kaiser, you alright?”

Kaiser rose to his feet, blood still sputtering from his mouth and his heart.  He raised his hand to his eyes and watched it.  He could feel it coming.  His body began to glow brilliantly golden as his hand began to web out.  His fingers elongated into lengthy webbed digits.  Golden scales sparked on his arms.

“Kaiser!” Tom cried. “The hell…”

Kaiser lifted his head up, staring at Tom and then to the audience that watched him.

“Get out!” he cried. “Get out!  Before I crush you!”

Kaiser’s form was glowing as bright as the sun.  Tom tried to see the pained face of his friend through the glow, but it was no use.  All that he could hear was his voice.

“Tom, please!” Kaiser cried. “Help them get out.  My form will—destroy this building.  I can’t control the transformation!”

“Kaiser, what’s happening to you?” he cried. “What’s going on.  What do you mean by ‘transformation’?”

“No time!” Kaiser coughed. “Now, go.  Get them to evacuate!”

“I can’t just leave you there,” Tom called. “You need help, you need medical attention!”

He heard a horrid sound come from the glowing form of what was Kaiser Goldstein.  A golden slivering bolt of lightning shot forth from the form zapping only inches away form Tom’s feet.

“King Ghidorah!” cried the assailant as he was being dragged away along with the others. “He’s the King of Terror, you fool!  He has lied to us all!”

“Kaiser Goldstein,” Tom breathed as he turned from the form, running out. “Fine, you’re on your own.”

I’m sorry, Tom, he heard Kaiser’s mental voice call into his mind.  It sounded so sorrowful and solemn.

He heard the building began to crash all around him as the glow grew and enveloped his sight. He felt his body become warm and he felt comforted in the warmth.  Then, as the golden light faded away, Tom found himself outside the building, on the parking lot.  His eyes gazed skyward as he heard the most beautiful melodic call echo from the building.  The building was in ruins.  His eyes grew wide, seeing an immense form standing in the center of the rubble.  The form was draconic, standing on two thick, muscular legs.  Two broad golden wings spread wide, catching the wind.  The dragon was cast in brilliant triangular scaled armor.  The monster had three heads, each one crowned with three majestically curved horns on each head.  The center head’s outer pair of horns were branched like a crown of elk antlers.

“King Ghidorah!” Tom cried. “Kaiser?”

King Ghidorah’s eyes were closed as he stepped away from the building.  He turned around, facing the ruined building, his body began to glow again.  Glowing particles of energy flowed from his slowly beating wings, covering the ruins of the building.  Tom’s eyes watched with awe as the building began to rebuild itself piece by piece until it looked like nothing happened to it.  Ghidorah’s center head turned back to the people he just saved and his eyes fell on Tom.

“Kaiser, is that you?” he asked, breathing heavily from the shock.

A long time ago, I was the soul ruler of a planet called Ghidrain, Tom heard the voice of Kaiser inside his head. But my soul became corrupted.  So, I destroyed it and all the life on Ghidrain.  I destroyed many worlds, and even galaxies to sate my hunger for power.  Now, I seek my own redemption.  Find the humanity in a dragon’s soul.

“All this time, Kaiser!” Tom called. “All this time—you were King Ghidorah?!  We’ve known each other for 10 years, but now it seems that I don’t even know you anymore.  You’ve lied to me, about your past, where you were from.”

King Ghidorah’s heads sank down and sighed: I’m sorry for doing so.  I have made a mistake.  My plans are ruined.  I must leave, now.  Don’t take it too hard, Tom.  Please, this was not supposed to happen.

With that, the draconic sorcerer launched into the air and disappeared in a blinding flash of electric golden light.  Tom sighed, still dumbfounded by what he just witnessed.  Then, he realized that he was not the only one, many had witnessed Kaiser’s transformation.  With the building restored, that meant the recording and the live shots of the transformation were in the studio.  The world knew now.

“Our career is ruined, Kaiser,” he sighed. “Thanks for ten wasted years of my life.”


*          *            *            *


Tom had not heard from Kaiser—or King Ghidorah for a few days.  He was wondering if the dragon was packing his things now.  Tom saw every news station around the block airing Kaiser’s transformation.  It looked bad from there.  He sighed as he passed the café he and Kaiser would visit on breaks and days off.  He decided to walk in just for old time’s sake.  Tom sighed as he walked in, glancing around the room.  He saw a golden haired man pouring several bags of sugar into his coffee mug.  Only one man did that, King Ghidorah.

“Kaiser,” he grunted as he walked over to the man. “Look at me, Kaiser!”

The man turned, his ruby-brown eyes stared into Tom’s eyes.

“Tom?” he asked.

Tom grabbed Kaiser by the collar and threw him to the ground.

“Lying ass-hole!” he grunted. “How dare you lie bold face to me like that for 10 years!”

“I had no choice,” Kaiser sighed. “Would you have taken me in if you would have known that I was King Ghidorah”

“No, why would I do such a thing?” he asked. “You killed people, and kidnapped innocent children!  Why would I host someone like that?  You would ruin my reputation in a minute.  Like you did now!”

“I’m sorry, Tom,” Kaiser began. “I wanted to put my life together again.  Please, forgive me…”

“Forget it!” Tom cried. “You get nothing!”

Tom leaned back and punched Kaiser in the face, sending the German crashing into the tables.  People got up from their seats, staring at the café brawl that was happening.

“Tom,” Kaiser cried. “Let’s talk about this!”

Tom grunted and leaned back again, sending his fist back towards Kaiser.  His fist came down and hit air instead.  He stared for a moment, finding that he was gazing face-to-face with the three-headed form of King Ghidorah.

“Everyone knows,” the dragon sighed. “So what does it matter?”

“We have nothing to talk about, lying sleazebag,” Tom pulled way from Ghidorah.

“I deserved that,” Ghidorah sighed.

“You deserve more,” Tom sneered. “A lot more.  I hope you do burn in Hell for what you’ve done.”

He glanced back at the dragon.  The shirt was torn around the beast’s chest and his trousers were tattered now around the legs.  King Ghidorah rose and walked back to his coffee, gripping the mug with his two outer heads and sipping it with his center head.  Tom walked over and sat down, staring at him with disdain.

“You,” he sighed. “Told me your mother and fathered died in a plane crash.  I believed you.  Now, I see what this is all about.  You used your mind tricks on me to make me your foolish stooge.  You controlled me all this time.”

“No, I didn’t,” Ghidorah breathed. “If I did, then you would not be my best friend now.  I was through with mind games like that when I decided to walk the world as one of you.”  He turned to Tom. “And you are my friend, Tom.”

“If I was, then why didn’t you tell me this before?” he asked.

“Could I?” the dragon asked. “Given my reputation as King Ghidorah?  Kaiser Goldstein was my way of erasing my past forever.  I was willing to live the lie, to say that I was human and believe it.  That’s the whole point now.  King Ghidorah is a monster, but Kaiser Goldstein isn’t.  I want to be Kaiser, not Ghidorah.  So, I had to lie, to make Kaiser what I wanted him to become.”

Ghidorah brought Tom close to him.

“I have been given a gift now,” he began, his eyes bright. “I want to use it to help people, not destroy them.  How can I do that as King Ghidorah?”

“You just did,” Tom sighed. “You saved that shuttle, and this city many times.  That is your gift, Kaiser.”

King Ghidorah sank back: “I won’t be here for long.  I’ve made arrangements, to leave the country.”  He sighed. “And perhaps the planet itself.  I am a space dragon, and I belong up there. Perhaps I can use my gift to heal the universe…to give back what I’ve taken so many times before.”

“What about Vickie?” Tom asked. “Does she know?”

“She does,” he sighed.

“Well, then why the hell leave her as well?” Tom pressed on.

“I don’t want the world to hunt her down just because it knows that Kaiser and Ghidorah are one and the same,” Ghidorah mumbled. “I want to spare her that.  I don’t want the world to know about us.  It’s for the best for all of us.  Besides, I’m better off as a loner anyways.”

Tom shook his head.

“Tom, I think the world of her,” the dragon continued. “I love her.  For God’s sake I love her!  But I want to spare her what this world’s media can do to a person.  I know what is in store for me now, I’ve seen the shows, the talk shows, and the news.  They’re all cursing my name.  I can’t blame them.  I just don’t want them to pry into her life.  I want to spare her that.  She does not deserve it.  If I would have known this would have happened, I would have never asked her to go out with me…or to have a relationship with me.  This is my mistake, my problem—not hers.  She knows that I’m leaving.”

“Where will you go?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know,” he sighed. “I wish I did.”

King Ghidorah took one last sip of his mug, lifting the mug up to his lips with only the power of his mind.  Then, he gave the tender his tab and his form faded away.


“Kaiser!” cried Vickie.  She ran over to him, taking him into her arms.  Kaiser held her close to him, tears falling down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Vickie,” he sighed. “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t go!” she whispered.  He leaned over and kissed her gently, caressing her face with his hand.  Her eyes were filled with love for him.  It was all for him.

“Vickie, I will always love you,” Kaiser began. “But I have to do this.  And you know why.  I’m saving you from them.  Farewell, Vickie.  I love you so much.  You are the warmth I will carry when I return to the coldness that is space.”

His form glowed and grew.  He slowly revered back into his draconic form, his majestic body towering over her.  King Ghidorah’s face smiled slightly as he lifted off into the air.

Good-bye, Vickie, he began. It was wonderful while it lasted.  Never forget me.

His form disappeared into the sun, sparkling light covered his body and incased it inside the protective shell of his meteor.

“GHIDORAH!” Vickie cried out, reaching out for the shimmering, glistening rock as it soared higher into the air. “Come back!”


Infant Island


They heard it coming for miles, screaming across the land and over the sea.  The massive fiery rock crashed onto their beach, disturbing their peaceful island home.  They rose and walked down to the beach to see what it was.

“It’s a meteor,” Moll began. “And I’m sensing an energy from it.”

“That’s King Ghidorah,” Lora said. “He’s found our island.”

The meteor hatched and a brilliant light formed from inside, forming into the three-headed dragon King Ghidorah.  Then, the light dimmed and formed into a new form, a smaller form.  He was their size, and human.  Kaiser smiled at the Alias.

“Guten Tag, ladies,” Kaiser began. “You know me as King Ghidorah.  We were never formally introduced though.”

“What do you want here?” Lora asked. “Why have you come to our island?”

“To hide,” Kaiser sighed.

“You nearly killed Mothra!” Moll cried. “And Godzilla.  So, why would we grant you sanctuary?”

“Then I will find another place,” he breathed. “I don’t suppose that you’ve heard what I’ve been doing lately.”

“We know,” Lora replied. “You’ve changed.”

“I’m sorry,” Kaiser began. “For all that I’ve done, to you and Mothra.  Deedra has come back, but for now she is sated.  Your world is in danger, but I have not the strength to fight her now.  And now, after I was shot, the humans know that I’m King Ghidorah.  I can’t return to the life I was trying to build for myself.”

He knelt to the sand, weeping.

“Believe me, I am suffering,” he wept. “I’ve loved.  She loves me…”

“Let us look into your eyes,” Moll began. “To see if you are telling the truth.”

Kaiser lifted his head to them, tears streaming down his face.  They saw images in his mind, all of Vickie and Tom.  They saw his happiness, and how he helped people—how that has now filled his heart with joy.  They could sense the pain that he feels for all the souls that he absorbed years ago.  They were taking their toll on his own soul, tormenting it with their dreams and with their thoughts.  They’ve been sated by only King Ghidorah’s actions of kindness and good for the past 10 years.  They tore their minds from his.  Kaiser—King Ghidorah—the once King of Terror, was on his knees.

“I beg of you,” he began. “Let me stay here for a little while.  If only I could find a way to make them forget they ever saw me transform.  I could return to those who care about me the most.  My power, as great as they are now—can’t do something like that.”

“You are more powerful than Mothra,” Moll began. “What power does she have that you don’t?  What power can she use that you can’t use better?  Deedra has made you more powerful than even you can handle now, King Ghidorah.”

“Help me, just this once,” he breathed. “I will not ask again.”

“What do you think, Lora?” she asked her sister.

“Let him stay for a while,” Lora sighed. “That is if he can behave himself.”

“I can,” Kaiser smiled. “You know that I can now.  I have no evil heart anymore.”

“You may stay, King Ghidorah,” Moll smiled.

He took their hands in gratitude: “Thank you.”


King Ghidorah stood on the beach in his grand draconic form.  His wings hung to his sides and his shoulders were slumped down.  He stared into the east, tears streaming down his face.  He sensed her love for him even from this distance.  He felt a lump build in all three of his throats and felt a sob softly escape his lips.  He knelt to his knees and fell onto his wings.

“If you love her,” began Lora. “Then, nothing should separate you from her.”

You don’t understand, he rumbled. I’d give anything, even my life, to be with her.  But I would be doing more harm than good.  She does not deserve persecution for loving a creature like me.  That is what they will give her.  I am doing this to save her from that.

“When you attacked us,” began Moll. “You nearly killed both Godzilla and Mothra, but then you backed way.  You spared them death, why?”

King Ghidorah turned towards them, his central head leaning down to them.  His mind slowly returned to that time when he let the two other monsters go…


“King Ghidorah!” cried Deedra through his thoughts. “Kill them!  Kill them and we will be victorious!”

Do not interrupt me, woman! King Ghidorah snapped back at her. Their deaths shall come swiftly.

Both Mothra and Godzilla were bleading over each other.  Their bodies were piled on top of each other as if they were ready to be cremated.  Godzilla struggled to look up, pushing Mothra’s tattered wing from his eyes.  His body was in pain and he felt the influence of King Ghidorah’s heightened mental power keeping him that way.  He felt the pain of little pricks inside his mind, ripping it apart piece by piece and memory by memory.  He could not even find the strength to raise his head all the way up to look at the King of Terror in the eye.  Never in all his attacks on Earth did he ever seem so strong.  He was not a joke anymore, he meant business.  Godzilla coughed up a spurt of blood from his lips and slumped back down.  He heard the sound of King Ghidorah’s voice laughing mockingly at him.

How does it feel now, Godzilla? King Ghidorah hissed, pleased with the pain he caused. Where is your pride now?  Tell me, are you still calling yourself the ‘King of Monsters’?  Is that title fitting for you?

Godzilla rumbled painfully, his eye slowly closing.

I was once a real king; you are nothing more than an animal! The dragon continued, scoffing and laughing. Nothing more, nothing less.  How could a real king fall at the hands of a mutated dinosaur!  It’s degenerating!  Mothra is more of an equal to me than you are.

Mothra raised her head up and squeaked at King Ghidorah.  The dragon just chuckled.

Oh, I’m not equal to you, Mothra? He asked. You’re right.  I’m better!

He sent another wave of pain through their bodies, hearing their screams of agony and torment.

“That’s it, love!” cried Deedra. “Kill them!  Then, Earth will be ours to rule, my beautiful King Ghidorah—my future husband.”

King Ghidorah stopped his onslaught of their minds and retreated, his mind turning towards Deedra and what she said.

Husband? He asked. Why would I marry you?

“For what I have given you, my love!” she cried. “You owe me this.  We will rule together.  Or I will rule over you alone!”

King Ghidorah roared in defiance.  He looked up at the sky, his thunderous roar echoed off the mountains.

I did not agree to this! He called up to her. This was not apart of our agreement!  We are partners, nothing more.

“We are more than that, love,” she hissed. “You and I are connected.”

Never! King Ghidorah snarled. I am not some toy you can play with or some pet you can order around!

“You are mine and I am yours,” Deedra said. “We will rule together.  Now kill them!”

King Ghidorah glanced down at the battered bodies of Mothra and Godzilla.  They stared up at him, their eyes were shaking and their bodies trembling.  There was something that plucked at his heart.  He turned away from them, his need to destroy them was no longer there.  He heard Mothra squeak at him.  Ghidorah turned back to Mothra, his central head’s eyes closed in on her.  He just wanted to stare at the moth, his eyes never leaving her.  King Ghidorah felt something change within him.  He was not sure as to what it was, yet.

“Kill them!” Deedra cried. “Kill them now, Grand King Ghidorah!”

The dragon sorcerer snapped all three of his heads back to the sky.

No! King Ghidorah cried. I will no longer take orders from anyone.  Not you, not anyone else.  These powers are mine.

He turned back down to the other monsters.

I will be back to finish you off right after I deal with Deedra, King Ghidorah hissed.


“But you did not return,” Lora began. “Though, both were badly injured, they survived.  Mothra slowly returned to her sanctuary and Godzilla crawled back to the sea.”

King Ghidorah sighed, laying his body to the ground in sorrow.

I tried to forget the past, he wept. Humanity is my salvation.  Why does it haunt me so?

“You’ve decided not to remember,” Lora began. “So, your past haunts you.”

He leaned up: But I know that I’ve sinned!  I am sorry that I nearly killed Mothra and Godzilla.  I deserve every bit of hatred they are willing to give me.

“You don’t accept who you are,” she continued. “So, you try to hide.”

I am a shamed, the dragon shook his head. I am ashamed of what I’ve become.  The years that have harden this heart, turned me into that monster.  I was a good king once, a king who ruled a world under a wing of truth and justice.  I cared nothing but the safety of my subjects.  I—I don’t know what happened!  But I do know what I’ve become.  I don’t want that now.

King Ghidorah turned away, feeling a sudden gush of wind pick the mane on his heads up.  His right outer head turned, its eyes focusing on the gigantic, colorful insect that began to fly circles around him.  He heard Mothra’s call to him.  She stopped, suspending herself with only the beat of her wings.  She lowered herself to his eye level.  King Ghidorah felt a flinch come on, he did not want to look at her in the eye.  He heard her call again as he turned all three of his heads away.

No, I don’t want to look at you, he whispered softly into her mind. I can’t look at you.  Not for what I did.

“King Ghidorah,” Mothra’s calls translated to him. “Look at me.”

For what it’s worth, I’m sorry, King Ghidorah’s central head turned back, tears forming in his ruby eyes.  He felt the soft sway of Mothra’s wings as they slowly flapped around him.  He stared into her glistening, many faceted sapphire eyes.  Sparkling fragments of starlight flowed off her wings and fluttered softly around his body.  The sparkling dust felt soothing to Ghidorah as he watched it flow around him.  The wind picked up the sparkles and carried their soft energy through the forests.

“I know you are sorry, Ghidorah,” Mothra continued. “I know.  I can sense it from you.  You are sincere about your change.  You mean it this time.”

King Ghidorah’s mane picked up in the wind and he allowed his body to spark up softly, his glow adding to the fairy dust around him.

“If you love her, then go to her,” Mothra began. “Fly to her.”

And risk her being persecuted? King Ghidorah asked. No, I can’t ask that of Vickie.  I would never ask that of her.  My love is not worth her freedom to walk the streets without the need to hide from the mass media.

“Love her,” Mothra began softly. “I shall not stand to see someone who has given back so much be in sorrow and pain.”

King Ghidorah’s central head leaned down, tears flowing like tiny rivers down his cheeks.  Mothra moved in, resting her furry head on his snout, her wings folding in around his neck.  He found himself burying his face into her thorax, her front legs softly grazing over the sides of his snout.  It was an odd embrace for both of them.  King Ghidorah has never allowed someone like Mothra comfort him.  She seemed willing to do it.

“Don’t be ashamed of who you are,” Mothra began. “You can be that great king again if you just allow it to happen.  Take strength in you past, and embrace you future.”

Mothra, King Ghidorah began, pulling back from her comforting embrace. The humans will not accept me.  I’m surprised that you have.  They will not be as forgiving as you.  Especially my friend Tom.

“That is the demon you must face,” she said. “It is your choice.  You are welcome to stay here as long as you live.  But you must also face your demons.  Don’t hide from them.  If you are a great king, then you can face your fears and return to New York.”

King Ghidorah got up off the beach and stared back at the ocean, folding his wings to his sides.

I am a great king, he sighed mentally. But I don’t know if I have the strength to return to New York and to the life of Kaiser Goldstein.

“Then don’t,” Mothra said. “Don’t return as Kaiser Goldstein, return as King Ghidorah.  Even if you take on your human form, be King Ghidorah in name as well as in spirit.  That is who you are.  You are King Ghidorah, and no one can take that away from you.”

I should, King Ghidorah took in a deep breath as he spread his wings wide.  They glistened brightly in the sun.  Then, he gave them a hearty flap and launched his great bulk into the air.  His left head turned back towards Mothra as she flew along side him.

“I am escorting you,” she began. “Until you reach the mainland.”


Victoria walked into her apartment and turned on the lights.  Her eyes cast down to the sofa as she threw her hand bag to it.  She glanced balefully over to a picture resting on the card table.  It was a picture of a man with blonde hair and ruby eyes.

“Kaiser,” she sighed.

Come into the bed room, Vickie, a voice whispered sweetly to her.

Her eyes lifted up as she went to her bedroom.  Vickie gasped as she entered the room.  There he laid, wings spread out over the covers, the twin tails coiled below.  King Ghidorah’s central head held a rose in its mouth.  He wore long silky looking black trousers and rose petals spread all over the bed and on the floor.  Victoria swallowed, seeing the majestic dragon laying on her bed.

“Kaiser,” she breathed. “You’re…you’re…”

I’m here for you, Vickie, King Ghidorah began. I’ve returned.  I’m sorry I ever left you.

King Ghidorah leaned off the bed, crawling to her.  His central head stretched out to her, ‘handing’ her the rose.  Victoria reached out and took the flower from his mouth.  She took one smell of it and then leaned over to him.  Their lips pressed together giving way to a passionate and longed for kiss.  She could feel his tongue again, grazing her lips and rolling through the inside of her mouth.  Ghidorah pulled away, his form slowly shifting and transforming.  When the shape shifting was done, Victoria found herself staring at Kaiser Goldstein.

“Vickie,” he began. “I want to stay here, with you.  Now, they all know about me being King Ghidorah.  They know my face.  If I could take on a different form, a different face when we are together, then they won’t associate you with me.  We can go on dates and such without anyone knowing we are together.  You’re privacy will be spared.”

“Ghidorah,” began Vickie, she looked away. “Kaiser, I don’t want you to change just to protect me.  I fell in love with the face I see now, and with the dragon under that face.  I don’t want a new face.  We’ll deal with it.”

Kaiser got up and took her into his arms, holding her close.  He kissed her forehead and rubbed her back.

“I love you, Vickie,” he breathed.

“I love you too, King Ghidorah,” she replied to him. “That’s all that matters to me.”

“You know something,” he began. “For as long as we’ve been going out, I have yet to give you an aerial tour of New York.”

“What?” she asked.

Kaiser smiled and blinked.  Suddenly, they both disappeared.


Victoria found herself on the glistening golden neck of the central head of the King of Terror.  She felt the wind rush up against her face and toss her brown locks about her neck.  She leaned over a bit, glancing down to the city below.  King Ghidorah was flying over New York City.  The three-headed golden dragon flew slowly over the brightly lit city.  His wings slowly pumped as he gracefully gained altitude.

Comfy? Victoria heard the voice of Kaiser inside her head.  She smiled and leaned into his golden mane.

“I am,” Vickie grinned. “It’s beautiful up here.”

I wanted so much to take you flying, Vickie, Ghidorah said. Every time I thought about it, I would forget again.  Something—Tom—mostly would come up.  Then…then the incident at the studio.  They know…

“Don’t let that bother you, Kaiser,” she told the dragon, combing his mane through his fingers. “I want you to stay with me.”

She glanced up, seeing one of the side heads rising up.  She gazed into the handsome ruby eyes of the draconic head.  A smile curled up its lips.

You mean that? King Ghidorah asked. No matter what happens, you’ll stay at my side?

“That’s what unconditional love, is, Kaiser,” said Vickie. “Yes, I will stay at your side.  But you must do the same for me.”

You know I will, he said.  The head sank back down as King Ghidorah pumped his wings once more.  The great dragon banked off landing on top of the Empire State Building.  His wings quickly snapped back at his sides and he coiled his twin tails around the enormous pillar of concrete and glass.  Vickie got a foot hold, steadying herself on the center head’s central crescent-moon horn.  She looked out beyond the lengthy, wedge-like golden snout of the dragon’s center head.  Vickie slowly slid down King Ghidorah’s brow, landing on the bridge of his snout.  She straddled his snout, holding on as she felt the center head sway, giving her a different view of the city.

“Wow,” she breathed. “I’ve been up on this building so many times in my life, but I’ve never seen it like this before.  It feels so different.”

Is it because you’re on my head—up higher than the lookout on the building, or is it something else?

“It’s having you here with me,” Vickie said. “And possibly the height.  But I usually came up here alone.”


“This is the place were a friend of mine threw herself off from,” Vickie sighed. “She was a dear friend.”

It happened in 2000, ja? King Ghidorah asked. Girl named Martha Tucker?

You reading my mind again?” she asked.

No, I saw that on the news, he replied. She was an addict.  Took too much, at least that’s what the news said.  It was more than just that, wasn’t it?

“A lot more, she had problems,” Vickie sighed.  She turned away when she saw the two side heads rise up, their gaze falling upon her.  King Ghidorah knew she did not want to be pressed anymore on the subject.

I’ll not trouble you any further, then, he began. I’m sorry you lost your friend.  And I’m sorry I brought you here.  I picked this place with ignorance of what happened.  I swear.  Your thoughts are your own, I never pry, not unless you want me to read your mind.  Perhaps, I should fly to another spot then.  I just chose it because this is the place where loves often go.

“It’s alright, Kaiser,” Vickie said. “I’m okay.  It’s beautiful up here.”

The heads slumped down and their eyes seemed downcast.  Vickie sighed, realizing what she had done.

“Kaiser!” she cried. “Great, all because of me, you’re going to be depressed just because you chose the spot where my best friend committed suicide.  You didn’t know.”

I could have, King Ghidorah said. But…

“You respected my privacy, Kaiser,” she smiled. “I appreciate that.  I often wondered—about going out with someone who’s a telepath.  I was worried he’d might read my mind too much and know everything about me before I was willing to tell.  You’re not like that.”  Vickie’s eyes turned back to the glistening, brightly lit city below. “And it’s a beautiful view.  I wouldn’t have come up here with any other person—but you, King Ghidorah.”

King Ghidorah smiled softly and all his heads turned towards the glowing city.  The two stared out into the night, silent.

“Kaiser, I love you,” Vickie said. “Don’t ever leave me again.”

If I do leave, I’ll take you with me, King Ghidorah purred. I will never leave your side again, Vickie.  This I do swear.


To be Continued…


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