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I Don’t Own Jurassic Park and its characters

Jurassic Park: Destiny

(By Silver11k)


This final part doesn’t have anything to do with the story of any of the three films. It is only a sequel that merges now the storyline of Jurassic Park New Life and Jurassic Park Changed Perspectives. This story won’t make any sense, until you’ve read both of them first.
Have fun!



Chapter 1






The Raptor Pack rushed through the jungle. The Raptors only stopped from time to time to allow a small group of humans to catch up.


“Eric wait!” Allan shouted out of breath. “We need a break!”


The pack stopped again and the Alpha Raptor walked towards Allan and started to chirp something.


“But it isn’t very far from here.” A small box in Allan Grant’s hand translated.


“But we need a rest!” Allan said hard breathing.


Eric walked back to Elia.


“I simply can’t imagine, that I was as slow in the past.” Eric sighed.


“Oh you weren’t slow.” Elia said. “You almost escaped me that day in the old Lab.”


“But only almost.” Eric rubbed his head at Elia’s head.


“Yeah… Do you think, that it was a good idea, to let your parents stay at the nests to have an eye on our children?” Elia asked with a worried tone in her voice.


“I don’t think, that this would be a problem. At least they are fully grown Raptors. And they should possess at least a few of the instincts of a raptor by now.” Eric explained to her with a soft voice.


Eric only let the humans a few minutes for a break until; they were on their way to the other Lab again.

With each step, that brought them closer to the Lab it smelled stronger and stronger after the T-Rex.  

A few hundred meters away from it, Eric and the pack stopped.


“We have been very silent from now on and very carefully.” He told Allan.


“I only hope, that it is true, what you’ve said.” Sarah Harding said. “You said, that the T-Rex was hugged by a human girl?”

Eric only nodded.


“I believe him.” Allan said. “But I only wonder, how a girl could have come here?”


“Well the only two girls that were brought to this isle I knew off, was that British girl and Kelly. But that is impossible. The British girl is back in Great Britain and Kelly…” Sarah stopped, while she looked down. ”She and Ian…they… got killed that night, when the two T-Rexes attacked us while we were sleeping.” She looked down and a tear rolled over her right cheek.


“Maybe it is Kelly.” Allan said.


“Don’t be ridiculous!” Sarah whipped her tears away. “That would be almost two years now! No human would survive that long on this isle!” Sara said with a sad tone in her voice.


“I guess you’re right.” Allan said while he stood up. “At that time even Eric wasn’t at the isle to prevent the worst.”




Meanwhile in the Laboratory:


Kelly sat on her bed and was playing with one of the small bottles filled with the medicament that would change her into a T-Rex, too. Now that her father wasn’t against this idea anymore. She looked through the small room. These few days will be he last one, she would live the life of a human.

She asked herself, how it might feel to sleep in a nest, or to hunt. She was to deep sunken in her thoughts to realize, that something has entered her room.

But she suddenly snapped out of it, when the loud call of a Velociraptor echoed through the Lab. Her head swung around just to stare into the eyes of the Raptor, who has shouted.

Totally scared she backed away from it.

Suddenly a second Raptor appeared through the door and her only way to escape was blocked now.

But then she saw how someone walked into the room just behind the Raptors. Someone she knew very well.


“Sarah?” Kelly asked totally surprised.


“Kelly? My God! Kelly!” Sarah rushed forward, pushing Elia and Eric to the side and pulled Kelly into a strong hug. Slowly Allan and the other humans entered the small room. “How are you? How was it possible that you survived this long? Is Ian alive, too?” Sarah asked really fast.


“I’m fine.” Kelly said. “And yeah. Dad is alive, too. But…he…”


“He’s alive, too? Thank God! I thought that you died that day. Where is he?” Sarah interrupted her.


“He’s hunting. But he…” Sarah suddenly interrupted Kelly again.


“Ian and hunting?” Sarah asked confused.


“Yeah. A strange thought, but it’s true. And he became a really good hunter. You’ll see.” Kelly said. This time she didn’t tried to tell Sarah about the fact, that Ian now was a T-Rex. They wouldn’t believe her anyway. “We should go outside. He normally arrives around that time from the hunt.” Kelly said as she slowly stood up from her bed and bumped into Elia.

Elia hissed. Kelly’s eyes went wide.


“Don’t worry.” Allan said. “Eric and his pack are rather peaceful.”



Meanwhile a few hundred meters away from the Lab.



Ian walked back home and in his maw her carried a dead Gallimimus for Kelly. Everything was quite normal this day. But then the wind carried a smell towards his nostrils that he hoped never to smell that close to the Lab.


The wind just blow out of the direction the Lab lays in and carried the smell with it. And it wasn’t only the smell of one single Raptor. It smelled as if the whole pack was there.

And Kelly was totally alone there without protection. Sylien and Tyr were hunting on their own.

Suddenly he heard a Raptor call out of this direction, too.

Ian let the carcass fell to the ground and rushed forward. On his way he stomped through the bushes and even uprooted a small tree that simply stood in his way. And soon he could break through the last line of trees. In front of the Lab was Kelly together with a few other humans. But they were surrounded by the Raptors. He sent a very angry Roar against them.



Allan and Sarah, Eric and Elia, the pack and everyone else looked into the direction the T-Rex Roar come out of, just to see how an angry T-Rex stomped into their direction.

Eric shouted an order and the whole pack rushed in front of the humans ready to attack the T-Rex.

Allan wanted to hold her back, but suddenly Kelly rushed forward, through the line of Raptors and in front of the T-Rex.


“DAD! STOP! STOOOOP!” She started to shout and to give signs with her arms that he should stop.


Ian at first didn’t know how to react. He was as surprised of Kelly’s reaction as Allan, Eric and the others. Slowly he slowed down until he stopped, towering over Kelly, hard breathing.

Then he saw who the humans were, which were standing behind the Raptors.


“Have I heard right? Did she call this T-Rex Dad?” Allan asked.


“Ian?” Sarah stepped in front of the Ian and asked the for her unbelievable question. “Is that you?” And Ian only nodded.




Chapter 2


Old friends, new friends



“Ian is that really you?” Sarah asked several times until Ian had enough and roared out loud. But suddenly Ian had another problem, cause Sarah was suddenly under him and started to touch him at several points. But that problem was very easy to solve. He grabbed Sarah at her Shirt with his maw and lifted he off the ground. Some of the men suddenly were ready to shoot and were aiming at Ian’s head.


“Are you crazy!” She yelled very upset. “Let me down!”

Slowly Ian put her down at the ground again, while the others calmed down and lowered their weapons.  

Eric and his pack have rushed into the background. Watching the whole situation. Ready to rush away if they have to.


Eric looked around all his senses were on alert. From time to time his head flipped from one side to the other and then back. Something wasn’t right here. Except for the fact, that two Dinosaurs here should be humans and that all other humans should be dead by now under normal conditions. Something smelled not right. Elia felt the same.


“He’s not the only one here.” Elia hissed a little bit stressed.


“I can smell it, too.” Eric answered. “We have to be carefully. Very carefully.” Eric gave a few silent orders and the pack separated into small groups. And these groups rushed at different places to look for any kind of danger.


“Why don’t the humans react?” Elia asked.


“They can’t smell it. Their sense of smell is too bad.” Eric sighed as he slowly walked to Allan and told him about what he had smelled.


“Ian?” Allan asked after Eric has told him about the other T-Rexes. As Ian has turned his head towards Allan he continued. “You aren’t the only T-Rex who lives here, aren’t you?” Ian only nodded with his huge head, before he grabbed a stick with his teeth and started two write his answer.


“Yes there are two more. Sylien and Tyr.” Ian wrote.


“Who?” Sarah wanted to know after she had read his answer.


“You remember the T-Rex female and her Baby?” Ian wrote.


“Yeah. That little guy with his broken leg. But hadn’t he two parents? What happened to the father?” Sarah asked curiously.


“His father is dead!” Kelly answered instead of Ian. “He got killed by this other Dinosaur, a few months ago.” 


“I know.” Allan said. “I was there when that happened. That was the male T-Rex?”


Kelly and Ian nodded.


“I see.” Allan sighed. “Well Ian… you never would have thought about something like this could happen when we were in this car together that stormy night on Islar Nublar.”


Ian chuckled. He remembered that night very well. The stormy weather. The two cars in front of the T-Rex paddock. The T-Rex that hunted him for a short time.

Well now it would be quite different.


Suddenly a Raptor call could be heard. Then a loud T-Rex roar, followed by two Raptors, which were rushing towards Eric. A few seconds later Sylien brake rushed around the corner of the building and into view of the others. Tyr, who staid a little bit behind his mother, followed her.

Sylien stopped when she saw the large group of three different species standing on the place in front of the lab. She was totally confused and didn’t know how to react.


“Ian? What’s going on here?” She asked confused.


“Everything is okay.” Ian said. “Just a few old friends of mine.”


“The small ones, too?” She pointed with her snout at Eric and his pack.


“Well I’m not sure.” Ian admitted, before he grabbed the stick again and started to write.

“Why are the Raptors don’t try to kill you?” Ian wrote into the sand in front of Allan.


“Well, that’s cause of Eric here.” Allan replied while he pointed at Eric. “You two have more in common, than you might think of.” He said when Ian doesn’t reply anything.


“What do you mean?” Ian wrote confused.


“Well. He was a human, too.” Allan told Ian. While Eric slowly walked at Allan’s side and chirped something, that a small box, Allan, translated a few seconds later wear around a cord around his neck.


“So you are the one, who has stolen our prey all the time.” The box translated.


“What’s this?” Ian wrote his question into the sand.


“A mobile translation computer.” Allan explained. “But it only works for Human languages and the Raptor language at the moment.”


“You were a human, too?” Ian wrote.


“Yeah! And you owe me and my pack somewhat around eight carcasses.” The box translated Eric’s answer.


“Oh yeah…sorry.” Ian wrote. “I needed the fresh meat for Kelly.”


“What? You needed a whole Parasaurolophus for one human girl?” Eric sounded really angry but the box translated it into the same monotone tone but a loud roar of Ian stopped Eric’s complaining and let him remember who was the T-Rex and who the Raptor.


“Well…” Everyone looked at Kelly. “A large part of the Parasaurolophus was for Tyr and Sylien, too.” Kelly said while Sylien and Tyr walked behind Ian.


“I would be happy if you don’t steal our prey in future.” Eric sighed.


“Promised. Now I don’t need to do so anymore.” Ian wrote into the sand.


“What? Why?” Kelly asked confused.


“Kelly, I want you to go with Allan. You should stay with humans. Not with beasts like me.” Eric wrote with a sad expression at his face.


“No!” Kelly shouted as soon as she has read this. “I’ll never leave you Dad!” 


“It’s only for your best!” Ian wrote.


“NEVER!” Kelly shouted angrily. A roar of her father was the answer before she rushed into the building and into her room.


“She’s a little bit like her mother sometimes.” Ian wrote before he produced a T-Rex sigh.


“Mom? What is she doing?” Tyr asked Sylien, what caused Ian and Sylien to look at Tyr, whose leg was touched by Sarah at several points.


“Women…” Ian sighed. “They have to touch everything.”


Meanwhile in the lab.


Kelly put a syringe she just has filled at the table in front of her. Just beneath the now empty bottle.




Chapter 3


Dramatically changes



“So how did this happen to you?” Sarah asked Ian. “Did you just fallen into a tube with DNA changing enzymes like Eric here or…”


“Medical Research!” Ian only wrote into the sand.


“What?” Sarah asked confused.


“This was the medical research Lab of InGen. It seems, that the searched for medicaments for the Dinosaurs. Well one of this changed me…we thought, that it was morphine. But it wasn’t. I don’t know what it was…Kelly knows it better she has read the scientific protocols of that research.” It took Ian long to write this down. 


While the adults were talking Tyr walked a little bit around until he saw Kelly at a window and giving him signs to come closer.


“I need your help Tyr.” She whispered when he was close enough. “Please come to the backdoor.”

The backdoor in reality was the old entrance to a greenhouse, which was destroyed when a tree felt on it.


The crown of the fallen tree normally blockades the door for everyone who wants to get inside and who wasn’t a human.

Kelly pulled the opened the door and bowed a few small branches to the side to crawl outside.

Tyr just walked around the corner when she stood up. She carried a small bag with her.

Without saying a word, she waved him to follow her.


Both went into the jungle. Not very far away of the lab. But far enough to be undisturbed.

The young T-Rex now stood in front of Kelly with the question written on his face.


“Tyr I need your help with something I have to do.” Kelly finally sighed when she started to strip the sleeve of her shirt back and held her arm in front of Tyr’s maw. “That might sound strange now…but… would you mind to bite me?”


As soon as she said this Tyr stared at her with wide-open eyes, before he started to shake his head, while he slowly backed a few steps away from her.


“Oh come on. I’m don’t asking you to do things, you can’t manage.” She said while he still shakes his head. “Under normal conditions I would be dead by now.” Now Tyr started to shake his head really fast as if he would say. “No, No, No” really fast. “Oh don’t react as if you never have killed a human! I know about Peter Ludlow. Dad told me what you have told him first.” Tyr stopped shaking his head and looked down.

“And I don’t want you to kill me. I just want you to bite into my arm!”


Tyr turned his head a little bit to the side and looked at her before he started to shake his head again.


“Is it, because my father told you, that he will kill you if you hurt me?” She asked but Tyr only continued shaking his head. “Is it, cause your mother told you not to do so?” Tyr continues. Kelly then asked several other things. But all the time Tyr just shakes his head, until…

“You don’t want to hurt me, do you?” This time Tyr nodded. “Why…I thought humans are only somewhat like snacks for your kind.” She asked.


Tyr slowly stepped towards her and rubbed his huge head carefully at her body.


“Cause you like me?” She sighed.


Tyr only nodded again.


“Okay. Listen to me. You have to bite me, cause I want to be like you.” She explained. “Do you know what this is?” Kelly asked while she pulled the filled syringe out of her pocket and shows it Tyr. “This is the same medicament, that has changed my Father into a T-Rex. But it needs T-Rex DNA to change me into a T-Rex, too.”


Now Tyr seems to understand what Kelly wanted. But still he didn’t want to hurt her.


“Please Tyr. I beg you. Now that Dad has the possibility to send me back to the civilization he will do it. But I don’t want to. I want to stay. And I only can stay here, if I am a T-Rex, too. Please do it. Do it fast if you want. But please do it.” Kelly begged.


Finally Tyr put Kelly’s arm carefully between his teeth.


“Okay… at three. One… two…” Kelly counted but before she said three she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Three…”


Kelly cried in pain as Tyr suddenly closed his maw and dug his teeth deep into her arm. Then he opened his maw as fast as he had closed it and let her arm go. Kelly saw the big and bleeding wounds at her arm. With her other hand she grabbed the syringe and injected the medicament into her arm, before she bound her arm with the bandages she had in the small bag. She did this really carefully. Not to get some blood on her clothes.

As soon as she had finished this she pulled a bottle of a strong smelling liquid out of the bag and put a few drops of it on her arm.


“Do you smell any blood?” She asked Tyr with shaking voice. Tyr bowed down and smelled at her arm. He still smelled blood. So he nodded.

Kelly sighed and opened the bottle again. And a few drops of this “perfume” later, even Tyr’s nose wasn’t able to smell Kelly’s blood on her arm anymore. Slowly she stood up.


“We should go back to the lab now.” Kelly sighed as she slowly walked back to the lab. Her father wouldn’t be very happy about this… but there’s nothing he can do now. All she has to do is to wait now.

And if she remembers right. To eat a lot. 




Chapter 4


Medical research strikes again



The next morning Kelly wasn’t able to see the wound on her arm again, but her hunger increased from day to day.

Without Tyr’s help, she wouldn’t have made it. While her father brought her still her normal rations of fresh flesh, Tyr had to bring her the rest, she needed.

But this day she felt even hungrier than before. And when Tyr arrived with small Pachycephalosaur and lifted it through a window, into he lab she started to eat even the raw meat.


“Do you like it?” Tyr asks.


“Yeah! It tastes wonderful.” She answered still chewing on a small piece of meat. But then she stopped and looked at Tyr with wide-open eyes. “Say something!”


“What shall I say?” Tyr answered.


“Don’t know.” Kelly said before she started to laugh.


“So have a nice meal.” Tyr said.


“Thank you.” Kelly answered before she started to eat again.


“So you finally realized that it tastes better when it is fresh.” Tyr laughed.


“What are you talking about?” Kelly wanted to know while she was chewing.


“Well you normally burn the flesh, before you eat it. Your father told me, that you have to do it. He called it cooking.” Tyr explained as he looked at Kelly’s face. The blood of the Parasaurolophus was smeared around her mouth.


Kelly looked at the dead Dinosaur in front of her. Then at herself. She hasn’t realized that she was eating it raw. It just felt quite natural for her. She closed her eyes. Then the smell of the blood hits her nose.

Before she could think of anything else, she tore into the dead Parasaurolophus again.

Tyr stared at her and his eyes became almost as large as millwheels when he saw how Kelly slowly started to change into a T-Rex. She slowly started to grow while her clothes started to rip and to fall to the ground. Her arms shortened and her fingers grew together until she only had he characteristic two fingers of a T-Rex. Suddenly her tail started to grow as her upper body started to lean forward.

Soon the only human thing on her body was her head and the color of her skin that soon changed to get a tone that looks more like dark green. Slowly her mouth grew outwards and joined with her nose when her head started its change into that of a T-Rex.

When she finished her change and her meal, she was as big as Tyr.


“Wow that tasted really great.” Kelly finally said. As she turned towards Tyr, she felt how the tip of her tail touched the wall behind her. She looked back and found herself totally changed.

“Oh my God!” That was all she could say, totally unbelievable. Tyr only stood there. He was unable to say something. What he has seen this day was really totally unbelievable.


“What will Dad say, if he see me now?” Kelly asked.


“I don’t want to know.” Tyr said remembering what happened when he got angry the last time. “Please don’t tell him, that I’m responsible for this.”


“Why do you think this?” Kelly wanted to know.


“Well… I have bitten you. He‘ll kill me when he’ll find out about that.” Tyr said. “But at the moment we have another problem.”


“What are you talking about?” Kelly asked.


“How to get you out of that building.” Tyr sighed.


“Oh shit!” Kelly said when her look felt on the door, which was too small for her now. “Let’s try something.” She tried to push her large body through the small opening. She hoped, that she could break parts out of the wall by force. But it doesn’t work. Then she tried it at the wall. But the only thing she managed was, that a small piece of the brick wall cracked. But the way still was blockaded. Then Tyr tried it, but he wasn’t able to do much more than Kelly.

Hard breathing the young T-Rexes stood in front of each other. Still separated by the wall.


“I think we need Dad’s help.” Kelly said hard breathing.


“We better ask my Mom.” Tyr answered. “To confront your Dad now wouldn’t be such a good idea, I think.”


“Maybe your right. Would you mind to get her here?” Kelly asked. Tyr only nodded before he turned around and rushed away.



Meanwhile at the Raptors nesting ground:



“I can’t believe it!” Eric shouted angrily. “All this time it was Dr. Ian Malcolm.” His head feathers stood almost upright.


“Keep calm. It has no use to complain about it now. And we won’t get the flesh back anyway. If we would have killed him or not. At least he’ll stop doing this now.” Elia tried to calm him down.


“I hope.” Eric sighed. “As if he isn’t large enough to get his own prey.”


“He needed it for his own child.” Elia said.


“And we for our own.” Eric said depressed.


“Somehow it’s funny…” Elia said. “He was human and you was human. And the only thing you two did, was to argue about stolen prey.”


“Maybe it is really a human thing.” Eric sighed. “Maybe the only human thing, that is left within me.” Slowly he lowered himself into his nest. “And then my parents…”


“You will see; they will make it.” Elia said optimistically.


“Are you sure? You have seen them the last time. And there they just had to eat fresh meat.” He said. “What will they do tomorrow? When they shall try to hunt themselves? Where are they anyway?”


“Kiri shows them other tactics.” Elia answered. “At least you don’t need to worry about, that they might be eaten by a T-Rex.”


“Yeah. At least one good thing. But what’s with this other beast?” Eric argued.


“I know what you mean.” Elia looked down, while old memories broke free in her mind.


“I’m sorry about what happened to your first mate.” Eric finally said when he realized, what went on in Elia’s mind.


“It wasn’t your fault.” She sighed. “I think, that it was destiny. And maybe it is destiny, that you and your parents and this Ian are here, too.”


“Maybe…” Eric only said, looking up into the sky.



Chapter 5


Bad, Bad Wall



“MOM!” Tyr shouted as he finally has found his mother.


“Tyr? Is something wrong?” Sylien looked at her son.


“Kelly needs help. She’s stuck inside the building and can’t get out.” Tyr explained.


“That’s typical. This weak pet of Ian…” Tyr interrupted her.


“Daughter…She… Is… Ian’s… Daughter.” Tyr said while he emphasized each single word.


“Tyr… That is insane. It is totally impossible that Kelly is his daughter. He is one of our kind and she is… well… food. Even when I’ve told Ian otherwise… I believed it myself a little bit. But if you think about it… well it’s impossible.” She said. “Ian is a great mate…but he has this strange idea, that he was a human and that Kelly is his daughter.”


“I know what I have seen.” Tyr only replied.


“Huh?” Sylien was totally confused.


“Kelly is Ian’s daughter. Now even more than before. And she needs your help now. Mom.” Tyr explained.


“Why can’t Ian free Kelly?” She asked.


“Mom, please.” Tyr stepped towards her and pushed his mother a little bit with his head. 


“Okay, okay. Let’s free Kelly.” She said annoyed, while she slowly started to walk into the direction of the lab.


A few minutes later they arrived in front of the window.


“Kelly, are you still there?” Tyr asked.


“Where else? I can’t get out here.” Sylien heard Kelly’s voice but something was different. Slowly she walked to the window and looked through it.

What Sylien saw, made her gasp. Inside of the room stood a young T-Rex. Almost as large as Tyr, with shattered clothes on its back. 


“Hi Sylien. Can you help me to get out of here?” Kelly asked.


“I…oh…ahm…ehh…oh… my…KELLY?” Tyr’s mother stammered.


“Yeah. So what do you think?” Kelly asked.


“Impossible.” Sylien gasped unbelievable.


“The same I thought when I saw my Dad change.” Kelly answered.


“I told you, that it was true, Mom.” Tyr said while his mother just stared at Kelly. “Mom?”


“Huh?” Sylien asked. “I have played with the food.” Her voice sounds as if she was far away with her thoughts.


“Is something wrong with her?” Kelly asked Tyr.


“Don’t know. The only time I saw her that paralyzed, was when my father was killed.” Tyr answered.


“I think we have shocked her too much.” Kelly sighed.


“No, no… we have just broken an illusion.” Tyr replied almost laughing. Then he bumped his mother’s side with his head. “Mom? Would you mind to get a hole into this wall?”


“What? Yes.” Slowly she moved forward and pushed with her head against the wall. Small pieces of the wall broke together, but the hole still wasn’t big enough for Kelly, so Sylien continued until it was big enough.

Kelly just wanted to step through it, when she heard her father’s voice.


“Sylien! What the hell are you doing?” Ian roared angrily when he saw Tyr and his mother in front of the big hole in the wall.


But then Kelly shoved her head through the hole and looked at him.


“Hi Dad.” She said smiling.


Ian only stared at her for a moment, before he passed out and felt to the ground.


“Ouch! That might have hurt.” Tyr said.


“I think, that this was far too much for him.” Kelly said.


A few minutes later Ian slowly woke up again. But his eyes still were closed.


“Please tell me, that this was just a bad dream or a hallucination.” He groaned.


“Nope.” Kelly said standing in front of him, when he slowly opened his eyes.


“Are you totally insane?” He said while he slowly stood up. “Why the hell… I thought, that I have destroyed the last bottle.” He growled.


“No there is still a full box under my… well…ex bed.” She said. “Aren’t you happy.”


“I would have bound you at your bed.” Ian said.


“With those arms?” Kelly giggled.


“Who is sitting in a greenhouse shouldn’t throw stones!” Ian replied.


Kelly looked down and remembered, that she now has the same short arms with the two fingers.


“Well…” Kelly smirked.


“They are completely useless.” Ian said. “You will see.”


Instead of answering, Kelly just stepped forward and rubbed her head at her father’s side.

Ian only sighed before he bent his head down and started to nuzzle her.


“And tomorrow we will go hunting all together.” Tyr said.


“Yeah. Kelly has much to learn.” Ian agreed.


“Oh no, don’t tell me that there exists some kind of school for T-Rexes, too.” Kelly moaned.


“That you should have considered before you have changed yourself… you want something to eat… you’ll have to learn how to hunt.” Ian said.

Kelly just starred annoyed at her father.


“By the way…” Ian suddenly asked totally calm. “Who the hell has dared to bite her?”


Hearing this, Tyr tried to get as close as possible at his mother and looked worried to Ian. But Ian only nodded into Tyr’s direction before he continued.

And somehow everything seemed to be right, for the first time since a very long time.





Chapter 6


Just do It!



The next morning near the nesting ground of the Raptors.


„Mom, Dad!“ Eric shouted and at once, his parents were standing in front of him. “Okay. Today, you two have to show us, what you have learned the last few days.”

Hearing this his mother became white as a wall.


“You mean we have to kill?” Amanda gasped.


“Only if you want to survive.” Eric answered. ”Don’t worry Mom. You’ll see it is quite naturally for you now.”


“But all that blood… and that jumping… that will ruin my claws.” She started to argue.


“Darling, we are animals now.” Paul said. “Sort of…”


“Hey!” Elia shouted.


“Shouldn’t be an offense.” Paul tried to calm Elia down. But what he earned were only angry views.


“Mom! At first it was the food and now you don’t even want to hunt! You know what will happen, if you don’t hunt, do you?” Eric asked. His mother looked down.


“I think so.” She finally sighed. “But I couldn’t even kill a spider myself. When I was human.”


“You will make it. You will see.” Eric said while the whole pack headed for the hunting grounds.



Meanwhile near the T-Rex nesting grounds.


“Are you ready?” Ian asked.


“I think so.” Kelly mumbled. “But what if I fail?”


“Oh you will…normally it takes me ten tries to get something.” Ian said.


“Thanks Dad.” Kelly said, looking at her father. “So where do we get something to hunt?”


“We will see.” Ian said as he slowly headed for the jungle.






Paul and Amanda were standing behind some bushes. On the other side grazed a few Gallimimus quite peacefully.


“Okay.” Paul whispered. “We just have to get one of this group. Please just do it and don’t think about it!”


“I’ll try it!” Amanda whispered back.


“So I’ll try to get on the other side of the Gallimimus group, now. We have to separate one of the herd.” Paul said. Amanda only nodded before Paul started to get to a new position unseen.

And managed it.

Eric stood at the same small hill, Elia stood when he had his first hunt. But now he watched his parents. 


“Okay.” Amanda whispered to herself. “Kiri said. Wait until the right moment. But when is the right moment?”


A Gallimimus walked just in front of her position and started to rip a few leaves of a bush next to the one, she was behind.



Meanwhile not far away.



Ian sniffed the air.


“What do you smell?” He asked Kelly.


“Something that smells really good… Really close.” She answered after she had sniffed the air, too. Her father only nodded and started to walk into that direction. Carefully not to make too much noise.


Slowly the two walked until the stood in front of a clearing. A Gallimimus herd grazed on it.


“Okay…Kelly are you ready?” Kelly only nodded. “Good…we attack at three…One…”





“Two…Three…NOW” Paul shouted as he jumped out of the bushes while Amanda did the same on the other side of the clearing.

She jumped on the back of the Gallimimus next to her.




Ian just wanted to say three, when he heard the Raptor scream. And then he saw how two Raptors attacked the herd. And managed it to get one Gallimimus down.

The rest of the herd rushed in Panic in their direction.

“That’s even better than planned.” He said. “Kelly! NOW!” He shouted.


Both Rexes broke through the last line of trees.

The Gallimimus herd stopped totally shocked as the spotted the two roaring T-Rexes just in front of them.

The shock was that much, that the whole herd was paralyzed for a few seconds. But it was enough time for Kelly and her Dad to get two Gallimimus, before the others managed to get away from them. Both simply ripped them apart and started to swallow their Gallimimus before they found themselves standing in front of the whole Raptor Pack.

For a short moment both groups were staring at each other, before Kelly and Ian walked back home and the Raptor Pack started to eat.


“That was strange.” Elia sighed after a while. “It was almost as if we have hunted together.”


“At least we could keep this time our prey. By the way. Mom! Dad! Good work!” Eric said.


“So we are…in?” Amanda asked.


“Yeah.” Eric laughed. He was happy about the fact that his parents are able to hunt now, too. That will make things much easier for him.





“Wow that was fun, Dad.” Kelly laughed while the blood of the Gallimimus started to dry around her maw.


“It isn’t that much fun all the time. Sometimes it’s even dangerous for us.” Ian sighed.


“What do you mean?” Kelly wants to know.


“You know that some Dinosaurs are very well protected and even armed with their natural weapons against our attacks, do you?” Ian asked.


“You mean like a Triceratops?” Kelly answered.


“Yeah. They are really dangerous.” He sighed.


Kelly was quiet then, until they were at their nests. She had to think of many things at the moment.



Chapter 7


Live your life



The next morning Sarah arrived for a short visit. She was really shocked when she got the information, that Kelly now was a T-Rex, too.


“I can’t believe it! Kelly? Why?” Sarah asked.


“Why not?” Kelly answered but Sarah only understood some low growling sounds.


“I can’t understand you!” Sarah answered annoyed. “Just great. The only person I could ask about the social life of T-Rexes and now I can’t understand her because she became a T-Rex, too.”

Then a Roar in the distance could be heard and a few minutes later Ian walked out of the bushes. And a few seconds later Sylien with Tyr. Sylien carried a few twigs and leafs in her maw and dropped it in the middle of her nest. Then she turned around and vanished into the jungle again.


“What’s going on here?” Sarah wanted to know.


“She’ll have offspring, soon.” Ian wrote into the sand.


“Congratulations!” Sarah shouted when Sylien came out of the jungle with other twigs and leafs in her mouth. “Who is the father?”


Slowly Sylien walked to Ian and rubbed her head against his head. Sarah’s eyes became as large as plates when she saw that.


“Ian?” She asked with a shaking voice. Sylien nodded while Ian tried not to look in Sarah’s eyes. “B-But I thought that you love me?” Sarah stammered.


“Look at me.” Ian wrote into the sand. ”What do you see?”


“I know that you aren’t a human anymore!” She sighed. “When did it happen?”


“A few weeks ago.” Ian wrote. “It was more instinct than my own free will.”


“So? What happened?” Sarah asked.


The next few hours Ian had his punishment. He had to write down everything what had happened while Sarah were asking question about question about the life of a T-Rex.





Ten Months later.


Kelly walked through the jungle. Her maw was covered in blood. She was fully grown up now and almost as large as her father. Slowly she walked at the place in front of the old Lab and yawned.


“Hello big sister.” She was greeted by two small Rexes, which were standing in the nest of Sylien and Ian.


“Hi you two.” She said before she walked to her nest and lay down. She was a little bit tired and pissed off from the hunt and still hungry. She hunted this herd for almost three hours and all she got was one Gallimimus. And she had a strange feeling the whole day. A feeling she never had before. When she asked Sylien about it she only earned a strange, well knowing smile.

She sighed.


“Kelly!” She heard Tyr’s voice out of the nearest trees.


“What do you want?” She shouted back.


“Would you mind to come to me, please?” She saw his head between the trees.


“Why?”  She asked annoyed.


“Just come, please.” She saw how his head disappeared between the trees again.


Slowly Kelly stood up and walked towards where she saw Tyr the last time. But he wasn’t there anymore.


“Tyr. I’m not in the mood for a game!” She shouted.


“It isn’t a game!” She heard his voice again. “I have to ask you something.”


“You can ask me at my nest. I’m tired.” She said while she turned around.


“Oh come on!” She heard Tyr’s pleading.


“But if it isn’t important…” Kelly said.


“Believe me it is important.” Tyr interrupted her.


Kelly sighed and turned around again. A few meters away she found Tyr. In the last ten months he has grown to an impressing size. He was even larger than Ian. And if you can believe Sylien, he looks just like his father. He was towering over a dead Triceratops.


“Well I want to ask you, if you… if you want to… well this is for you.” He said before Kelly could say anything and pushed the carcass in front of Kelly with his snout. Kelly was speechless. All she knows from her father, Tyr wanted to ask her if she want to become his mate. And he has killed a Triceratops for her. Their horns were really dangerous. Even for a T-Rex. Even her father doesn’t dare to attack them and now there lies this dead Triceratops just in front of her.


“What I want to say is…” Tyr stopped in the middle of the sentence and looked down.


“You want me to become your mate?” Kelly asked him.  

Tyr nodded and still looked down. She slowly walked close to him and nuzzled him before she started to rub her head against his head.


“Does this means Yes?” Tyr asked while he slowly looked up.


“Yes.” Kelly said before she ripped a large piece out of the carcass and swallowed it while Tyr stood up and sent a victorious Roar over the isle. And suddenly Kelly knew what was wrong with her in the last time.


“So what do you want to do now?” Kelly asked.


“Do you know that you smell really great?” Tyr asked.


“If you say so.” Kelly smirked. Slowly she walked towards Tyr and rubbed her body at him.


A few minutes later Ian heard in the distance the Roar of his daughter and Sylien of her son and both knew what this moment just has happened.



Chapter 8





The last few months were quite normal for the Raptors and it seemed that nothing would change again. But this day something was special.

This day the Pack had to kill two Dinosaurs to satisfy the hunger of the whole pack. And they weren’t small prey. One Parasaurolophus and a young Triceratops bull. After this hunt Eric lays in his nest and thought about this problem.


“We have a problem.” Elia said while she slowly approached form behind.


“I know.” Eric sighed. “The pack became too large. Far too large.”


“We need to send some of the younger Raptors away to establish their own packs and hunting grounds.” Elia said totally calm.


“I think you are right. But where? On this isle isn’t much place where they can go. They whole isle has only enough place for three… maybe four packs and then? I mean…even our first-born children are parents now. And four packs mean an even larger output of young Raptors. We’ll soon overpopulate this isle. And then…” Eric said with a sad tone in his voice.


“What do you mean with overpopulate?” Elia asked.


“Well if we become too many Raptors on this Isle, there wouldn’t be enough food for all of us.” Eric explained.


“Oh…I see. But what can we do?” Elia asked a little bit shocked.


“Don’t know.” Eric sighed. “Maybe I should talk with Allan about this problem.”


“Or we might simply crush our eggs…again.” Elia sighed while Eric’s eyes became as large as possible.


“What?” He gasped.


“My mother told me, that they have done this to prevent that the pack became too large in past.” Elia said.


“But to kill our own children?” Eric looked at Elia.


“They would die anyway if there isn’t enough food for all Raptors.” Elia said totally calm.


“There have to be other solutions than that.” Eric sighed.


“But if there aren’t other ways we have to do it.” Elia said. “Don’t think, that I like the idea. But it has to be done if the pack is in danger.”


“I’ll talk with Allan first… maybe he has an idea.” With these words he rushed off into the direction where the buildings were.



A few minutes later Eric entered the main building.


He slowly walked into the lab and shouted a Raptor’s call into the room.


“Hello Eric! Come in!” He heard Allan’s voice out of the other side of the lab.


Slowly he entered the lab and walked towards the spot where Allan’s voice came from.


“Damn…I hate Computers…” Eric heard Allan’s curses. Allan sat at a monitor and tried to type some dates into the Computer, while the machine send him one error message after an other.

“Hi Eric.” Allan said as he turned around and activated the translator.


“We have a problem.” The small box translated.


“What do you mean?” Allan wanted to know.


“The danger of an overpopulation.” Eric said. “The pack became too big and we have to split it into two packs.”


“I don’t see the problem with two packs. I mean you raised them and told them not to hunt humans.” Allan said. He wanted to say more but Eric interrupted him.


“It’s not that. What I mean is that this Isle never could feed more than… Let’s say three packs with not more than twenty Raptors, without causing a danger for the population of the herbivores.” Eric explained.


“I see. You are afraid of the fact that too many Raptors would kill their own life base. And now you want to know what could be done to prevent this.” Allan answered.


“Elia said, that we should kill our own children if something like that might happen. But it still seemed wrong for me. Even if it would be the best for the pack.” Eric sighed and again the small box translated every single word. A long silence followed before Allan gave his answer.


“Well it would be a quite normal reaction. Some pack-living carnivores kill their children if there isn’t enough food to raise them. But I know what you mean… maybe we can send some Raptors to Islar Nublar.” Allan said. “I have to ask John Hammond about this.”


“Why? There aren’t any humans, as far as I know.” Eric said while his head feathers stood almost upright.


“Yeah, but fences and other automatically security systems…and we need to know if there are still other Dinosaurs alive. At least you don’t want your children to starve.” Allan explained.


“Okay. When do you think you can ask him?” Eric wanted to know.


“I could send a call right now. Or we could wait a few days and ask him personally.” Allan said while Eric laid his head aside and looked at Allan with the question written into his face.   

“He wants to visit the Isle in a few days... The official version is that he wants to see if everything is okay here. But how I know John, he wants to see the Dinosaurs around the base.”


“John Hammond wants to visit this Isle?” Eric asked and Allan nodded. “I can’t believe it. I mean he is the one who has built the park and these labs on this Isle. Without him I would be still a human boy. My parents, Ian, Kelly… They all still would be humans without him.”


“Don’t blame him for everything what has happened here.” Allan wanted to calm Eric down. “It isn’t all his fault. And…


“I have to thank him for this...” Eric interrupted Allan.


“What?” Allan asked totally surprised. “I expected that you wanted to kill him for this.”


“It was the best thing that has happened to me. Without him I never would have met Elia. She not even might ever have existed without him… And it isn’t that bad to be a Dinosaur and I think, that Ian maybe is the same conviction.” Eric said.


“Oh yeah…Ian… I hope you are right with that.” He said. ”I really hope that.”



Chapter 9


The Visitor



A few days later.


The Helicopter just landed when John Hammond stepped out of it, supported through his walking stick. He looked good for his age and smiled all over his face when he saw Allan.


“Good day Allan.” He said.


“Hello John. Welcome at Side B.” Allan laughed while he shakes the old man’s hand. “How are you John?”


“Fine, fine, can’t be better.” John Hammond answered.


“Let’s go inside. I have to introduce you to someone.” Allan said while he turned around and went down the stairs. John followed Allan into the building and right into the Lab.

“Eric!” Allan shouted but he doesn’t have an answer, neither a Raptor call nor the voice of the translator. “ERIC!” He shouted again. “Damn where is he. He was here before I went to the helipad. ERIC!”


Eric just came out of that door he rushed through a few years ago. He saw the two men standing there, shouting his name into the lab. He decided to make a fun out of it and walked just between the two men without making any sound. Then he stopped and produced a loud Raptor scream.

Totally shocked the Allan and John turned around.


“ERIC!” Allan yelled angrily. “It’s okay John. That’s Eric he wont hurt us.” He said when he saw John standing there, white as a wall and shivering at the whole body.


“My heart!” The old man said out of breath.


“Is everything okay?” Allan asked.


“Yeah. But the Doctor said that I might not get too excited… an idiot. But I don’t get younger.” John said. “Everything is okay. Let me guess… this is Eric?”


“Yes… wait a minute.” Allan rushed into the lab and came back with the translator in his hands.  He switched it on.


“Eric. Would you mind to say something, when you already have shocked us almost to death?” Allan said.


“Good day Mr. Hammond. Nice to meet you… Sorry for that bad joke.” Eric said.


“Awesome.” John said. “Isn’t he dangerous?”

“Only for other Dinosaurs.” Eric answered the question instead of Allan.


“He is the boy who has been changed.” Allan explained.


“Oh…I see. I’m sorry for what has happened to you and the others who got changed, too.” John said. “It was never expected, that something like that might happen.”     


“Never mind. I like it to be a Raptor.” Eric wanted to say more but suddenly the door had been pushed open and Elia walked into the room and stopped at Eric’s side.


“Hello Elia.” Allan greeted her. She only answered it with a short nodding.


“And who is that?” John wanted to know.


“That’s Elia. She is Eric’s wife. She was born on this island.” Allan explained.


“And you think, that it is save to let the wild Raptors have free access to this building?” John said.


“Well since Eric became the pack leader, we only counted one human, that died through a Raptor attack.” Eric became very uncomfortable when he heard that.


“Who is this man?” Elia wanted to know and pointed with her snout just at John.


“That’s John Hammond.” Eric said.


“Who?” Elia asked again.


“John Hammond. The man who build the Jurassic Park. Without him Dinosaurs never would have been brought back to life again. With other words… you and I wouldn’t be here without him.” Eric explained.


“Oh.” Elia said totally surprised. “But… I don’t understand…”


“You remember all the large machines which were standing here in this Lab in the past?” Eric asked and Elia nodded. “All these machines served one purpose. To clone Dinosaurs. To bring them back. Maybe your grandmother. Or another one of your ancestors, hatched in this Lab.” Eric told Elia. “And this Lab was build by InGen. And InGen belonged to John Hammond.”


“I think I understand this now… but why? Why has he… cloned my… Grandparents?” Elia asked Eric.


“I had a dream…and for money!” Both Raptors looked at John Hammond who has spoken this answer. Both now realized, that this small box has translated each single word they have spoken.


“Damn.” Eric shouted. Both humans were shocked about this very dangerous sounding and loud call of Eric…until the translator has done its work again. 



The same time at the other Lab.



Tyr and Kelly lay in the nest, they’ve built a few days ago. They just were back from their hunt. Better said, they were very lucky, that they stumbled over the carcass of a Brachiosaur in the grass area. It was an old one and as far as they could say, it died cause of a serious wound at his side. But they didn’t know at first, what might have caused this wound. Not until they found a damaged part of a fence after they where totally stuffed with meat, where a broken piece of iron was totally covered in blood. It seemed, that the old Brachiosaur walked just through it and got very badly injured.


“That was great.” Kelly sighed. “I’m still totally full.”


“Me, too…me, too.” Tyr answered.


“What want we do now?” Kelly asked.


“Don’t know… Maybe we just keep laying here and digest what we have eaten.” Tyr said.


“Good idea.” Kelly yawned.


And for a few hours the T-Rex couple did so.

Until a loud roar in the closer distance wakes them again.


A roar that hasn’t escaped a T-Rex throat.



Chapter 10


A Bad Visitor



The first Roar was followed by two T-Rex Roars and Kelly and Tyr recognized them as Ian’s and Sylien’s Roars.

As soon as they could, both were on their way towards the position were the Roars came from.

What they saw, when they broke through the bushes, made their breaths stop. Sylien stood behind Ian, shivering at her whole huge body. She was really shocked. Both were standing at the edge of a cliff.

Ian had several wounds all over his body and in front of him stood the Spinosaur. Its maw was covered in blood. Ian’s blood. And it just attacked again. Ian tried an attack, too. But his maw was much shorter than that of the Spinosaur and before he was able to injure the Spinosaur, he got a new wound on his left side. Ian roared in pain. 

The Spinosaur walked a few steps backward to get out of Ian’s range and to prepare his next attack.

Just when he wanted to attack Ian again Kelly and Tyr attacked out of the bushes.

While Kelly dug her teeth deep into the Spinosaur’s right leg, Tyr went for its throat. But before Tyr was able to bite into it, the Spinosaur moved his head out of the way and Tyr only got air between his teeth. As soon as Tyr’s ambush stopped, the Spinosaur’s counterattack followed. In a well-known manner he grabbed Tyr’s neck with his maw and wanted to break Tyr’s neck.

Seeing this, Kelly suddenly moved her head to the side and ripped a large piece of flesh out of the Spinosaur’s leg.

The Spinosaur roared in pain and let Tyr’s neck loose. And Tyr used this to get a hold on the Spinosaur’s throat. The Spinosaur struggled and fell to the ground. Tyr wasn’t prepared for this and was pulled at the ground, too.

A loud cracking sound could be heard when both hit the ground and now Tyr roared in pain.

The sound of Tyr’s painful roar awakes Sylien out of her paralyzed condition. 

She saw Tyr laying there with a broken leg and memories started to pass her mind. Pictures of the past passed her inner eye, showing pictures of the tiny T-Rex when Sarah Harding carried him out of the trailer.

The Spinosaur tried to stand up again when Sylien’s attack sent him at the ground again but that wasn’t enough now.

She started to shove him into the direction of the cliff. The Spinosaur roared in fear but Sylien wasn’t able to hear it. All what she saw was a threat for one of her children. A threat, that has to be eliminated somehow.

In a blink of an eye, the Spinosaur went over the cliff.

A few seconds you only could hear the roar of the Spinosaur, but then a sound that the T-Rexes haven’t expected. The sound of shattering glass.


When Sylien looked over the edge, she saw only a cloud of dust, which emerged of the broken glass ceiling of another building that stood there at the foot of the cliff. It was totally silent then.


“Typical my mother from zero to one hundred in only two seconds.” Tyr broke the silence. But when he tried to stand up again, he roared in pain, again. His leg definitely was broken.


“I think we better get Sarah here.” Ian said. When he finished his sentence, he started to cough a few times. It was a strange sound.


“That’s a good idea, Dad, and when she is here, she can sew some of your wounds, too.” Kelly said as she slowly turned around. “I’ll tell her what happened.” She said when she rushed into the jungle.

Almost an hour passed without that anything happened. The only thing was that Ian now lies next to Tyr at the ground and that Sylien now and then looked over the edge of the cliff. But every time she only saw the same picture. A large hole in a glass ceiling. Nothing more. It was too dark down there. It was even difficulty to say, that this ceiling was made out of glass, cause it was totally overgrown by plants. Somewhere down there she hoped, lays the dead body of the Spinosaur.

The sound of cracking wood let her turn around just to see Kelly how she walked out of the jungle.

A few seconds later the sound of a motor could be heard and a few more seconds later a Jeep stopped near the T-Rexes and Sarah jumped out of it, followed by two men, which were in that jeep, too. But then another Jeep arrived, with Allan and a man, Sylien never has seen before.

Sarah gasped when she saw Ian’s wounds. She started to sew some of them at once. And bandaged them in the end.


“I’ll hope that will be enough for you Ian.” She said. “And what’s with Tyr?”


“He broke his leg while he fought the Spinosaur.” Kelly wrote into the sand.


“He broke his leg? Again?” She took a look at Tyr’s leg. “Damn. It really is broken again. I don’t believe that chewing gum might work this time.” She said. “At least I can take a look at the broken leg now and then, yet.”


The small team started to prepare Tyr’s leg. In the end they constructed a splint for his broken leg, which might allow him at least to walk again. The problem only was, how to get it on his leg.


“That was much easier when he was a baby.” Sarah moaned. “Let’s try this. Tyr… you have to try to stand up and Kelly you’ll have to support him with that.


Several tries and painful roars later Tyr stood again on his legs, supported by Kelly. Now the humans were able to attach the splint.


“I’ll hope that this will work.” Sarah said when they finished their work. “And Tyr! Don’t try to put your full weight at your leg. Do you understand me?” She asked. Tyr only nodded when he started to hobble away.

“Don’t worry Kelly.” Sarah said. “He will be okay in a few weeks again.”


All the time Allan stood at the edge of the cliff and looked down.


“We have to go down there!” He finally commanded.  



Chapter 11


What the Hell



All the time John only stood there and watched what Sarah and the workers had done.  But now he walked towards Ian, who still lies at the ground.


“Is this who I think it is?” John asked Allan.


“Yes he is.” Allan answered.


“Sorry for the trouble I’ve brought you in…Ian.” He said.


“Hi John.” Ian growled. But John wasn’t able to understand it.


“Whatever. I want to apologize for what has happened to you. Something like this was never intended to happen.” John said.


“It’s okay John.” Ian grumbled.


“But… you know that it could have ended even worse…” John continued his speech as if Ian nothing has said. Well… He couldn’t understand it anyway. “You could have been killed.”


“That would have been far better than this.” Ian sighed.


“But it has a good side, too. When we heard, that this other Dinosaur killed the other male T-Rex, you were here to fill the gap and to save the species, before it slipped back into extinction.

Live always finds a way. How you told me once. Isn’t this great?” John smiled all over his face.


“John…if my body wouldn’t hurt that much at the moment, I would kill you at once. But at the moment even breathing hurts like hell…and…why the hell am I talking to you? You can’t even understand a single word from what I’ve said.” Ian growled totally tired.


“What did he say?” John asked Allan.


“Don’t know. We weren’t able to translate the language of the T-Rexes yet.” Allan answered.    


“Oh I see.” John said. “Well…I hope that you’ll accept my apologize.” He slightly patted Ian’s side.


“Of course John.” With these last growls he stood up again and headed for his nest.


Just when he entered the jungle, Kelly came out of it again.


“Where are you going, Dad?” She asked.


“Home… Am really tired.” Ian said.


“Okay. Good night.” Kelly answered and got only a nod, before Ian walked away.


“Oh Kelly… Good that you came back.” Allan said. “We want to take a look at this building down there and until we know what has happened to the Spinosaur… well… we could need a little bit help.”


Kelly had not a good feeling about this in her large stomach, but in the end she nodded. 


“Ok then…Let’s go before it gets dark!” Allan commanded.


The group started to search their way down. In front of the group walked Kelly. As huge as she was, she was just made for making a path through the jungle, only by stomping through it.

She only hoped that the Spinosaur really was dead. At least this would be normal after a fall of this cliff.


It took them almost two hours before they reached the abandoned building. Or shall I say buildings? They walked into a base, which was almost that large as the main base but it was almost totally covered by a thick layer of plants growing over the concrete and steel constructions. The main building was the only building that could be seen from above, cause the rest were covered by a line of large trees and it was totally overgrown by plants, too. But now dusk covered much of the plants. The tree crowns dimmed the light, what created an almost spooky atmosphere. Almost every window was broken and the entrance door leis a few meter away from its original place. The ground was soaked with water and each of Kelly’s foot impressions filled them with water as soon as she lifted her feet of the ground.

Kelly deep inhaled the scents, which were surrounding her.

Mud, the jungle, water, mold, blood and humans, but she wasn’t able to detect the smell of the Spinosaur.

Unbelievable she smelled again but only could detect a small trace of it, leading inside the building. Almost as if it hasn’t been here for a very log time and wasn’t lying somewhere in there, hopefully dead.

It has to be in there! The walls were still intact. Except for the windows. But the Spinosaur wouldn’t fit through them anyway. Just like Kelly.  


“You don’t really want that we go inside there, do you?” One of the men, who arrived together with Sarah, asked.


“We have to!” Allan said.


“Why? If it is dead everyone will be happy and if not… no one fell of such a cliff without serious injuries. It will die anyway.” The man replied.


“I want to see that it is dead with my own eyes.” Allan shouted. “Only then! We can really start with our work here. Only then we can send out teams of scientists to study the Dinosaurs without any kind of danger. And until we haven’t seen it we don’t went back to the Lab! By the way… John?”


“Yes Allan?” John Hammond asked.


“What was this building?” Allan asked.


“If I am right, it was the Cloning Laboratory two. Laboratory One was the base where we have started from.” John replied.


“Why did you’ve needed two labs?” Allan wanted to know.


“Lab one was for the smaller species, like Raptors or Gallimimus for example. In Lab two we created the larger species. T-Rex, Brachiosaur…” John explained.


“Spinosaur.” Allan interrupted him. “By the way. Why does this Dinosaur never have appeared at your lists? I’ve never seen it on them.”


“When the Hurricane destroyed the Labs here, our scientists worked on some new… attractions… they should have been brought into the Park short after the opening… that there would have been every time something new.” John explained with a sad tone in his voice. “The Spinosaur should have been a main attraction. It was Top Secret and at the time when the Storm destroyed the Lab, there only existed only one egg, that hasn’t hatched until that time. We thought, that it wasn’t survivable out of many factors. So we never mentioned it.”


“I see.” Allan said with a nod. “Let’s go inside.


The small group of humans walked towards the entrance that looked with all that plants growing on it, more like a cave entrance than the entrance to a Lab, which is stuffed with High Tec. 

Only Kelly, John and a man who carried a small Radio device with him, stayed outside.


They even had to switch their flashlights on as the walked inside.

The floor was covered with leafs and twigs and now and then water dropped off the ceiling.


“Nice.” One man said. “Reminds me somehow of the other Lab before we brought it back online.”


Some other men laughed until Allan told them to be quiet again. The whole air smelled after molding leafs.

They discovered the entrance to the Lab first after they’ve seen a small spot of light between some tendrils and ripped them off the wall.

The door almost felt out of her door hinge.


Light felt through the large hole in the glass ceiling and illuminates a heap of smashed machines and broken glass, while the rest of the Lab seemed still intact. But where was the body of the Spinosaur?


“Damn where is this thing? It can’t have got out of here! There is no hole in the walls and the gate there is closed.” One man with a rifle said, pointing at a huge gate at the end of the lab.


The group walked towards the gate, passing large glass tubes, Computers and hatching chambers.

The gate was a solid metal construction. Really rusty but solid. And it doesn’t look like as if it has been opened and closed in the last time.


“That can’t be.” Allan whispered to himself. “Where is it?”


Slowly the group made the way towards the point where the Spinosaur has been crashed through the ceiling.

They had to surround some large equipment first before they were able to see the point.


What they saw made their eyes went wide.


“What the…” One man said.


“That can’t be!” Another replied.


Kelly, John and the man with the radio device saw how one of the men rushed out of the building as fast as he could.


“CALL A HELICOPTER! WE NEED A MEDIC!” The man shouted and the man with the radio device called for it.



Chapter 12


I remember you



A few days later at the medical station of the main Lab.

A young blonde woman slowly woke up and looked around.


“Where…Where am I?” She was really confused to find herself in a closed room. She looked at the bed. “This isn’t my nest… but it is sooo soft. I think I’ll make this my new nest. At least it is big enough that I fit in.” She stretched herself, but her body acted strange. “What the…?”

She looked at her hand.



A few seconds later and on the other side of the base.



“What the hell was that?” Billy asked.


“Sounded like a scream. I think she is awake now.” Allan said.


“I think, that this scream confirms our fears.” Billy said while he went back to his work.


“I wouldn’t call it fears, Billy.” Allan answered. 


A few minutes later, Allan walked into the medical center.


“Hello.” He greeted a man behind a desk.


“Oh good day Dr. Grant.” The man replied after he’d looked up.


“How is our guest doing?” Allan asked.


“So far so good. But I think, that she might be unconscious again.” The Doctor answered.


“I’ve heard it. Do you mind, if I wait in her room until she wakes up again?” Allan asked. The Doctor only pointed at a door to his left.


“She is okay and can get visitors, as far as I can say.” The Doctor only said.


Allan only nodded and walked into the room and sat down on a chair.

It was unbelievable. But it was the only logical explanation.

This young woman there had to be the Spinosaur. Or at least the human version of it.

Almost ten minutes passed before she opened her eyes again.


“Ah finally, your awake.” Allan said. “I’m Dr. Allan Grant, but I believe, that you know me already.”


The young woman only stared at him at first and then at her hands again, before she started to cry.


“W…What has you done to me? Why have you changed me into prey?” She sobbed.


“At first you aren’t prey. You are a human now.” Allan explained. “And we did nothing to you. We found you like this after you’ve crashed through the ceiling of that building.” 

She shivered for a short moment after the memories of her fall from the cliff came back to her.


“I thought that I would die.” She sobbed. “I wasn’t prepared for it… than when I broke through the ceiling… the glass…the cuts…the pain.” She broke into a full cry again.


“Everything will be okay.” Allan tried to calm her down. “What’s your name?”


“I…I have none. N…No one ever gave me one...never needed one.” She sobbed.


“But now you’ll need one.” Allan said.


“Why?” She asked, while she only sobbed a little bit.


“You are a human now… so you need a name.” Allan explained. A long silence started after this sentence, only disturbed by some sobs of the former Spinosaur. 

“How would be Spina?” Allan finally asked.


“Sounds good. Any name would be good.” She started to sob harder again. “ I don’t care for a name… I want my body back!” She started to cry again.


“Okay. Spina then.” Allan sighed. “Do you want to eat something?”


“Yes.” She sobbed. “If you have same of the small ones? The really small ones. They taste the best.”


“You mean the Compies. I’m sorry…we don’t have any of them here. But we have other meat here.” He said. “You want any?” She only nodded for an answer. “Here…let me help you up.” Allan said while he helped her on her legs.

Her first steps were clumsy and without Allan she would have fallen to the ground, cause she instinctively leaned forward when she tried to walk on her own, but without the counterbalance of her tail, this couldn’t work. So Allan told her how she had to balance and after some clumsy steps she started to walk really good.

A few minutes later they arrived in the kitchen and a few minutes later in front of Spina stood a well-done steak.


“What have you done with the meat?” She looked at Allan wit big eyes.


“I’ve cooked it.” Allan said. “So you can eat it.” He saw that she doesn’t like the idea. “Just try it.” He said.


Spina wanted to grab the steak with her hands and almost burned her fingers.


“I can’t even grab it without my claws.” She started to sob again.


“You’ll have to use this.” Allan then showed her how she had to use a knife and a fork.


“It’s good.” She said after a while, chewing on a piece of the steak. “Why are you helping me?”


“Shouldn’t I?” Allan asked.


“Damn! I hunted you!” She shouted, before she calmed down again. Now her voice had a sad tone in it. “I remember you.”


“Yeah?” Allan asked.


“You, the woman and these other two males… I attacked you three times and every time you got away.” Spina shakes her head. “The smartest prey I ever had.”


“I accept this as a compliment.” Allan said.


“I would have killed you that day if I could have managed it.” She said. “And now I’m eating a burned piece of flesh just in front of you.” Her eyes were filling with tears again.


“I know this.” Allan just said.


“So why do you help me, when you know this?” Spina asked.


“You just followed your instincts.” Allan said. “And at the moment you have two big problems… Sylien and Elia.”




Chapter 13





“Sylien? Elia?” Spina looked with the question written on her face, at Allan.


“Sylien is the T-Rex female and Elia the female Alpha Raptor. You have eaten their mates.” Allan said.


“Oh…yeah…uhm. Shit!” She said while she let her head fall at the table. “I’ll be so dead.” 


“Not if you stay inside of the base and as long as they don’t know about your…situation.” Allan said.


“Really?” Spina lifted her head a little bit off the table and looked at Allan.


“I’ll talk with Eric, Ian and Kelly tomorrow. They won’t say anything.” Allan said.



Meanwhile at the T-Rex Nests.




“As I told you! They haven’t found its body in the building.” Kelly said.


“So it is still alive?” Sylien asked totally shocked.


“Well somehow. But I think not in its original form.” Kelly said.


“What? Why?” Sylien was now really confused.


“Well they couldn’t find the body of the Spinosaur in there. But they carried an unconscious human woman out of that building. And this woman had cuts all over her body.” Kelly told Sylien.


“You won’t say that the Spinosaur now is a…” Kelly suddenly interrupted Sylien.


“A Human. Yes. That’s what I think.” Kelly said when Sylien suddenly broke into full laughter.  “What’s so funny?”


“Only the fact, that I would kill myself if I would be confronted with being such a weak and tiny creature.” Sylien said.


“Thanks.” Kelly said sarcastically.


“Oh sorry. Forgot, that you once was a human. Shouldn’t be an offence.” Sylien said.


“It’s okay.” Kelly said. “I forget it myself sometimes. So you wouldn’t try to kill her?”


“Believe me, this is a much bigger punishment for it than death.” Sylien smiled.


“Maybe…maybe not.” Kelly only answered before she turned around and disappeared in the jungle. She had to hunt. Not only for her, but for Tyr, too.



A few hours later at the main Lab:


“Okay Eric. I hope that you’ve understood the situation.” Allan said when he had finished his explanation.


“Yes.” Eric only said but he doesn’t let Spina out of his view. If this human woman really was that Spinosaur, and Eric doesn’t doubt, that it is, it once has almost caused the extinction of his pack.


“Eric! I mean this totally serious! Promise me that no one of your pack will harm her!” Allan said in a tone that didn’t allows any other answer than, `yes´.


“Why do you have told me about her? I never would have done something to her. I would have thought, that she might belong to the staff of the Lab or anything else. She would have been save enough. But now…” Eric wanted to end his sentence but Allan interrupted him.


“Eric!” Allan shouted what makes Eric very angry.


“Don’t dare to speak in that tone with me!” Eric hissed while his head feathers stood totally upright. “I escaped her maw one time and it was really close.”


“And? I escaped the maws of some Raptors several times and do I say something about it?” Allan answered.


“You don’t understand it. She only went after me! She only tried to kill me! She could have caught anyone of my pack that day easily. Kiri for example stood several meters closer o the position she had attacked from, than me. Elia just was hunted that day, cause she staid at my side. She has killed the first male Alpha in past and she had killed this male T-Rex. She tried to kill Ian Malcolm.

She ever only tried to kill the males. Never the females.” Eric was really upset. “And by the way…Allan… who do you think doesn’t allow his pack to hunt humans?”


“Eric! That has nothing to do with this situation here!” Allan said.


“I’m not your pet, Allan!” Eric hissed. Now Allan understood what was wrong.


“Eric. That shouldn’t be an attempt to take the Alpha position away from you. I just asked you for a favorite. That your pack leaves her in peace if she meets someone of your pack.” Allan tried to explain.


“Doesn’t sound like that.” Eric said when he turned around. He has calmed a little bit down when he headed for the door.


“Eric? Will you do me this favor?” Allan asked.


“I won’t say anything to my pack. So she will be seen as a human and not that beast she really is. And she wouldn’t get the fate she deserves. But if I ever see her at our nests! I’ll end her life myself, with the greatest pleasure.” Eric only had turned his head around when he said this and if the small translator had been able to put feelings into its translation, Allen would have been able to hear how cold it sounded. Eric meant this serious. Deadly serious. “Good bye, Allan! And be careful with…her!” With these words Eric left the lab, before Allan was able to reply something.


“He don’t meant this serious, with killing you.” Allan tried to calm Spina down, when he saw, that her eyes were filling with tears again.


“He does! I know it!” Spina sobbed. “With everything!”


“What do you mean?” Allan asked.


“I went for him that day when I hunted him. If the female would have rushed into another direction, I wouldn’t have mind.” She sobbed.


“What?” Allan shouted totally surprised by her admission.


“I don’t even was hungry. I just had eaten that day. I only wanted to see him dead. To feel how his life ends between my jaws. Like the male Raptor before him. Like every male I was able to kill.” She started to cry out loud.


“Why?” Allan was only able to ask.   



Chapter 14





“Why? You ask why?” Spina cried. “Do you know how it is, to be the only one of your kind? How it is to see how each other on this Isle has a herd or at least a partner, while you are totally alone?

And this from the very first moment you broke through the shell of your egg and called for your mother.

But there isn’t a mother. There is only a strange solid thing above you. It doesn’t move but it’s holding your egg.” She looked at Allan before she continued. “Then you grow up. Alone. The first days after I hatched were like hell. I was hungry and alone. I was lucky to find this carcass. Otherwise I would have starved. That was when I started to search this foul smell. All the time I had to be carefully not to got eaten myself by something bigger than me. Many days it was good like it was. Almost every time I somehow managed to find something edible. I grew bigger and bigger.

And one day I tried my first hunt.

It was a disaster. What should have been a meal ended in several deep wounds all over my body.” She has stopped crying and just told her story.


“Do you have attacked a Triceratops or any other species that could defend themselves?” Allan asked.


“No.” Spina blushed a little bit and chuckled. “Compies… the were drinking at the river… I ambushed them… slipped… and landed in the river…and down I went the rapids. I almost drowned that day. Some sharp stones caused the wounds. I took me several days to recover enough to return to my normal life and a much longer time to try to hunt again. If I have had parents they surely would have told me how to hunt.  I couldn’t even ask someone if it was normal when something started to hurt or if I don’t felt good.

Just like the strange feelings when my body decided that I have to be an adult now. 

All the time before I hoped that somewhere on this isle could be another one of my kind.

So when I felt lonesome, I went to the highest place in my territory and sent my call over the isle.” Her eyes were filling with tears again. “But no one answered. Instead I sometimes heard that the calls of the other ones almost every time got an answer.

Sometimes when they weren’t answered, I felt a little bit better, knowing that this night someone would be as lonesome as me.

And slowly I did not only became envious but I felt how hate, real hate for these happy pairs, build up in me.”


“So. You have killed one of them to destroy their luck.” Allan interrupted her. “But why always only the males?”


“Don’t know. Maybe it was their scent. I think I only wanted the females to suffer like I did. And to reach this goal, I killed their mates. In the end this even cost me my body.” She cried.


“But if you are so unhappy in your original form, why do you want to change back?” Allan asked.


“B…Because I’m strong, in my body. I’m big. I can care for myself. And now I’m only a… an appetizer compared with my real form. In my original form, when I got sad, I just lay down in my nest. And in this body there comes water out of my eyes.” She tried to wipe some tears away with her hand. But she still cried. Now even more than before.


Seeing Spina standing there, crying Allan walked closer and pulled her into a soft hug, to calm her down. It took her some time to calm down enough. They sat down and after a while she was sleeping, leaning at his side.


After a while, Sarah entered the Lab and saw the two.


“Aw… you two would make a great pair.” Sarah joked.


“It’s strange. Almost one year ago she hunted behind me and tried to eat me and now she is sleeping at my side like a Baby.” Allan sighed.


“And what will you do now with that Baby?” Sarah asked.


“Well…I think we should bring her into her bed. It was a hard day for her.” Allan sighed.


“In the bed in the medical station?” Sarah asked.


“Yeah. We don’t have another one for her right now. And she already knows this room.” Allan said.


“I hope she will get used to everything. I have some questions when she is awake.” Sarah said while stretching herself.


“Well I don’t know if you will get much information of the life of Spinosaurs out of her. She told me that she had to learn everything alone.” Allan said.


“We will see.” Sarah said. “So let’s bring her to her bed now. It seems that this day was really too much for her.”


“Would you have been in a better condition after you would have been changed into something what you normally would call prey?” Allan asked.


“Well… Don’t think so.” Sarah said.


“I only hope that Eric will calm down over the next few days.” Allan sighed.


“Is something wrong?” Sarah asked.


“He wasn’t really happy about the idea, that we let her stay here.” Allan explained.


“Oh… that’s not good.” Sarah said. “That’s definitely not good.”  




Chapter 15


Not Good!



“Stupid Humans!” Eric said to himself. “Stupid, stupid humans. Don’t they realize, that they’ve let the dead into their base?” While he talked to himself, he arrived at a small pond and saw his image, reflecting in the water.

“Well… It’s not as if they haven’t done it before.” Eric sighed. “Maybe I’m just too worried about it…maybe not…” Slowly he walked towards the nest area.

“I don’t even remember how I looked when I was human.” He sighed. “Since when am I a Raptor? One year? Or Two? How long was a year anyway? I’m forgetting parts of my human memories without even noticing it, until it is too late. And the worst is…I don’t even care about it anymore.”


“And where is the problem?” Elia suddenly appeared between two bushes and shocked Eric a little bit.


“How would you feel, if you realize, that all your memories of your former life dwindle to nothing?” Eric answered after a few minutes.


“I think, that I might feel really bad about it. But those memories won’t help you now.” Elia replied.


“I know…” Eric said. “But it hurts, that I can’t even remember my old friends.”



Meanwhile at the T-Rex nests.



“Stupid thing.” Tyr moaned. “I hated the first one and this one isn’t better.”


“Stop complaining about it.” Kelly said. “It will help that your broken leg will heal.”


“I can’t even lay down like I’m used to. All the time this…splint is in my way.” He moaned.


“Would you like it better to hobble all your life from now on?” Kelly asked.


“No but…” Tyr tried to say but stopped when he saw Kelly’s face. “Okay, okay.” He finally sighed.


“That’s good.” Kelly said. “I want, that the father of my Kids will be strong again.” She smirked.


“You mean?” Tyr asked with wide eyes.


“If we can believe your mother, I’m carrying two or three fertilized eggs in my belly at the moment.” She answered.

“Great news!” Tyr shouted and tried to stand up. But when he tried, he suddenly roared in pain.


“Sarah told you not to put your full weight at your broken leg. Or it will take longer until you’re able to hunt again.” Kelly said.


“By the way. Do you have something to eat for me?” Tyr asked. “I’m starving.” Kelly only rolled her large eyes as she turned around and grabbed a carcass that lies behind her and pulled it in front of Tyr’s maw.


“Thank you.” Tyr said before he ripped a large piece of meat out of it.



Back to the humans.



Spina slowly woke up again. She lay at the bed in the medical station again. And was still in this human body.


“Oh no…It wasn’t a dream.” She only sighed. “I’m damned.”


“No you’re not.” Allan said when he entered the room.


“I’m reduced to prey…food.” Spina tried to argue.


“We aren’t JUST food.” Allan said with an angry tone in his voice. “Mankind has build many wonderful things and even created you.” 


“What could such small creatures do?” She answered.


“Follow me. I want to show you something.” Allan said short before he walked out of the room. Spina only moaned but followed him. “And what do you want to show me?” She asked after a few minutes of walking.


“We’re just here.” Allan said when the entered a small room with a TV in it.

Both sat down and Allan switched the TV on.

He switched at first through the channels while Spina’s eyes grew wide. He never has seen something like this before. Suddenly he stopped. The TV showed a documentation about the evolution and scientific successes of mankind.


At first Spina was very amused when she saw some scenes where a few Australopitheci got eaten by some kind of lions. This amusement ended when she saw how the forefathers of the human race started to build weapons to hunt and to defend themselves on their way to the modern man. The documentation ended finally after several hours with some pictures of modern Cities.


“Okay…” Spina only said. “I have to admit…food can do something. But why do the waste all the good meat?”


“What do you mean?” Allan asked a little bit confused.


“In these things these box called wars… when one human has hunted another one down or later one pack of humans another pack… why do the dug the good meat at the end?” Spina asked.


“Cause humans don’t eat each other. Well most of them at least.” Allan explained. “We don’t practice cannibalism.” 


“I see. And why haven’t you just used the meat to feed some predators?” Spina asked.


“Cause we humans have a very strong bound to our Dead.” Allan said.


“What a waste.” Spina only said. “If I had such amounts of fresh meat. I would never have to hunt again.”


“You don’t have to hunt again… forgotten?” Allan asked.


“Do you have to remind me, that I am only prey now, too?” Spina said.


“At least you don’t try to kill anyone while you are in this body.” Allan laughed.


“That’s not funny!” Spina said with an angry tone in her voice.




Chapter 16


Play your role as good as you can



“Shall I be happy to be such a weak being?” Spina shouted.


“These weak beings, like you call us, have created many incredibly things! Like you have seen in the film.” Allan replied.


“Yeah it was really nice. But what use do all these things have?” Spina said.


“Many of these things makes live easier.” He said, but Spina still looked like if it doesn’t interests her. “For an example… some inventions make hunting easier and others makes hunting even unnecessary.”

Hearing this Spina’s head swung around and she looked at Allan.


“How?” She only asked.


“Well… We’re breeding the animals at farms and bring them in a slaughterhouse to kill them and to get the meat.” Allan explained while Spina was listening very interested.


“Do you kill them yourself in there? You know…hunting it down and rip it apart, before you swallow it?” Spina asked.


“No… we have other ways.” Allan only explained. “But…wait a moment.” Allan said before he looked through some videos, lying in a corner.


“What are you looking for?” Spina asked.


A documentation, about different jobs. I think, that there is even shows some men, working in a slaughterhouse.” Allan answered. He put the cassette inside the video player and switched the TV on, again. What followed was an hour where most of the time blood red color could be seen on the monitor, but Spina gathered all information she got. 


“Incredible.” She only said when the documentation ended. “All this meat…and how fast they got the prey killed. But didn’t that takes all the fun out of hunting?”


“Well normally humans don’t kill animals just for fun… well some do… but the normal people buy their meat at a butcher’s shop and they got it from the slaughterhouses. But we still have some hunters in our society.” Allan explained.


“So you have a few good hunters who get the meat and they give a large part of it to the others? As much as I have seen, you’re society must have many good hunters.” Spina said.


“Well we don’t need that many. Humans are omnivores, so we can eat many things.” Allan told her. “By the way it’s time to eat.”


“Now when you’re talking about…I’m very hungry…I could eat a Pachy.” Spina answered, looking at Allan.


“Well…then we should go to the cafeteria to get something to eat.” He said. Spina answered with a simple nod. And a few minutes later they were in the cafeteria and Allan placed the plate with the food on it in front of Spina.

When she saw what was on the plate, she looked disgusted at Allan.


“That’s plants. I don’t eat plants.” Spina said with a strange tone in her voice.


“Just try it. They taste really great.” Allan said.


“Hello… Am I looking like a plant eater? I told you that I don’t eat plants!” Spina answered.


“I told you that humans are omnivores and you are a human now. So you should give it a try.” Allan said with a soft tone in his voice.


“Have I asked to be changed into THIS?” She shouted while she pointed with her hands at herself.


“Look… You have been changed into a human being…now you should at least try the life of one!” Allan said with a tone in his voice that doesn’t allow an answer. “And now try it! Please!”


“You wouldn’t dare to speak like this to me if I were still in my old form.” Spina said almost crying. But at least she grabbed the fork and showed a piece of salad in her mouth and started to chew. Her face kept emotionless until she got a piece of carrot out of the salad. “Mmmm… That tasted great.” She finally said totally unbelievable.


“Like I told you.” Allan said and started to smile while he chewed on a piece of cucumber. They don’t say anything while they had their meal. And after they’ve finished, they didn’t say much, too.


“I’m sorry.” Spina said after a while.


“What?” Allan asked.


“I’m sorry for being such an ass, but it’s very difficulty for me.” She said.


“I can understand you.” Allan answered. “At first you were on top of the food chain and now you think, that you belong to the end of it.”


“Yes.” Spina nodded. “I… I hunted you. I wanted to kill and swallow you. And now you’re helping me.”


“I would feel the same if I would be in the same situation. But you have to look forward. As a Spinosaur all you ever would have seen is this isle. And now you can go everywhere you want on this planet.” Allan said while he underlined his sentences with some gestures, he made with his arms.


“I think, that it will be the best if I stay here.” Spina sighed. 


“Why do you think so?” Allan wanted to know.


“Don’t know… Like this man in the TV said. Home sweet home.” She answered while she looked at Allan.


“Do you want to go for a walk?” Allan asked.


“Yeah.” Spina answered. “Can we go into my old territory, please?” She asked.


“Okay.” Allan only said.



Almost two hours later.



“There…stop there please.” Spina shouted and Allan stopped the jeep. Her territory just was too far away to reach it by foot in one day.

As soon as the jeep stopped she jumped out of it and rushed towards some bushes.


“Stop! Wait for me.” Allan shouted behind her.


Spina stopped and waited until Allan reached her.


“So what do you want to show me?” Allan asked.


“Just follow me.” She smirked while she shoved some twigs out of the way. They walked almost three hundred meters until a foul smell hits their noses. And finally Spina walked through the last line of bushes.


“Oh man that almost smells like Ian’s nest.” Allan said before he stood at Spina’s side.


“Welcome at my nest.” Spina smiled. “But it smelled better last time when I was here.” She said while she looked sadly over the clearing, that’s ground was covered with rotten carcasses, bones and in the middle of this graveyard a gigantic nest. Well more a pit, filled with branches, twigs and leaves.


“Well the last time you were a gigantic predator whose nose loved this rotten smell. A human nose tells you that this meat is far too old to eat. Shortly…it stinks.” Allan explained.


“I think…it will be better if we go back to the jeep…before I have to puke.” Spina said with a totally pale face.



Chapter 17


Strange world



On their way back.


“I can’t believe it!” Spina said after a while. “Normally this should have smelled great. There never was a place for me, that smelled that good as my nest. And now I’m sick of even thinking of this smell.” A short shiver went through her body when she tried to remember the smell.


“Well…human noses don’t like the smell of rotten flesh and Dinosaur excrements.” Allan laughed.


“You can laugh. At least you don’t seem as affected by the smell as me.” She said while she had to suppress the feeling to vomit.


“I’m… let’s say, I’m used to strong odors.” Allan smirked. “Ian’s nest doesn’t smell like roses, too.”


“Oh yeah… the T-Rex.” Spina doesn’t feel better thinking of the T-Rexes now.



A few days later at the T-Rex nests:



“Slowly now.” Sylien talked to Kelly.


“I think I’ll manage it.” Kelly answered.


“You have to crouch down a little bit.” Sylien ignored what Kelly has said totally.


“Sylien there are enough leaves and twigs in the nest, that a Jumbo Jet could smash into it and nothing would happen.” Kelly said.


“And you have to keep your eggs warm with more leaves after you’ve laid them.” Sylien doesn’t even asked what a Jumbo Jet is. She was almost too euphoric to become a grandmother.


“Oh Sylien please shut…uhhh…” The *up* changed into a short roaring of Kelly as the first egg was laid and felt into the nest. After a few minutes the second egg followed and a few minutes more the third and last one.

Slowly Kelly turned around and instinctively put the eggs together in the middle of the nest, before she shoved a heap of leaves over them, to keep them warm.


“Like I did with Tyr and your bother and sister.” Sylien said with a dreamy voice. “But they will grow up so soon.”


“They aren’t even hatched yet and you are talking about growing up.” Tyr said, while he lays a few meters away.


“You will see!” Sylien only answered. “They will be grown up sooner than you want.”


Suddenly Ian walked out of the jungle and towards the three other T-Rexes. His maw was totally covered with dried blood. 


“What’s going on here?” He asked.


“You’re daughter has laid her first eggs.” Sylien said.


“Really? Let me see!” Ian shouted while he walked towards the nest and sniffed at the heap of leaves. His breath caused, that some of the leaves are blown away.


“Dad! Stop this!” Kelly shouted when she carefully, but fast walked over the eggs, in a protecting manner. “They’ll get too cold, if you blow all the leaves away.”


“She is right, Ian!” Sylien agreed.


“And I have to hear this all the time and can’t even go hunting.” Tyr moaned.


“I don’t know what you are complaining about. At least you get your food even carried almost into your mouth.” Kelly said.


“But it is already dead.” Tyr argued.


“As if this would be such a big problem.” Kelly answered.


“For me, it is. And it would be one for you, too. If you would be laying here, instead of me.” Tyr said.




At the Raptor’s hunting grounds:


The pack was just busy getting a Parasaurolophus to eat. Everyone was at his place. Covered by the high grass. Slowly each Velociraptor went closer to the lonely Parasaurolophus Bull, who was grazing. Now and then the Dinosaur looked up from his meal. Not knowing, that he should be the meal in a very short time. Eric was just in the back of the Dinosaur when he risked a short and fast look over the grass.

The Parasaurolophus still was grazing.  

Eric slowly crouched down again.

A twig broke somewhere in the nearer distance. Eric could hear how the Parasaurolophus stopped grazing and looked up. He stopped breathing. A well-known chirping sound could be heard out of the same direction; the sound of the breaking twig came from.


The Parasaurolophus Bull calmed down and returned to his meal.

Eric calmed down a little bit, too. These tiny beasts almost ruined his hunt.

A few more minutes passed, before he gave the signal for the attack.

The Raptors jumped out of the grass and on the back of the huge herbivore. Soon the body of the Parasaurolophus Bull was covered with his own blood that streamed out of several wounds. It was a strong Bull and the pack had to fight very hard. Compared with other prey, it took them very long until the Dinosaur lies on the ground. But he still wasn’t dead yet.

Eric couldn’t remember that something like that happened before. It was almost impossible to reach the throat of the Dinosaur to set the final and deadly bite.

The Parasaurolophus pressed his head at the ground and protected his throat on this way, while he still bleed very strong.

The Raptors meanwhile only stood around the almost dead Dinosaur and waited that he would die.


“I never thought, that I would say something like this but… shouldn’t we look for another prey?” Elia asked after a long time.


“I don’t know.” Eric answered. “He’d lost a large amount of blood. I mean how much blood could be still in him?”


“Don’t know…too much?” Elia said.


A moaning sound could be heard from the Parasaurolophus.


“It couldn’t take long now.” Eric said. “He is dead. He only doesn’t know it yet.”


Eric slowly walked towards the head of the Dinosaur. The earth was soaked with the blood of the Parasaurolophus.

The Parasaurolophus realized Eric and tried to stand up again. He finally managed it and he even took some steps away from the Raptors.

But this was the biggest mistake he could do in this situation. His throat wasn’t protected now an Eric reacted fast.

In a blink of an eye Eric’s claw found it’s target and the huge Dinosaur screamed in pain. He roared until his screams became more and more silent. Then he collapsed dead at the ground.


Eric only stood there in front of the dead Parasaurolophus bull. And Eric felt something; he hadn’t felt for a very long time.

He felt sorry. 




Chapter 18


Thoughts and Ideas



It was evening over Islar Sorna. Allan stood on the roof of the main building. He looked at the parking lot. Or better said at Spina. She sat in a corner of that place and read a book.

Since Allan taught her how to read, she read every day. The minimum was one hour. Normally two to three hours. Maybe even four, if the book was good and no one disturbed her. She reads every book she was able to get her hands on. It doesn’t matter if it was a novel or just a manual. And she learned fast.

In the past few months she even has accepted her new life now. And she was a great help in their work to learn much of the life of the different prey species on the isle. She couldn’t answer every question, but she knew enough to answer at least some questions. And she knew, where they could be found on the isle.

Allan knew that she still missed her old body, but that she loved the new things, she was able to learn now, and that she wasn’t alone anymore.


He leaned forward a little bit.


“Anything interesting down there?” Allan turned around. Behind him stood John Hammond, smiling. “Oh. I see.” John said after he saw Spina in the parking lot. “Do you love her?”


“Well…uhm…it’s…” Allan searched for the right words.


“You do!” John said while he pointed with his finger at Allan. “I know you do. I can see it. I’m old enough, to know when someone felt in love. Well if I would be a little bit younger…”


Allan laughed when he heard this.


“Yeah I love her.” He laughed. “It’s strange. Almost a year ago she tried to kill me and to eat me in one piece and now…” He sighed after a short view at Spina.


“I know what you mean. Well if she loves you, too. And I think, that she does. All the millions of Dollars my company had lost with the Jurassic Park, had something good, too.” John said.


“Normally, I had to ask you, if you wouldn’t mind, if she is around with me.” Allan smirked.


“Me? Why?” John doesn’t know what Allan was talking about.


“Well that the Dinosaurs are on these Isle was your work. So you can say, that Spina is somewhat like your daughter. And what had happened in the Jurassic Park…” Allan explained. But John interrupted him.


“While we were talking of the Jurassic Park… I want to talk with you about it.” John leaned on his walking stick and had a happy but strange smile on his face.


“John… doesn’t ask me what I think you want.” Allan said totally serious.


“Why not? I mean… even the Velociraptors aren’t a thread anymore.” John said.


“John. No.” Allan said.


“We don’t even need to put power on the fences. Maybe even Ian would help us… Look after what has happened in San Diego, we are… well…InGen doesn’t exist anymore.” John looked down.


“WHAT?” Allan shouted.


“Since a few months to be exactly.” John said. “The whole base here runs with money, I got from a scientific foundation.” John explained. “And I don’t know how long they will pay for all this. The only thing I know that might bring enough money in for the researches here, is the Park.”


“John. Even with Ian as a T-Rex… as a main event it would be too dangerous. At one moment you can talk with him on a logical base but the next moment he rips a dead Dinosaur’s carcass apart to swallow the meat. There are too many instincts in the game now to grant enough security to let guests see him. And Eric… that’s another problem.” Allan explained.


“What do you mean?” John asked.


“Well when I let Spina stay here, he was very angry… better said he was really pissed off, of this idea. And to be honest. I haven’t seen him since that day.” Allan said, while the whole meaning of his words sank into himself, too. “Damn…that’s over two months now.”  


“That’s really not the best news of this day.” John said.



At the Raptor’s nests.


“Eric?” Elia said as she slowly walked to his nest.


“Yeah?” He raised his head off the ground and looked at Elia.


“Is something wrong?” Elia asked.


“No. Why do you ask?” Eric answered.


“You are so depressed since a few days.” She said, while she was nuzzling him.


 “I don’t know. Since that young Parasaurolophus. I don’t know if it was right to pick him. He was too strong. I mean he could have a herd of his own in the future. With many strong young. It wasn’t that kind of prey, we should have taken.” Eric said.


“He was alone. That makes him weak enough.” Elia answered.


“I know...but he wasn’t weak. I’ve never seen that one of its kind put up such a fight.” Eric said.


“He impressed you.” Elia said.


“Yeah. And because of that I feel sorry.” Eric said.


“Don’t think of it too much.” Elia said. “Maybe we should visit Allan. You haven’t visited him for a very long time now.”


“No.” Eric simply said.


“It would help you to get those thoughts out of your head.” Elia explained.


“No.” Eric answered a little bit stressed.


“Why not?” Elia wanted to know.


“Let’s say I don’t want to meet someone at the base.” Eric said.


“Who?” Elia asked.  



Chapter 19





“A woman.” Eric only answered.


“And who is this woman?” Elia asked.


“Don’t force me to tell it you, please.” Eric sighed. “I’ve promised Allan not to tell anyone about her.”


“Am I anyone?” Elia said insulted.


“No you are not… Okay… but you have to promise, that you don’t try to kill her after I told you who this woman is…or better said, was.” Eric said while he sighed again.


“Promised.” Elia only said.


“Her name is Spina. She has been changed, too. But the other way. Not from human to Dinosaur, but from Dinosaur into a human being.” He took a deep breath before he continued. “She was the Spinosaur.” 


“WHAT!” Elia’s scream even frightened some birds in the trees and caused them to fly away. “It is a human now?”


“You’ve promised not to kill her.” Eric said.


“Believe me… that’s punishment enough. And we got a really good replacement for what she has taken from us.” Elia said while rubbing her head at Eric.


“You aren’t mad about it?” Eric asked totally surprised.


“Nope, those are great news. Finally that beast isn’t a danger for us anymore.” Elia laughed.



A few days later at the human base.


Spina just read a novel she got from Allan. A novel about love. She really liked it. It even had a candlelight dinner in it.

Spina really loved that book and when she finished this chapter she found a small piece of paper between the pages.

It told her that she should come to the helipad in the evening. And when she arrived she found Allan, sitting at a table, who just lightened up some candles.


“Allan? Is this a…” Spina asked unbelievable.


“A candlelight dinner. Don’t know you have read the chapter.” He smirked. “I thought that you might like it.”


“Thank you!” Spina shouted before she rushed to Allan and hugged him.



The next morning at the T-Rex nests.


Sarah’s Jeep stopped in front of Kelly’s and Tyr’s nest and Sarah stepped out of it, followed by two men.


None of the T-Rexes could be seen.


“Hello! Is anyone at home?” Sarah shouted. A cracking sound out of the other side of the area told them, where they had to search. They found Tyr on his way back from a small lake. He humbled his way back to his nest; the splint still was attached to his leg.


“Hello Tyr.” Sarah said, but only earned some growls as an answer. “Well today is your big day. We’ll remove the splint today.”


“Oh finally.” Tyr shouted a happy roar.


“Well… I quote this as an agreement.” Sarah said while scratching herself at her head. “Okay then… let’s start.” She said and the men went to work.


Slowly they removed the splint and Sarah took a look at Tyr’s leg.


“Looks good.” Sarah said after a while. “It seems, that it is completely healed now. You can try to stand up, if you want.”


Tyr slowly stood up. His leg still felt a little bit stiff but at least he was able to move it now like before and without pain. He made a few steps when Kelly walked out of the jungle. She was carrying a dead Pachycephalosaur in her maw. When she saw Tyr standing there without the splint, she laid the carcass at the ground and walked towards him.


“So… I see that Sarah has removed the splint.” Kelly laughed.


“Finally.” Tyr answered. “But my leg is still a little bit stiff at the moment.”


“That will go away with each step you’ve done.” Kelly said. “By the way…I’ve brought you something.” She pointed with her muzzle at the dead Pachycephalosaur.


“Thank you, but I think, that I can hunt for myself again.” Tyr smiled.


“With a stiff leg?” Kelly looked deep into his eyes before she walked to the nest and looked for her eggs.


“They’ll hatch soon.” Kelly said. “I can feel it.”


“How?” Tyr asked after he’d walked at her side.


“I don’t know. I just know it.” She said after rubbing her head at Tyr’s side.


“Can we go now?” One of the men asked Sarah. “I know that they won’t hurt us but these beasts are still frightening me.”


“I have to agree with that.” The other man said.


“Okay, okay… We are leaving now. And I hoped to see Ian.” Sarah sighed. “Bye Kelly, Bye Tyr.” She shouted before the humans drove away. Just a few minutes later, Ian walked out of the jungle.


“Hi Dad.” Kelly said when she saw her father.


“Hi Kelly. Did you have a good hunt?” Ian asked.


“A very good one.” She answered.


“I’m happy to hear that and that Tyr’s splint is finally off now.” He laughed.


“I’m happy about that, too.” Tyr said. “Now I can finally hunt on myself again. Finally…”



Chapter 20


Destiny don’t has to play fair



It was short after their second candlelight dinner when Allan and Spina laid in Allan’s bed in a deep embrace. It was a beautiful evening and the clear heaven promised that it became a beautiful night, too. They just lay there and watched the stars through the glass ceiling, together.

Spina felt very happy. She doesn’t know why but he whole day she was somehow electrified. She shoved it on the dinner with Allan that had to happen in the evening.


“I love you.” Allan sighed after a long time of silence. “I never want to be separated of you in future. Would you say yes if I ask you to become my wife? Would you marry me?”


Spina was almost euphoric now. He still wasn’t totally sure what a marriage meant but she already knows that it meant very much to human beings. And that it he really loves her that much if he wants that she marries him.


“YES!” Spina shouted out loud and hugged Allan really strong. But when she opened the hug a little bit and looked in his face she saw his frightened face. “What’s wrong?” She asked. That was the moment when she realized it. She hasn’t used a human “Yes” or the other words. Well… she has used the words, but the Spinosaur equivalent of them. In a much higher tone and not that loud but definitely the roars and grunts of a Spinosaur.


Now her face was showing the same amount of fear as Allan’s face. Her view felt at her hands, which still rested at Allan’s shoulders. She saw and felt how her five fingers fused together to three and how the deadly claws emerged at their tips. Suddenly she felt sick. Very sick and cramps rushed through her whole body.


When the cramps stopped for a moment she looked up and Allan saw how her now eyes were filled with tears. Her pupils were slits by now. She started to sob.


“Shh… It’s okay.” Allan tried to comfort her and to calm her down. But the fact that he was crying, too, doesn’t helped much. He felt her claws on his back when he hugged her again. He saw how her skin slowly darkened and segmented in leathery scales. He tried to kiss her but when he planted his lips on hers, he only felt how he was pushed backwards by her snout that grows back to its old proportions.


She felt as if he head would be smashed when it changed back to it’s old form and she felt how Allan was forced to release she from his hug as the sail on her back grew again. When her head finished it’s changed her tears stopped flowing, but not while she felt better…she even felt worse with each passing second. Her arms almost finished their transformation when her chest started to expand and her tail started to show itself. Her legs changed back as well and only a few minutes later Spina stood there as if she never had been a human being before. Only smaller but that was the next thing to change.

Suddenly she started to grow very fast. Until she stood there in her old high and self. While she grows the ceiling shattered into thousand pieces and felt to the ground. Allan covered himself with a blanket of his bed. Spina looked down and saw Allan how he sat there, crying. He doesn’t run away nor did he try to hide himself. He just sat there, looking at her and cried. She felt totally miserable and other feelings came back, too. She suddenly felt alone again and how anger rises and she felt hunger.

When she realized the last feeling she suddenly was very afraid not of herself but for Allan. He was the only edible thing in this room for her now.

She had to get out of there.

Spina roared out loud before she broke through the wall and stomped into the night.


Almost the whole base was on its legs now. The noise of shattering glass, crumbling walls and Spina’s roars woke everyone up. But soon everyone who was running through the base found himself in totally darkness again. Almost every fuse felt out when Spina simply rushed through the fence.

The shock hurt much but wasn’t too much for her.


“SPINA!” Spina heard how her name had been shouted from behind. When she turned her head to the side to look backwards she saw how Allan rushed behind her. So she speeded up to get away from him.


Allan saw how Spina slowly disappears in the dark jungle in front of him.


“SPINA! I’M STILL LOVING YOU!” He shouted as loud as he could behind her, but she kept on running away from him and soon only her roars could be heard in the distance. 

He stood there for a long time and hoped that she would come back. He simply stared in the darkness, but when he thought that he should return to the base he had another problem. He wasn’t even able to see the trail of destruction Spina has left on her way, which could have helped him to find his way back to the base. Cause clouds had covered the sky above the jungle.


A rustling in a bush next to him got him out of his thoughts. He prepared himself to run away as fast as he could. It couldn’t be Spina. He would have heard her out of a great distance.

Suddenly something jumped out of the bushes. 



Chapter 21


No Sleep at Islar Sorna



When something jumped out of the bushes in front of him Allan was short before running for his life when he heard the sounds of a Velociraptor. He slowly relaxed, took the translator out of his pocket and switched it on.


“Eric is that you?” Allan asked carefully into the darkness.


“Yes.” The small box translated Eric’s answer.


“Thank God. I’ve almost got a heart attack when you jumped out of the bushes.” Allan said.


“That wasn’t my intension.” Eric answered.


“What are you doing here?” Allan asked.


“Well…it’s difficulty to get some sleep if a Spinosaur stomps in full speed through your pack’s nest area, waking everyone up and then a man only dressed with his trousers, shouting that he still loves her and that she please should come back, right behind it. So I thought. Hey take a look.” The small box translated in a monotone tone.  


“Sorry for waking you and your pack up.” Allan sighed.


“It’s okay. She hasn’t stomped anyone, so everything is okay… but you couldn’t say that to the base.” Eric answered.


“Eric I have to find her! Couldn’t you bring me to her? I mean with your sense of smell it wouldn’t be a problem for you to find her!” Allan begged.


“Are you crazy or do you have simply lost your mind?” The box translated like everything before but Allan could hear out of Eric’s chirping that he really was very upset.


“Eric, please! I really love her. Even in this form. I know that she is still in there.” Allan continued his begging.


“I know that she definitely is in there, too!” Eric answered. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be here but in her stomach right now. After my own change I was that hungry, that I’ve eaten half of a Pachycephalosaur. And after her change… I guess that even a Parasaurolophus wouldn’t be enough for her. Because of this she rushed away, I think.”


“You mean that she rushed away because she is afraid of accidentally eating me?” Allan asked.


“I can’t imagine why else.” Eric said.


“But I still have to find her!” Allan said. “Please.”


“No! The only place I’ll lead you is back to the base. The best thing would be that you try to forget her! For your own good.” Eric said while he started to walk in the direction of the human base. Allan stood there for a few more seconds.


“Would you be able to forget Elia if you would change back?” Allan asked with a sad voice in Eric’s direction. He heard how Eric stopped. Even if it was night, Allan could feel how Eric’s eyes rested on him. A long silence followed before Eric answered.


“I… I only hope that this day never will come. I really love her. I would sooner kill myself than forget her.” Eric said and Allan could hear the sad tone in his chirpings.


“Then you know what I mean?” Allan said.


“Yes.” Eric answered.


“You understand why I have to find her?” Allan asked.


“Yes.” Eric answered again.


“Can you lead me now to Spina?” Allan asked.


“No.” Eric only said.


“Why not? I thought you have understood my situation.” Allan asked totally confused and depressed.


“I have…but that changes nothing at the fact, that she might be really hungry now. And this is deadly! Even I have problems to control my instincts when I am hungry. And she is several times bigger her hunger wouldn’t stop after a Gallimimus or a Pachycephalosaur. She needs bigger prey and we would only be snacks for her. We…” Eric explained.


“She would never try to eat me!” Allan interrupted Eric.


“I believe that she might be able to control herself when it is you but what’s about me! She had tried to eat me in past and I doubt that she changed her view at my kind. By the way… it is too dark to go through the jungle now especially for you. We can go tomorrow after I had my hunt. Then we can try to find her, if she wants to be found. And she surely has eaten something then. Okay?” Eric continued his explanation.


“Okay.” Allan answered disappointed after he took a deep breath. 


“Okay then…” Eric said while walking at Allan’s side. “Put your hand on my back! I’ll lead you.”



At the T-Rex nests:


“What the hell was that?” Tyr shouted when Spina’s roars woke him up.


“Do you have heard this, too?” Kelly asked with a sleepy voice. Again Spina’s roar echoed over the isle. From one moment to another Kelly and Tyr were fully awake.


“Oh no that can’t be! Not she.” Kelly shouted.


“Would you mind to stop making such a noise?” Ian growled totally tired.


“What’s going on?” Sylien wanted to know before she yawned.


“Shh…hear!” Tyr only said. And again the roar could be heard.


“Oh no! She is back!” Sylien moaned.


Another sad roar, more silent than the others could be heard in a greater distance.


“Sounds sad.” Ian only said.



At a small glade in the jungle:


Spina slowly walked through the line of old carcasses that surrounded the place where her nest once has been. It wasn’t much that was left of it. More a heap of branches and leaves than a formed nest. She sent another sad roar over the isle before she lowered her snout into the heap and stirred a little bit in it, grabbed a twig, lifted it up in the air and let it fall on another place. But it had no use she wasn’t able to fix it now. She was too sad about what has happened and too tired and far too hungry from her change.

Slowly she laid herself into the heap. At least it still was soft enough for her.

Even when her body wasn’t able to cry on the outside, she now cried inside, better said in her soul.


“Why?” She only sobbed. A long silence followed… with no answer.


“WHY?” She roared against the darkness and loneliness that surrounded her.



Back at the human base.


Slowly Allan and Eric walked out of the jungle. Allan still held his hand on Eric’s back. Light flooded out of some emergency lights.


“Oh my…” Allan was only able to say.



Chapter 22





Only some emergency lights lightened the base a little bit up. In the electric fence was a huge hole, just where Spina has stomped through a few hours ago. Allan’s second view felt on the destroyed part of the building, where his room once was. A heap of brick stones, concrete pieces and shattered glass. Nothing more. Between these two destroyed parts of the base, several men were running. Shouts could be heard out of their direction.


“Spina had done really good work with her rampage.” Eric said.  


“I only hope that she is okay.” Allan sighed. “The fence was on.” 


Eric only looked at Allan… then back at the base, without saying anything. Slowly both walked towards the base.



The next early morning.



“Are you crazy?” Sarah shouted.


“I have to go. I have to find her.” Allan answered totally serious.


“After all that has happened last night you want to search her?” Sarah asked upset.


“Especially after what has happened!” Allan answered.


“You are insane!” Sarah shouted.


“And that from the mouth of the woman, that told us that T-Rexes are loving parents.” Allan smirked.


“To their children!” Sarah shouted. “Not to their next meal!”   


“I don’t think that she would see me as a meal.” Allan replied.


“Are you sure?” Sarah asked.


“Well…Yes!” Allan replied. “You only see her as the monster she once was. But she has changed! Believe me!”


“I knew that love makes someone blind… but in your case it makes blind, deaf and stupid!” Sarah said while she was shaking her head.


“Then I am stupid!” Allan shouted angrily before he turned around and walked out of the room.



A few hours later at the Raptor’s nests.



“I don’t know who is crazier… Allan or you.” Elia said.


“Why do you think, that I am crazy?” Eric wanted to know.


“Cause you want to help him to find her!” Elia answered.


“Look…I promised it to him.” Eric only replied.


“I see…but it’s still crazy. He doesn’t even know if she still remembers him.” Elia said.


“What would you do if I suddenly would change back into a human being?” Eric asked after a short silence.


“Huh? What do you mean?” Elia asked with a little bit fear in her voice.


“If I suddenly would change back into a human and ran away from here…what would you do?” Eric asked totally serious.


“I…I don’t know.” Elia stammered. “I’ve never thought about that.”


“Well it would be better if you start thinking about this… Because… if she changed back into a Spinosaur maybe I…” Eric looked down. Not finishing his sentence. His view felt on his sickle claw. Slowly he moved his claw a little bit.


“I’m sorry.” Elia said while looking down, too. “I only hope that this never will happen.”


“I hope that, too. But what if it really happens… first to me and then to my parents?” He asked. A long silence followed after that question.


The silence was suddenly interrupted when a few leaves rustled. Eric’s head swung aside when Allan slowly walked out of the bushes.


“I have to go now.” Eric said.


“Please be careful.” Elia said when she stepped forward and rubbed her head at his one.    



A few hours later somewhere in the jungle.


“What do you mean with we got lost?” Allan shouted.


“This isn’t my territory! I wasn’t here before.” The small box in Allan’s hand translated Eric’s answer.


“And what’s with your sense of smell?” Allan asked.


“All I smell is rotten flesh since a while.” Eric answered.


“Don’t say me that you are hungry and left the right way on purpose!” Allan asked angrily.


“No I did not!” The small box wasn’t able to translate Eric’s mood but his growls did. “I thought that there must be a huge carcass. And normally there are huge predators near it, too. And if we don’t meet the T-Rexes, we maybe might find Spina there!” He explained.


“I hope so.” Allan replied. “And where is this carcass?”


“It couldn’t be far. It already smells this strong that even you should be able to smell it with your weak human nose.” Eric said. Allan closed his eyes and inhaled the air. And really. There was a foul smell in the air. Very weak for human noses but for Eric it must smell like he almost stands in it.


“Then we should go.” Allan said. Both followed the smell only lead by their noses and almost half an hour later they stood in front of what caused this incredible rotten smell. But it wasn’t a carcass.


“I never thought that a flower could stink that much.” Eric said.


“A Titan Arum.“ Allan said while he tried to cover his nose.


“That’s too much for me.” Eric said. “Can we go now, please?”


“That much to weak human noses.” Allan replied smiling. “But you’re right. That smell makes my eyes water.”


Both continued their search for Spina.



A few hours later…



Spina stood in the middle of a small river and was fishing with her long snout. Now and then a fish got between her teeth and was swallowed at once. She wasn’t in the mood for a big hunt at the moment, so fishing seemed to be the perfect way to satisfy her hunger. Hours passed while she stood there in the water when suddenly a very well known human voice was carried at her ears. And the sounds of a Raptor.


“I hope that you’ve found her this time.” Allan said.


“I’m totally sure… That is her smell.” The box could be heard, together with Eric’s chirping sounds.


“Oh NO!” Spina talked to herself. “He may not see me like this. “I have to hide!” She looked around before she rushed to a group of trees.


Only a few minutes later Eric and Allan stepped out of the jungle.


“Look! There she is! I was right.” Eric shouted before he started to laugh.


“Spina! Eric please stop laughing” Allan shouted.


“Sorry but that is too funny.” Eric said.


“You are right but please stop laughing. She wouldn’t do this without a purpose.” Allan said.


Spina stood behind some trees. Better-said two small trees and tried to hide her huge body behind them as good as possible.


“Spina, please. Come back or at least to me!” Allan begged.


“Uhm Allan… I don’t think that this is such a good idea.” Eric said.


Allan doesn’t answer and just walked towards the trees and soon stood between them. Eye to eye with Spina.


“Spina please.” He said again, but Spina only turned around and wanted to rush away. “No, please! I’m still loving you!” Allan shouted as loud as he could.



Chapter 23





Hearing this Spina stopped and turned around slowly. How could he still love her? Wasn’t he afraid, that she might kill and eat him now? One step and another one and she towered over Allan and looked down. Her long tooth filled mouth opened a little bit before she closed it again.


“Allan! Be careful! I don’t trust her!” Eric shouted from a save position several meters away from them. Always ready to disappear in the bushes if it would be necessary.


Allan took a deep breath before he lifted his hand into the air and touched the tip of Spina’s snout.

“I’m still loving you!” Allan said. “And I still want to be together with you.”


Spina couldn’t believe her ears and her lower jaw dropped open, what gave Allan a very good sight into her maw, out of a very short distance.

He had to fight not to run away when she opened her mouth that fast. It really looks like she wanted to swallow him now but somehow he knew what was going on inside her. After she has closed her maw she lowered her head more and rubbed it a little bit on Allan.


“And I don’t leave you now.” Allan said. “I’ll stay with you.”


Hearing this Eric shook only his head and turned around.


“I have to go now Allan. Good bye!” He shouted back before he rushed off. He don’t wanted to see how one of his best friends got swallowed cause he was blind of love. And he has to get back to his pack.

It was a long way back and it took him several hours of rushing without a break, but he managed to get home before the sun goes down.


When he stepped out of the bushes, which surrounded the nest area, everyone stared at him on a very strange way.


“What’s wrong?” He asked totally out of breath.


“Eric.” Elia started with a strange tone in her voice. “Your son Red Feather…he…”


“I challenge you for the Alpha position…father! Now!” A Raptor with blood red head feathers stepped forward.  


“I’m totally out of breath. In a few minutes!” Eric said.


“No! Now!” Red feather shouted before he pounced on Eric. Eric was totally unprepared for this attack and got thrown at the ground. But only a blink of an eye he was back on his legs again and started a counterattack. But Red Feather got out of the way fast enough but was able to grab Eric’s tail with his teeth.

Eric hissed in pain and turned around as fast as possible scratched deep wounds into the back of his son with the claws on his hands. Now his son hissed in pain and Eric’s tail was free again. Red feather now pounced at Eric and both rolled in the dirt as a ball of claws and teeth, snapping at each other. A few seconds later both stood hard breathing in front of each other. Eric more than his son.

Suddenly both charged forward at the same time. But while Red Feather wanted to attack Eric’s head, Eric ducked and pounced for his son’s legs. Unprepared for this Red feather hit the ground very hard. He tried to stand up but Eric hit him again and sent him on his back again. Before he could stand up this time, Eric stood over him and pressed his head into the dirt, with his right foot on his son’s throat.


“It’s enough.” Eric breathed really hard. “You have lost.”


“No father. Not yet.” His son answered.


Suddenly a really strong pain jolts through Eric’s body. He looked down and saw how the big claw of his son stuck in his lower body and slowly pulled downwards. Huge amounts of blood run out of the wound before Eric collapsed at the ground.

The whole pack was speechless when they saw this. Using the claw in a fight for the rank in the pack against each other was unfair. Even more. It was forbidden.


Slowly Red Feather stood up and towered over his father’s body in a victory pose.


“Eric!” Elia shouted when she rushed to him. His parents were too shocked to react.


“Now I am the new Alpha!” He shouts.


“You aren’t our Alpha!” A small and weak female shouted. It was the Omega of the pack.


“How dare you to speak to me!” Red Feather shouted very angry. 


“She is right!” One of the stronger Raptors said. “You aren’t our Alpha and we will never accept you as one!” The whole pack now started to shout their thoughts at him before they started to move towards him.

Slowly Red Feather moved backwards his arrogance faded away and only fear stayed.


“Mother! Stop them, please!” Red Feather begged.


“You aren’t my son anymore.” Elia hissed with hate in her voice. “You disgraced yourself! You tried to kill your own father by using the claw against the right! Everyone! Attack! Kill him!”  


“STOP!” Everyone turned around and their mouths hang open as they saw how Eric slowly managed to get on his legs again. The wound bled very strong. Slowly step-by-step he walked forward in front of his son. Hard breathing he stared into his eyes.


“Take your wife and leaf our territory and don’t dare to come back. If you want your own pack…create one yourself.” Then Eric turned to the female Raptor, which walked towards Red Feather with a hanging head. “You may come back if you want but he isn’t allowed to.”

The female only nodded.


“Now go!” Eric commanded and the two Raptors rushed away. As soon as they vanished between the bushes Eric collapsed on the ground.


“Eric!” Elia rushed to him and bowed down.


“Get Sarah!” Eric said before he felt unconscious.

The next moment Elia vanished between the bushes, too. But she rushed into the direction of the human base, as fast as she could.



Chapter 24


Helping Hands



Elia rushed as fast as she could and reached the human base in a few minutes. She jumped over the rests of the fence, through the parking lot and up the stairs, to the main entrance. She pushed the door open and jumped inside, but her claws couldn’t find enough hold on the floor. She slipped and bumped into the reception. The man behind the reception was totally shocked, but before he could react, Elia was on her legs again and on her way into the lab.

Sarah really sat in the lab this day and thought about Allan.


“He is totally insane!” She talked to herself.


Suddenly the door flung open and Elia rushed inside and towards Sarah in full speed. Elia was able to brake, stopped short before Sarah and started to chirp and to hiss very fast.


“Erc…wned bdly…ned y hp fst!” Sarah’s translator croaked, unable to follow Elia’s outburst. 


“Elia calm down, please! My translator isn’t even able to translate what you said, when you talk that fast!” Sarah shouted.


“Eric is wounded badly and we need your help, fast!” Elia repeated her sentence more slowly and this time the translator was able to do his work.


“WHAT?” Sarah shouted unbelievable. “How badly?”


“He is dying while we are talking!” Elia shouted.


“Oh shit!” Sarah gasped before she jumped up, off her chair and rushed to a cupboard with a red cross painted on it. A blink of an eye later she stuffed several bandages and other medical stuff in a large bag and rushed towards the door. “Show me the way!” She shouted.


It took them longer to the nest as if Elia had rushed alone. Eric still lays at the ground unconscious and in the same pose. His skin looked pale but he still was breathing.


“Oh my god!” Sarah gasped out of breath when she saw the large puddle of blood, Eric lies in.



Meanwhile not too far away.



Kelly stomped through the jungle. Her sensitive nose, told her that somewhere in that direction was a very badly injured Dinosaur. The smell of the blood almost makes her drunken and her maw filled with salvia. She doesn’t even recognized, that she has left her territory and entered the Velociraptor Territory.

She couldn’t tell what kind of Dinosaur it was, but it smelled delicious.  

Other smells entered her nose, together with the smell off the smell of the Dinosaur’s blood, too.


Blood, Jungle, Raptors, Sarah Harding, Water,




Kelly suddenly stopped and sniffed the air again. It was definitely Sarah’s smell that came in, along with the blood smell. 

Slowly she continued her walk in the direction where the smell came from. It took her some time but finally her sense of smell told her, that the wounded Dinosaur had to be behind the next group of trees, together with Sarah.

The chirping of the whole Raptor pack could be heard out of this direction, too. Kelly had to fight very hard against her instincts not to rush forward and to take a huge bite out of whatever caused this intense blood smell that drowned the air. If she only had found something to eat by now.

Slowly she walked forward, out of the jungle and into the clearing, where the Raptors have their nests.

As soon as she stepped out of the jungle, the chirpings stopped and were replaced by hissings.

One Raptor that stood close to the point, where she entered the clearing, ran to the others. Together they formed a line. Almost like they wanted to protect something. Unimpressed Kelly took a few steps forward and saw what they were protecting.

She saw how Sarah kneeled in a puddle of blood and in its center lays one Raptor, Kelly remembered as the pack leader Eric. The pair was surrounded by three other Raptors, two females and one male.

While the other three Raptors now where looking at her, continued Sarah her work on the wounded Raptor.

She grabbed several bandages, needle and thread and then more bandages out of a bag that lies next to her. Her trousers were totally soaked with the blood and her hands and arms were totally covered with it. After a long time Sarah stopped her doing and looked up from Eric’s body.

The wound was sewed and totally bandaged. She turned towards Elia, still not noticing Kelly.


“I’ve done my best.” She said. “ But I don’t know if he’ll make it. The claw missed the vital organs but has cut through an artery. He has lost much blood. Too much, I fear.”  After she has finished her explanation, Sarah and Elia both looked down.


“Wouldn’t a blood transfusion help?” The small translator translated Amanda’s question.


“Maybe. But I don’t know, how it might work with Raptor blood. If it is like with human blood and we get the wrong group, he might die at once.” Sarah explained.


Kelly somehow felt herself remembered at a situation that was almost the same. But instead of a whole pack, she was alone with her father. Slowly she remembered the medication she has used that day on her father and later on herself.

Kelly roared out loud.

Totally shocked Sarah’s head swung around and even the Raptors stopped their hissing for a moment.


“Kelly! You frightened me almost to death.” Sarah breathed totally shocked, as she saw the female T-Rex standing there. “What do you want?”


Kelly walked to a near by tree, grabbed a long twig with her maw and ripped it off.

She bent down and started to write her idea into the dirt.


“You mean that this stuff, that has changed you, could heal Eric?” Sarah asked.


“At least it has been developed to heal deadly wounded Dinosaurs by supporting their DNA.” Kelly wrote.


“Is there still something of this stuff in the other lab?” Sarah wanted to know.


“In the rests of my former room. If they hadn’t been destroyed after Ian destroyed the wall, there should be still a box with it, under my old bed.” Kelly explained.


Slowly Elia walked in front of Kelly and bowed her head down, before she rushed off without a word. 


“I think, that she runs to your nesting ground, Kelly.” Sarah said. “I only hope that she finds it.”


“Me too.” Kelly wrote.


“How did you find us, anyway?” Sarah asked.


Kelly didn’t answer. She simply bowed forward and breathed out of her nostrils. Just in Sarah’s face.


“The smell.” Sarah slapped her hand against her head. “I should have known that. So you were on the hunt, when you smelled Eric’s blood.”


Kelly only nodded before she grabbed the stick again.


“While you were speaking of it. There isn’t the chance, that there might be a carcass nearby?” Kelly wrote into the sand.  



Chapter 25


A Hope



It took Elia very long to get near the T-Rex nesting ground. She was totally out of breath, but at least she remembered where Kelly’s room was. Debris lay at the floor of the room. Most of them were large pieces of concrete and brick stones from the hole Ian made, when Kelly was stuck in the room after her transformation into a T-Rex. The whole place smelled after T-Rex and Elia’s senses where totally alarmed. Slowly she entered the room through the hole. She remembered what Kelly has told her and looked under the bed. The small box stood not to far under the bed and Elia was able to pull it to her. Several small bottles were in it. Slowly she bowed down and grabbed one with her mouth, before she rushed off.


In another part of the island.


Slowly Spina stomped through the jungle. Allan short behind her. Suddenly she stopped and sniffed the air. She had heard something in front of her, but wasn’t sure what it was. So she hoped to smell what could be in front of her but all she smelled was Allan who has stopped at her side. Somehow it seemed to her that his smell became stronger in the last few days. Maybe it was cause he was now all the time around her. Maybe her nose has sensitized itself for his smell. Maybe he just needs a bath. Whatever it was that makes it seem like that, she had much trouble to smell whatever could hide in the bushes in front of them. She closed her eyes and sucked the air deep into her lungs through her nostrils.


Allan…Allan…Allan…Trees…Mud… Allan…Bingo!


A short moment she was sure to smell a Parasaurolophus in front of her. Slowly she walked forward, trying to make no noise. Slowly she shoved her huge snout through the wall of leaves and twigs. The smell grew stronger and stronger with every centimeter. She passed the last line of leaves that blocked her view and found herself eye to eye with the Parasaurolophus. Their snouts almost collided. For a blink of an eye both were totally shocked. Before the Parasaurolophus turned around and tried to rush away. Spina jolted forward, too and dug her teeth into the back of the Parasaurolophus. The herbivore screamed in pain as a movement of Spina’s head sent it to the ground. Her teeth have ripped a huge piece out of the back. She swallowed the flesh that was in her mouth. The taste of the blood almost made her drunken. The screams of the wounded Parasaurolophus echoed through the jungle. The Dinosaur tried to stand up again but as soon as he tried Spina pressed her foot on its side and pressed him down. She moved her head to the neck of the Dinosaur. The Dinosaur tried to move its neck out of the way as often as Spina snapped after it. But it had no use. In the end the neck was between Spina’s teeth. With a fast movement she turned her head around and you heard how the neck broke. The screams ended. Spina stared a short moment at the carcass in front of her before she tore in it. 

Slowly Allan walked at her side. Slowly he pulled a knife out of his pocked and cut into a part of the dead Dinosaur that still was unharmed. Slowly he cut three pieces out of it. Each one as big as a large steak. After the last one he stopped for a short moment before he cut a fourth piece out of it. Then he pulled a plastic bag out of his other pocket, in which he put the bloody Parasaurolophus steaks. Then he watched how Spina took her meal.



Near the Velociraptor nests.



Slowly Kelly took her meal. The carcass was old and for the Raptors it stinks like hell but for Kelly it was just right. Sarah watched as the large female T-Rex ripped the rotten flesh of the bones and swallowed it. Memories entered her head. Memories of when Kelly was a human girl and not a Dinosaur. Slowly she turned around and walked back to the nests. Eric still lay at the ground. Most of the blood has been sucked into the ground. Slowly she kneeled down and held her hand in front of his nostrils. His breath was weak but steady. The bandages she made were slowly showing small red spots at the outside. The wound still was bleeding, but not that strong than before. If Sarah only knew if it was cause of her treatment or cause that his body simply run out of blood. Slightly she patted Eric’s neck. A short shudder ran through his body and his eyelids lifted a little bit before he closed his eyes again.

The sound of breaking twigs caused Sarah to look up. Just in time to see how Elia bust in full speed through the bushes.

Totally out of breath Elia put the small bottle, she was carrying in her mouth, on the ground before she collapsed totally exhausted next to Eric.

Sarah grabbed the bottle and looked at the label before she pulled a syringe out of her bag and filled it at the bottle. Then she stuck the needle in Eric’s arm and pressed the medicament into his body.


“Will he…be…okay?” The translator translated Elias question.


“I don’t know.” Sarah answered. “We will see.”



Chapter 26


Was everything just a dream?




“Mr. Kirby!” A male voice called and somehow Eric knew this voice. “Mr. Kirby!” Again the same voice. Just a little bit louder.

If Eric only could remember whom this voice belongs to.

“MR. KIRBY!!!” The scream ripped Eric out of his thoughts. 

Suddenly Eric opened his eyes. In front of him and his desk stood a man in a gray suit. He had thick, black hair and a very angry expression on his face. Eric looked around. Several other Teenagers were sitting next to him and most of them were smiling in his direction. He definitely was in a classroom.


“Good morning Mr. Kirby. I hope you had a good sleep during my lesson.” The man asked with an arrogant tone in his voice.


“Sorry Mr. Degrute.” Eric said, slowly remembering where he was and who this man was.


“Sorry for what? Mr. Kirby. Are you sorry for the sun to shine?” his math teacher asked sarcastically.


“I am sorry for sleeping during your lesson. Mr. Degrute.” Eric said while looking down at his table.


“Ah now we get somewhere. If you really feel sorry you wouldn’t mind to stay a little bit longer today? Lets say three hours.” Mr. Degrute asked.


“I don’t mind Sir!” Eric could bite his tongue off as soon as his answer has left his mouth.


“Good that three hours means nothing to you, cause now they are four.” With these words his teacher turned around and continued with his lessons.


Eric looked around everything looks so different. He looked at his hands. Five fingers. Everything normal. He looked out of the window. A Street with parked cars. Some houses. A blue sky. Some trees. He looked down at his feet. Everything quite normal. But something was missing. He looked out of the window again. The house had white walls and six windows…but behind these windows somehow was nothing. The cars looked all the same. No types no numbers. He looked around in the class. Everyone looked quite normal except the loss of details. The only one who could be seen totally clearly and detailed was Mr. Degrute. A nightmare of a teacher. This man was able to change a perfect day into hell with only one smile. 


“Mr. Kirby!” Mr. Degrute ripped Eric out of his thoughts. “Would you be so kind and tell us the solution of this mathematical problem here at the board?” He held the piece of chalk in Eric’s direction.

Eric looked at the board, but only could see white lines on it. That’s when he realized what was wrong with him. He saw his own memories. Now other memories flooded into his mind younger ones.


“What’s wrong Mr. Kirby? Nothing to say?” Mr. Degrute asked.


“Yes.” Eric answered as he saw how his five fingers slowly merged into three clawed fingers and his skin turned scaly.


“Oh? What could that be? The solution? Or your apologize for dreaming again, but this time with open eyes?” Mr. Degrute said.


“Run!” Eric said with an evil smirk as his nose vanished. Absorbed by the slowly growing muzzle. Sharp teeth filled his maw and Eric felt how his tail ripped through his trousers and his claws poked through his shoes. In a blink of an eye the Velociraptor Eric replaced the human Eric Kirby.


“That was the wrong answer Mr. Kirby!” Mr. Degrute smiled his feared smile. “The correct answer would have been…”


“Yeah?” Eric hissed his question and interrupted so Mr. Degrute. He was ready to pounce on him and rip him apart. And he liked it.


“Wake up!” With these words the whole room vanished in white light. Eric rushed forward and attacked Mr. Degrute but as soon as he jumped at him, he simply vanished, too.


Suddenly Eric stood there alone on a white plane.


“Eric!” A female voice echoed over this plane. “Eric! Wake up!”


Suddenly Eric remembered the voice.


“Elia!” He shouted.


“Eric!” Elias voice echoed over the plane again.


Suddenly the white light around him started to blind him. He closed his eyes and moved his head to the side.


“He moved!”  Elia shouted. Slowly Eric opened his eyes and stared into Elia’s face.


“Elia?” Eric moaned his question in a sleepy voice.


“Your okay! Your okay!” She shouted happily before she started to rub her head against his head. “I thought that I might have lost you.”


“Elia. Please! Let me stand up first.” Eric complained about Elia’s outburst.


Elia stopped and Eric slowly tried to stand up. It hurts like hell. It was almost that bad, like when the tail of that Ankylosaur hit him.


“You shouldn’t stand up yet!” Sarah said. “The medication did a wonder to let you survive such an injury but it has still to heal!”


“Thank you!” Eric said when he looked up at Sarah.


“Thank not me! Thank Elia! She rushed almost over the whole island in record time to save you.” Sarah smirked.


Slowly Eric looked at Elia before he started to rub his head on her, slightly. “Thank you!”



Chapter 27


A live to change



Slowly Spina opened her eyes and yawned. The sun just has started to send her sunbeams through the clouds. Spina took a deep breath, but again she only was able to smell Alan. But this day he smelled different. She still could identify him as Allan but somehow the species, she smelled, didn’t fit to the body she saw.

When she closed her eyes, she could swear to smell another Spinosaur, but a male one.

Slowly she started to sniff Allan.

Definitely Spinosaur. Allan, but as a Spinosaur. The smell almost made her drunken. Slowly she started to rub her head at the sleeping Allan. At first slightly, than stronger and stronger. So strong that Allan woke up.


“Spina!” He shouted totally surprised. “Stop that! You crush me! What the hell is wrong with you?”


“You smell so good.” Spina wrote into the dirt.


“Yeah? Like what? A snack?” Allan asked a little bit worried.


“Like another Spinosaur.” Spina wrote.


“What?” Allan shouted totally surprised but Spina only tipped with the stick in her maw at what she has written.


“And you seem to be a little bit larger, too.” She wrote before she pointed at his trousers, which were a little bit short for his legs.


“You want to say, that I change into a Spinosaur?” He asked. Spina only nodded.


“I would be very happy if that would happen!” She wrote.


“I don’t know. I like my human body. Before I can say anything, I have to run some tests first. Maybe I just need a shower and new trousers. Would you mind to give me a ride to the base?” Allan asked.


Spina looked a little bit sad but nodded. She liked the idea, that Allan might become a male Spinosaur far better than, that he might need a shower. Carefully she grabbed Allan with her maw and lifted him at her back, so he could grab her large sail and climb to her neck.

It took them several hours back to the base.

When they finally arrived they saw how Sarah climbed the stairs to the entrance very slowly. Almost her whole body was sprinkled with dried blood and at her side she carried a Red Cross bag. She looked really tired.


“Oh my God Sarah!” Allan shouted. “What the hell happened to you?”


“Huh? Oh hi Allan.” Sarah said with a very tired voice before she yawned.


“What happened?” Allan asked again.


“I sewed Eric together.” Sarah said.


“What?” Allan shouted.


“He had a fight two days ago and got seriously injured. I haven’t slept for two full days. I need a warm shower and then my bed.” Sarah answered her eyes almost closed. Slowly she turned around and continued her way upstairs.


“What is with Eric? Is he alright?” Allan wanted to know.


“Huh? Oh…yes… he’s fine. We…” She yawned again. “ Elia got the medication from the other lab and this fixed him really fast. You look like you could use a shower, too. Allan. And smell like it. Good night…day… whatever…night.” She reached the door and disappeared inside.


“A shower is really a good idea. Spina would you mind to wait here?” He asked while rubbing his hand up and down her right leg. She only nodded.


Allan now walked inside, too. And towards the showers of the lab changing room. But not before he got new clothes from what was his room.

After half an hour he came out of the lab again. Totally clean. 


“So? Tell me what you smell now?” He said, while he spread his arms. Spina started to sniff him for a few minutes, before she grabbed a piece of metal that leans at a wall.


“I smell soap…and Spinosaur.” She wrote smiling, what looked like she wanted to swallow Allan the next moment.


Allan let his arms fall at his side.


“I go back inside to run some tests.” He said with a sad voice. Slowly he turned around and went back inside into the lab, grabbed a syringe, took some blood out of his arm and started his tests. Spina used the time for a short hunt and was able to get a Pachycephalosaur for lunch before she took a long nap in the parking lot.


The next morning. Allan sat totally demotivated in front of the monitor and looked as destroyed like Sarah the day before. Just without the blood.

That was the moment when Sarah entered the lab.


“Good morning Allan.” She said.


“Would you mind to take a look at this?” Allan only asked, while he pointed at the monitor. “And please tell me what you think about it.”


Sarah gabbed a chair and sat down next to him. Slowly she started to read the results of the tests.


“Looks like a retro-virus.” She said. “It slowly changes the DNA of the host into the DNA it carries with it. Looks just like… Oh you didn’t know this yet.” Sarah said. “We knew why Spina changed back that night.”


“Why?” Allan asked.


“We took a blood sample of her when she arrived. Do you remember?” Sarah asked.


“Yes.” Allan answered.


“Well it seems, that she changed the same way Eric did. Just the other way. From Dinosaur to Human. Both changed cause of the retro-viruses InGen used to reconstruct and multiply the Dinosaur DNA.” Sarah explained.


“I see. But why changed Spina back and Eric didn’t?” Allan asked.


“Well it seems, that the only thing that didn’t change for some time, is the immune system of the body. A human infected by the Retrovirus hasn’t a strong enough immune system to get the virus eliminated. But a Dinosaur’s immune system can. It took some time and the changes seem completed but it can. Spina only looked like a human on the outside. Her DNA was over fifty percent Spinosaur, all the time. It affected only the DNA parts of the body construction but when her immune system overpowered the virus, her cells were able to repair the damage the virus caused. Cause there were still enough intact cells. So she returned to her old self.” Sarah explained totally enthusiastically.


“Is there any way to get infected with this virus?” Allan asked.


“If the virus isn’t directly injected in the bloodstream, by a syringe or a wound, no. Maybe through body fluids. But I’m not sure about that.” Sarah said, before she continued to look at the results.


“It looks like the poor guy here will be changed in a few days. The Virus has already changed a really big part of the DNA yet.” Sarah said. “Whose sample is it?”


“The poor guy sits here.” Allan said while raising his hand. 





Chapter 28


What a new live brings



Allan has never see Spina happier before, when he told her what he just had found out. But he wasn’t too happy with it. Or better said not totally happy. At least he would be able to understand her again and he was happy, that they would be of the same species again. The only thing he dislikes, was that it wouldn’t be his species.

He was very quiet the whole way back to Spina’s nest and the rest of the day.


One week later.

The last few days went rather uneventful. Some minor changes occurred but nothing serious. His hearing increased, like his sense of smell. His body didn’t continue his growth spurt but therefore his hunger increased. But now the changes seem to accelerate.  When he awoke this day, his skin felt very dry and his fingernails were gone. Instead of them the tips of sharp, black claws started to push out of three of his fingertips, while it seems, that his ring finger and his small finger have started to melt together. His thumbs were noticeable smaller. At the end of this day he was only able to move the three remaining fingers at his hands. To grab things became very difficulty and when Spina brought him his meat, it was almost impossible to grab it. The next day his hands completed their changes and left him with what looked like smaller versions of Spina’s claws. His skin has started to develop scales and has darkened to a mixture of brown and dark green. From now on he was forced to eat his meat raw and only by using his teeth and claws, like Spina.

The next day the changes continued even faster than the day before. His mouth has started to grow outwards while his nose fused with the elongating mass that soon would be his maw. At least he was able to use his arms still how he was used to. Even with the changed hands. So it doesn’t wonders him much, when he felt the starts of the growing sail when he checked his back. He now looked like a strange mixture between a human and a Spinosaur. When Spina arrived with the meat and wished him a good appetite, he thought, that he almost had understood what she growled. But he wasn’t totally sure until the next morning.


“Allan! Wake up!” Spina shouted totally happy.


“Not so loud, please. I have the worst headache in my whole life.” Allan moaned, his eyes still closed.


“You have finished your changes.” She shouted.


“What!” Allan shouted, but was moaning in pain at the next moment. “Could you repeat that more quiet, please?” He felt as if a truck had hit him.


“You have finished your changes.” Spina repeated this time more quiet than before.


“Oh no.” Allan moaned.


“Oh yes.” Spina said quite happy. “Congratulations. You now really belong to the top of the food chain.”


“Spina. Humans are at the top of the food chain, too.” Allan groaned.


“I know. But only through their weapons. If they haven’t any of them, I would say that they are fast food.” She said smiling.


“SPINA!” Allan roared out loud.


“Oh come on… I only made a joke.” She grinned. “Now that I don’t have to write them anymore.”


“At least one thing that seems positive to me about my change.” Allan said while he tried to stand up. His muscles hurt like hell when he moved them. Spina supported him as well as she could. Finally he stood on his legs and looked at himself.


“You are very beautiful.” Spina said smiling but then her smiling dropped a little bit. “But now I’m not the largest being on this island anymore.” That was true. Allan was a little bit larger than her when he was standing there. 


“Would you mind if you teach me how to hunt? I’m hungry like hell.” Allan finally said after a short while. Spina only nodded before she turned around.


“Follow me.” She said smiling before she started to walk into the jungle.    



In another part of the isle.


Eric’s wound was making great progresses. And soon it would be only a scar at his chest. But still he was only able to watch while his pack killed a Parasaurolophus to eat. He missed the hunting, but Sarah told him not to hunt until the wound has been healed completely.

When the others have finished the hunt Elia stepped towards him. Her maw was covered with blood.


“What’s wrong Eric? You are looking so depressed.” She asked.


“What kind of Alpha am I? I’m standing here and can only watch while the rest of the pack gets the food like I did when I came here.” Eric asked with a sad voice.


“You are a good Alpha. The others know, that you are injured and can’t help in the hunt right now.” Elia answered. “You have proven, that you are a good Alpha many times. And now go and take your bite.” She said smiling.


“I don’t even have taken part in the hunt. How could I claim the right for the first bite?” Eric sighed.


“Cause you are still the Alpha.” She said while nuzzling him.  


Eric sighed before he slowly walked towards the carcass and took his meal before the others were allowed to eat. The fresh meat tasted great, but he was still in a bad mood. After he finished his meal he walked back to the nests. Sarah already awaited him to give him the next shot of his medication.


“You look depressed.” Sarah said while she gave him his shot.


“How can you see this?” the translator translated.


“Your head feathers are down.” Sarah answered. “Where is the problem?”


“I’ve been almost killed in a fight, I have lost a son and now I don’t can do my duty as an Alpha… and I am still the Alpha.” He answered.


“I see.” She said. “You shouldn’t take this too serious.”


“You mean I’m allowed to hunt again?” He asked while his head feathers rise.


“No!” She answered while his head feathers fall back. “I mean with this Alpha part. You’ll be killing other Dinosaurs again, soon enough. And the pack stood behind you when your son used his claw in the fight. Elia told me about it. They could have taken your son as their new Alpha but they didn’t. They preferred you and not your son. And it wasn’t very son like to use his claw against his father…even if it was for the Alpha position.”


“I’m only… I mean… I’m totally useless at the moment.” Eric shouted.


“That’s not true and you know that. You’ll be okay in a few days again and then you can hunt your own food.” Sarah said.


“Maybe you’re right.” He sighed. “By the way… How’s Allan doing? I haven’t seen him since I’ve led him to his beloved Spinosaur.” Eric asked.


“Well if my theory is right he might have finished his changes today or tomorrow.” Sarah answered.


“SAY WHAT?” Eric shouted totally surprised.    




Chapter 29


New needs



“What kind of changes?” Eric asked after a short moment. “Don’t say, that he changes into a Spinosaur.”


“Yes, but he didn’t want it.” Sarah explained.


“What do you mean?” Eric asked.


“Well… It wasn’t planned. Spina changed into a human, because of a virus. And when she and Allan had sex as humans… Allan got this virus, too. Together with some strings of Spina’s original DNA.” Sarah explained. 


“I see. Well at least she isn’t able to swallow him now.” Eric answered before he turned around.


“Where do you go?” Sarah asked.


“Into my nest. Maybe a little bit sleep speeds the healing process up.” The translator translated Eric’s answer.



Meanwhile at another part of the island.


“Damn, stupid!” Allan let out a very frustrated roar.


“Another branch Allan?” Spina smiled.


“Yeah!” He replied a little bit angry. “This stupid sail!”


“You’ll get used to it.” Spina said. “All you have to do is to duck.”


“I do! DAMN!” Another branch hit the front of his sail. “That hurts!”


“You only duck your head. You have to turn your back a little bit to the side. You’ll learn this very fast. Believe me.” Spina explained.


“If you say so.” Allan answered before a twig hit him in his face. Annoyed he roared again before he grabbed the whole branch with his maw and ripped it off of that tree.


Suddenly Spina stopped.


“Shh! Be quiet!” She said before she started to sniff the air.


Suddenly Allan was able to smell it, too. A tasty and seductive smell that instinctively made his maw to water.

“What is it?” He asked quietly.


“Prey.” Spina whispered. “Before us. Not far away.”


“What shall I do?” Allan asked.


“I’m going to the right side of it. You to the left. Try to move as close as possible to its position. And try to make no sound.” Spina whispered.


Allan only nodded before he turned to the left side and Spina to the right. The smell became stronger and stronger with each step. He moved very slowly and tried not to make any kind of sound. Suddenly a rustling in the bushes right in front of him could be heard. He stopped and stared at the bushes. Nothing happened for a few moments. Slowly he made a few steps towards the bushes. Again they were rustling. It couldn’t be a larger herbivore. The bushes were too small to hide a Dinosaur that was as big as a Parasaurolophus or bigger.

Now he towered just above the bushes and looked down.

A Pachycephalosaur was ripping leaves of the twigs and a few steps away stood another one and another. It seems that there was a whole herd of this kind. And everyone was busy with eating. The Pachycephalosaur stopped eating and started to sniff the air. Slowly he looked up.

Allan moved his head very fast and before the small Dinosaur could react he wiggled between Allan’s jaws. It yelled in pain as Allan started to crush its tiny body between his jaws. The other Pachycephalosaurs doesn’t even need a second to start to rush in the opposite direction. Just where Spina was. She simply grabbed one out of the run with her maw and smashed the Pachycephalosaur against a tree before she started to swallow her prey.


“The first time the food rushed in my direction instead of the other.” She laughed when she finished her meal.


“I think that they wouldn’t have taken that direction if they had known that you were there.” Allan answered.


“Maybe…” Spina smirked. “You’ve done well for your first hunt.”


“Thank you.” Allan said, while walking closer to her. “So? What do we do now?”


“We could visit Sarah if you want?” Spina asked. “Maybe we’ll find anything else to eat on the way to the base.”


“Okay then… let’s go.” Allan answered.


Some hours later at the human base.


Slowly Allan and Spina walked out of the jungle. The first thing that caught Allan’s view was John’s Helicopter at the helipad.


“It seems that John is here for a visit, too.” Allan said more to himself than to Spina.


Both Spinosaurs stopped at the parking lot and looked around. After a short while and after Allan has sent a very loud Roar over the island, Sarah finally walked out of the building. Together with John Hammond.


“You’re very impressive Allan.” Sarah only said after a few moments. “Are you able to speak?”  Allan shook his head. “But you are able to write?”


This time Allan nodded.


“That’s good.” Sarah said. “Cause John wants to ask you for a favor.”


“What kind of favor?” Allan wrote his question into the dirt with his claw.


“Well we slowly run out of money. So we want to get some investors, which want to support our researches here. Long story short. I want to ask you, to talk to them in a few months on the continent.”


“Like this?” Allan only wrote.


“Yeah. Maybe Billy will be able to create another translator with your help.” John said. “Can I count on you?”  



Chapter 30


Hard to believe



“I can’t believe, that I’m doing this.” Allan muttered to himself while he laid there in complete darkness in the stomach of that Cargo ship.

“If I had only more room to move.” He growled, but he knew exactly, that this wouldn’t help much. “I only hope, that I don’t get sea sick. They won’t like to see what I’ve eaten last.” 


“Oh stop complaining!” Sarah said as she walked down the stairs. The small Translator had translated each of Allan’s growls perfectly.


“You could have sedated me. So I wouldn’t be awake the whole trip. Just to wake up and get out of this tiny box.” Allan answered.


“And what happens if we cause you to get a narcoleptic shock? You remember Tyr’s Dad? And you would be much more dangerous to deal with, if you get out of control.” Sarah said.


“I wouldn’t eat anyone… maybe some animals but no humans.” Allan said.  “How long do I have to stay in here, anyway?”


“Somewhat about six hours.” Sarah answered.


“Oh no.” Allan only moaned.



Six hours later:



The cold night air streamed suddenly into the cargo bay when the large doors were opened.


“Finally!” Allan shouted when he slowly stood up and walked out of the ship. A few guards slowly backed off when they saw him coming out of the cargo bay. Slowly he looked around until his view rested o a large truck with a huge cage on the trailer.


“I hope this isn’t, what I think it is.” Allan growled.


“Yep, your ride.” Sarah replied smiling.  


“No way that I will travel with this!” Allan roared.


“It’s only for three miles.” Sarah argued. “And a few cows are awaiting you there.”


Fifteen minutes later:


“How did she get me to do this? How?” Allan growled as he lay on the trailer and the cage has been shut. Then a huge fake container was placed over the cage and blockaded the view on Allan. Slowly the truck moved out of the harbor. When it stopped again somewhat about twenty minutes later and the container was lifted again, Allan found himself in an amphitheater like building, what remembered him much of Jurassic Park. Sarah jumped out of the truck.


“Only three miles and it needs twenty minutes?” Allan growled.


“City traffic.” That was everything, what Sarah answered. Slowly some workers started to remove the cage with a crane and Allan was finally able to stand up. Slowly he stretched himself and yawned.


“Shouldn’t there be the cows you’ve promised?” Allan asked when he slowly looked around.


Before Sarah could answer something a door swung open and some workers pushed a cow outside. As soon as the cow saw Allan it tried to flee but not through the door. But over the open place. Allan sprinted forward and the ground shakes under his steps. Soon he reached the cow and was able to grab her with his maw. He smashed the cow at the ground and literary ripped her apart. The blood wet the ground and Sarah had to look away. 

When Allan has finished his meal he slowly walked back to Sarah with a blood smeared snout and claws.


Slowly Sarah turned around and winked him to follow her. If she had opened her mouth she surely had to puke. Slowly they walked to a huge door. It remembered Allan strong at the Jurassic Park Gate. Inside the building sat John Hammond on a chair. It was a gigantic empty hall.


“It was supposed to be some kind of zoo. I mean this building.” John started. “The cow was good?” He asked smiling.


“Tasty.” That was all the Translator translated of Allan’s short speech.


“I’m glad to hear that.” John answered. “In this room will be the presentation. Here you’ll meet the investors. I invited even Dr. Settler.”


“Ellie will be here?” Allan asked totally shocked. “Have you told her about my condition?”


“No. Only that you’ll be here.”  John replied.


“Oh no. She’ll freak out, if she sees me like this.” Allan moaned.


“Almost everyone will freak out. That’s a big part in my plan.” John explained smiling.


“What plan?” Allan and Sarah asked at the same time.



The next evening.



The hall was filled with chairs. Everyone wore a dress or a suit. Only Allan stood there as ever since a few months. He got a shower this morning. One of the benefits of this complex was a huge shower. A special construction for Dinosaurs. It felt really great until the normal water stopped and a strange liquid that smelled strong after a disinfectant were pumped against his body with high pressure. It burnt in his eyes. But only a little bit. Then again the normal water. And finally he was dried through a warm blow. Not bad at all. Except the disinfectant.


“When do your guests arrive?” Allan asked.


“In somewhat about half an hour.” John answered after a short look at the clock. “But Ellie should be hear in five to ten minutes.” John smiled.





Chapter 31


What Now?


“If that’s so, I should hide myself until you two told her about me.” Allan said before he turned around and walked through a gate that separated the two halls.


Almost as soon as he disappeared the door on the other side of the hall was opened and Ellie walked inside.


“Hello John!” She greeted the old man. “How are you?”


“Fine, fine. Couldn’t be better.” He smiled.


“Hello. I’m Ellie Settler.” Ellie introduced herself to Sarah.


“Sarah Harding. Nice to meet you.” Sarah answered.


“So… where’s Allan? You told me that he’d be here, too.” Sarah asked John.


“Oh he is. Just walk through that gate.” He pointed at the gate Allan just walked through, a few seconds before.


“Thanks John. I have to ask him something important.” With these words she stormed into the direction of the gate.


“Ellie wait!” John shouted.


“I’m back in a minute. I just have to ask him something.” Ellie shouted back while she was still walking. A blink of an eye later she reached the half open gate.


“Oh shit.” Sarah only said.


A loud scream echoed through the hall.


“Yes.” John only answered while looking a little bit stressed.


Allan’s roar could be heard and Ellie rushed out of the gate.


“RUN!” She shouted at the both. As she was at the same high of them Sarah grabbed her and forced her to stop.


“Are you crazy!” Ellie shouted. “Don’t you know what stands there behind those doors?”


“Yep. We know. It’s Allan.” Sarah said, earning a very strange look of Ellie. Then Ellie looked at John.


“It’s true. It is Allan. That was what I wanted to tell you before. He… well… has changed a little bit.” John tried to find the right words.


“That’s not possible!” Ellie shouted. Heavy but slow steps could be heard out of the other hall. “We have to run!”


“No it is Allan! Believe me!” John shouted.


“He’s right!” Allan’s voice could be heard out of the gates. Ellie looked back just to see how Allan walked through the gate. “Haven’t I told you two to tell her about me?”


“Yep but she was too fast.” Sarah answered.

Slowly Allan lowered his large head at the height of Ellie’s.


“Hi Ellie.” He growled. The translator needed some time but finally it translated what he said. Ellie stood there with her eyes wide open, starring at the tip of the big snout in front of her.


“That’s impossible!” She finally said after almost three minutes.


“A grown out Spinosaur stands in front of you, without trying to eat you and you say that this is impossible?” Allan asked. “I think that unusual would fit far better.”


A worker stepped closer to the group.


“Mister Hammond. The guests will arrive soon. Any last orders?” He said.


“No. As long as everyone stay where he is supposed to be.” John answered. The worker only nodded, turned around and walked out of the hall.


“Well Allan. I think, it will be better if you wait in the other hall from now on. Until I call for you.” John started. “Ellie. If you want, you can go with him to talk.”

Slowly Allan turned around and walked back through the large gate into the other hall. Ellie waited a short moment but started to follow him. Slowly the gates closed behind her and she and Allan were alone in the empty hall.


“So…” She started. “How happened this?”


“John’s scientists somehow managed to develop a new kind of sexual transmitted disease.” Allan answered.


“What? A sexual transmitted disease? You want to say, that you’ve slept with a Dinosaur?” She shouted disgusted.


“Technically no… and yes.” He answered.


“Could you get a little bit more specific about that?” Ellie asked.


“Spina wasn’t a Dinosaur at that moment. She falls into another lab and changed into a human through some viruses John’s scientists used before. Technically seen she was human but a part of her DNA structure stayed intact and so her body was able to undo the changes. Unfortunately we had sex before she changed back. The Virus had already packed itself with her DNA and so I got infected with it and changed into the Spinosaur you now see before you.” Allan explained.


“That’s still disgusting. She was a Dino and you knew it. Even when she had the body of a human, she was a Dinosaur.” Ellie shouted.


“I don’t know why you are overreacting so much about this theme. If you weren’t already married I would say that you are jealous.”


“WHAT!” She yelled. A second later he gate was opened a little bit and Sarah stepped inside.


“Would you two stop making such a noise? The guests are arriving.” After she said this she turned around and walked out of the hall again.


“Okay.” Ellie took a deep breath before she continued. “I’m not jealous but I still think, that it is disgusting, that you have slept with a Dinosaur.”


“Oh come on, as if I had been the first one doing so.” Allan replied.


“What? There are more like you?” She asked unbelievable.


“Eric Kirby was the first one. He is the Alpha of the Raptor pack now. Then Ian and finally Ian’s daughter followed him. Both became T-Rexes.” Allan said.


“Ian? You don’t mean Ian Malcom, do you?” Ellie asked.


“The very same. Yes.” Allan replied.


“Okay. I will never step a single foot on this island.” Ellie said.


“Why not? It’s really save now for humans.” Allan said.


“Oh no. In the end I would end as a Velociraptor or a T-Rex or heaven knows what.”


Clapping sounds could be heard out of the other hall.


“That won’t happen.” Allan said.


“And this comes out of the maw of the person who got changed into a Spinosaur.” Ellie answered. 


“Point for you.” Allan only answered. Another wave of clapping could be heard out of the other hall and then John’s voice.


“What follows now is part of the program and I want to remember you, that everyone is save in here whatever will happen now. And now to our special guest.” Slowly the gates were opened.


“I have to go now.” Allan said to Ellie.


“Doctor Allan Grant.”

As soon as Allan walked through the gates screams filled the hall and many people tried to run to the exit. Only to find it closed.


“Ladies and Gentlemen. Please take your seats. I won’t eat anyone of you, if you now stop screaming and sit down.” Allan started. Many heads turned around unbelievable. First one or two started to move back to their chairs. Then more. Finally everyone was on his place again and Allan could start with his speech. He told them about the high increased security on the island. Of the changes and more things about Dinosaurs.


“I hope that I was able to show you, how far our work has gone now and how far it still is able to go. But to continue our work on Islar Sorna, we need your help. Each cent that is spent by you will save jobs.” And after a short moment after some guests already started to move to the still closed exit Allan continued. “And your lives.” 






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