Sturm's Territorium - Die etwas andere Dinosaurierseite

I Don’t Own Jurassic Park and its characters

Jurassic Park: Changed Perspectives

(By Silver11k)


The story sets in, short after the attack of the two T-Rex at the sleeping group in Jurassic Park Two. Ian Malcolm and his daughter where left at Sorna. While the others were rescued, they were thought of being dead.
Ian Malcolm gets his arm somehow between the teeth of one of the T-Rexes. What normally would mean his end, but… see for yourself.



Chapter 1


Medical Research causes troubles




„Please don’t die now... don’t leave me alone here.“ A young girl sobbed, while Ian only lies there, bleeding on a table in a large room.


“Kelly.” Ian said with shaking voice. “I need something I can use as bandages.”


“Okay…” Kelly said before she rushed of to search something. She rushed through the building. It was some kind of Laboratory.

Medical research was painted above one door. Inside the lab there were several cupboards, filled with glass bottles and with some strange lab equipment. In a small box she found some bandages and was short before leaving the lab, when she saw a small bottle. It just looked like the bottles they used in hospitals, so she takes a closer look. She almost wasn’t able to read what was left of the label. But at least she thought, that it might be Morphine. So she grabbed the bottle and a syringe, she had found and rushed back to her father.


“Dad I’ve found some Morphine, too.” She gasped.


“Give it to me and the bandages, too.” Ian said slowly. He had lost much blood through the wound on his arm, which shows the bite mark of some teeth of a T-Rex. He was very lucky that the T-Rex suddenly let him loose and rushed off. He was even luckier, that it hasn’t ripped of his entire arm.

Slowly Kelly filled the syringe and injected it into the arm, before she started clan the wounds and to use the bandages, she had found.


“You’re a good girl. My inspiration.” Ian said smiling before he dozed off.


“Your queen.” Kelly sobbed.




The next morning:


Ian woke up and felt great. His hurt arm stung a little bit, but compared with the day before, he just felt like if he was new born.

But he was very hungry. That was no wonder. They haven’t eaten anything the last two days and it has cost his body much energy to replace the blood he had lost yesterday. 

Slowly he stood up and looked around.

Kelly still was sleeping on another table nearby so he decided to let her sleep. Slowly he walked through the building.

Most of the building was still functional. Only a few parts of the building like some windows were broken. After a short search he found the kitchen and in the next room the food storage. It was filled with a little bit canned food that seemed to be still okay, so he decided to make breakfast in the kitchen.

After a while it started to smell really good in the kitchen and a little bit later Kelly walked still sleepy into the room.


“DAD? What are you doing here? You have to rest!” Kelly was totally shocked to see he father cooking something and using his arm as if he wasn’t that wounded as he was yesterday.


“Making breakfast for us.” Ian answered.


“But your arm.” Kelly said.


“Stings a little bit, but that’s all.” Ian said.


“Let me see!” Kelly said. Slowly she removed the bandages, only to see an almost completely healed wound.

Ian stared at his arm in disbelieve, too. Where yesterday evening big wounds could be seen, there were today only a few red spots and some dried blood.


“That’s impossible.” Ian gasped, while he opened and closed his hand in disbelieve. “Where did you’ve found that small bottle yesterday.”


“In a lab.” She answered. “I thought that it was Morphine. It was in the Medical Research Lab.”


“Well I it seems to do a good thing to my wounds… let’s hope that there are no side effects.” Ian sighed. “But let us eat now. I’m very hungry… I could eat a horse.”


It was only strange that he still was hungry when they have finished their meal and he started to cook something different.




A few days later:



Not even a red spot could be seen on Ian’s arm. The wound was completely healed.

Ian stood in the door of the empty foot storage.

Damn has he eaten that much in the last few days? The room was filled with canned food only four days ago and now there were only a few cans there. Only vegetables. He looked at the empty cans lying around in a corner. Almost thirty empty cans.

And the strange thing was that he hasn’t gained any weight in those few days. But the hunger was still there.

If his hunger would keep that strong the last few cans would only be enough for one, maybe two days.

Has he really eaten thirty pounds of canned meat? No. Kelly was there, too. But she only eats a little bit and not such amounts. Maybe four or five pounds the last four days. But that would mean, that he still has eaten twenty-five pounds alone.

Hell he has to do something against the food shortage.

If only Sarah was here. She would have known which plants were edible and which not.

Keeps only one possibility. He has to go hunting and that would be difficulty enough. He never was hunting before. At least he had found a gun in one of the rooms and a few bullets.

Suddenly he looked up. He had heard something. A door, which has been closed. Somewhat around forty meters away. A well-known smell came out of this direction.


“Hi Kelly!” He said as she grabbed the door handle on the other side and walked into the kitchen.


“Hi Dad.” She said. “What will we have for meal?”


“Looks like beans.” He replied.


“Oh. Don’t we have anything else?” Kelly asked a little bit disgusted.


“No.” Ian sighed. “And I think that I’ll have to go hunting the next few days.”


“You and hunting?” Kelly asked in disbelieve.


“I’ll have to.” Ian sighed.




The next day:




Ian was outside and stood on a glade. Kelly was with him. He didn’t want to let her alone. So he decided to take her with him. At the moment she stood behind him. In front of him was a herd of smaller Dinosaurs he doesn’t know.  They were a little bit large as he was and had a beak like snout. They were walking on two legs. The Gallimimus herd ignored Ian completely.

Ian took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the Gallimimus. Strange how his sense of smell has increased in the last days, but he didn’t mind. As long as it helps him to get some food it wouldn’t be so bad.

Slowly he raised the gun, armed and shot.

The bullet failed the target, a small Gallimimus and hits a tree instead, but now the Herd was frightened and started to run away.


“Damn!” Ian shouted. He started to rush behind the herd firing the last few bullets at the herd and one bullet really founds a target.

One of the Gallimimus staggered and almost felt to the ground. Slowly, but fast enough the Gallimimus hobbled behind his heard.

The smell of blood reached Ian who was suddenly hit with feelings he had never felt before. He started to rush behind the wounded one. Kelly was almost not able to follow he father.

While he was running the smell of the blood almost made Ian drunken. He doesn’t realize that his body suddenly started to grow.


“DAD! STOP! PLEASE!” He heard Kelly shouting behind him but somehow he wasn’t able to stop.


His clothes were ripping at several parts of his body as a long tail erupts behind him and started to grow, balancing his body as he slowly leaned forward, still not realizing what’s happening with him. The blood smell keeps his mind still fogged, while he was rushing behind the wounded Dinosaur. He already had the feet and the arms of the T-Rex he was becoming as his head started to grow and his mouth filled with the long and sharp teeth, pushing outward into a muzzle.

The loss of blood slows the Gallimimus down and finally Ian reached it, grabbing it with his huge maw and started to move his head from one side to the other, really fast, breaking the Dinosaurs neck that way, before he started to tear it apart and to swallow it. When he has finished his meal his mind snapped back and he looked down at the almost eaten carcass and he looked down at himself before he shouted a disgusted T-Rex roar over the isle.

Then he turned around. A few meters behind him stood Kelly with wide-open eyes she stared at him. Slowly he walked to her. 



Chapter 2


A change of the body, but of the mind?




Slowly he walked towards Kelly. Even when she has seen the transformation of her father into this T-Rex she simply couldn’t believe it. Slowly she backed away from him. Her eyes still wide opened she saw her father walking towards her, his jaw blood red.

Ian stopped and looked at himself again. He still saw the brown green body of a T-Rex with the darker lines running from his head to the end of his tail. He roared in agony.

Kelly wasn’t prepared for that loud roar and suddenly turned around and rushed crying through the trees.

Seeing this Ian started to follow her in full speed, calling for her.


Kelly’s run ended a few hundred meters later as she ran against something solid. At first she thought that it might be a tree. Her eyes were filled with tears so she whipped the tears out of them. Then she looked up.

In front of her stood another T-Rex, who slowly turned around now. That was too much for Kelly now and she fainted.


The trees had slowed Ian down but his heart almost stopped as he saw that Kelly ran against the leg of another T-Rex.


“LET HER GO!” Ian roared at the other T-Rex, who slowly looked up.


“Who are you? You aren’t my mate.” The obviously female T-Rex said. While Ian remembered something Sarah said about the territory of the T-Rexes. So he tried something.


“And you are not in your territory!” Ian growled.


“What!” The female T-Rex shouted. “Is that your territory here?”


“Yeah!” Ian said while he tried to look impressive. Now he realized the first time how big he has become. He even was bigger as this female T-Rex. Not much but he was bigger.    


“Uhm… Sorry.” The female said. “Me and my mate were looking for such prey like that one. They have injured and raped our child and now my mate, too.”


“Yeah… I understand… but this one is my prey.” Ian pointed with his muzzle at Kelly, while he was showing his teeth.

The other T-Rex took a step backwards and Ian a step forward.


“In the end it will be dead and I’m not hungry jet. You may have it. I have to search for my child and my mate now.” With these words the female T-Rex turned around and walked away.


Slowly Ian looked down. In front of him lies Kelly still unconscious but he had problems to focus on her. He had to get her away from here. But how?


There exists only one possibility to carry her for him now.

Slowly he bowed down and took Kelly carefully into his mouth, using his teeth like tweezers and his sense of smell to detect her.

He lifted her off the ground and started to carry his daughter home.

He looked at the ground. There was a small puddle. Slowly he makes one step forward and as soon as his foot hits the ground the well-known waves emerged from its center.


“Damn, damn, damn. Why it has to be one of this big stupid beasts, why not a Raptor, why it has to happen anyway?” Ian mumbled, what emerges as low growls Kelly still between his teeth. 

Slowly she awakes off the small movements of his jaw.

But when she realized that she was stuck between the jaws of a T-Rex she suddenly started to scream, before she fainted again.


“If that happens every time it will be very difficulty to protect her.” Ian mumbled.

After a short time he reached the old lab. Carefully he lays Kelly at the ground and lies beneath her.

A few hours later both were asleep.

Slowly Kelly woke up. Not knowing where she was at first. Then the memories flooded back. The transformation of her father. The other T-Rex. And that she woke up between the jaws of a T-Rex.

As soon as this memory was back she started to look for wounds, but when she found none she slowly turned around. 

A short scream emerges her throat, what causes Ian to wake up, too. Kelly was short before running away again as her father yawned and slowly managed to stand up.


“D…Dad?” She asked with shaking voice. Ian only nodded, growling something. Slowly Kelly moved forward and holds her hand in front of her.

Ian bowed down and she touched his muzzle. He could smell her fear. He snorted and she moved her hand away.

Slowly he moved forward and touched her with his muzzle. She froze of fear and he slowly moved backwards.

Kelly still stood there not knowing what to do.


Slowly he lowered himself at the ground again.

Kelly walked to him and touched him again while he moved his head to the side to get a better look at her.

Kelly looked into his right eye. The pupil was still round but the rest of the iris was totally yellow.

Suddenly she rushed forward and tried to hug her father’s neck but her arms where too short. So she only leaned at his neck a cried.



Chapter 3





A few days later:


Ian has built his nest between two buildings of the old lab while Kelly has arranged her sleeping place inside the building in a small room with a strong steel door. The power still was online and so she was able to read some books she had found. One of these books seemed to be a list of the projects they had in these facility. The empty bottle stood near her bed on a small table. On its almost rotten label she found a code and as she looked through the list she discovered a project that had just that number.

It was a medicament that should help injured body tissue with the healing process. Well it did this very good. But why it could have changed Ian weren’t mentioned there.


She told it her father who had his own thoughts about this. He didn’t blamed John Hammond or anyone else for this. But himself. Why the hell did he went to this isle and why did every meeting with a T-Rex ends in an injury for him?

If that damn T-Rex wouldn’t have started to eat the dead man his arm was stuck under, all this would never had happened.

He yawned, what shows his teeth on a really impressive way. He was hungry. Really hungry and he knew that he had to go hunting again. Slowly he stood up and started to walk into the Jungle.


It has advantages, to be a T-Rex, too. He now was one of the biggest living predators. Maybe the biggest one, if that other male wasn’t bigger than him.


Instinctively he sniffed the air. A foul smell lies in the air. He followed the smell and it leads him to an old carcass.

He couldn’t tell what it was, but it was one of the larger Dinosaurs. The smell wasn’t repulsive.

Slowly he placed his right foot on it and started to rip large pieces of meat out of it.

Even when the meat was old, it tastes just great.

After almost ten minutes he finished his meal, but what could he bring home for Kelly? She wasn’t able to digest such rotten flesh.

Suddenly he heard something rustling in the bushes next to him and loud chirping, almost chattering sounds emerged the bushes. He moved his head over the bushes and looked down.


Two Procompsognatus were fighting about something, maybe the rank or for fun. Ian doesn’t know, but they haven’t realized that he stands there yet. But e realized that they would be just right for Kelly.

Slowly he bends his head downwards and opened his jaws. The two Compies still were to busy with there word fight, to realize what happened around them. First when Ian was only a few inches away from them with his head they stopped their chattering and looked up. But it was too late for them. With a sudden movement Ian’s head moved forward and his jaws closed.

He tastes the warm and fresh blood in his mouth and he felt the two small bodies between his teeth.

It was hard work for him and a huge amount of will strength not to swallow them. Slowly he made his way backwards to the old buildings.

Kelly already awaits him at the entrance. He dropped the two dead Compies at the ground, just in front of her.


“Ugh.” She said and her face went pale as she saw the two small, still bleeding carcasses in front of her.


“Is that for me.” She said, while her father only nodded growled a little bit.


“T-Thanks Dad.” She finally said, while she tried not to puke. Slowly she bent down and grabbed them with the tips of her fingers as she went inside the building. She knew, that her father only tried to care for her, but what should she only do with these two dead Compies?


She knew, that she had to cook them, but how? And what was even a better question. Would she be able to cook them, without to puke?

She could see the bite marks of her father on each ones neck.

She laid them at the table and grabbed a large and sharp knife. She knew, that she has to do this, if she doesn’t want to starve, cause she has eaten the last can of vegetables yesterday. She took a deep breath before she started to cut through the meat.

After a few minutes she was ready and in front of her lays the meat she was able to cut from the dead bodies. She put the meat in a pan and started to cook, while her father walked through the area, he meanwhile called his territory.

Slowly he stomped through the jungle, thinking about different things. He still was a little bit hungry and so he started to search for food again.

A few hours he still walked through his territory and still he hasn’t found anything to eat when suddenly a light smell of fresh blood was blown to his nose. He followed the scent and it leads it to a large grass area. With each step the smell of blood became stronger and stronger.

He looked into the distance and he spotted a movement in the large grass, near the carcass of a large herbivore. The smell told his nose, that it still was fresh and he started to run to it.


When he arrived, he surprised a pack of Velociraptors, which were eating from the carcass.

He roared out aloud and a female screamed a Raptor scream and the whole pack rushed away. Ian stopped, almost as surprised as the Raptors. They were afraid of him? Of course they were, he told himself. He was a T-Rex and they only small Raptors. Even when they outnumbered him, they wouldn’t stand a chance against him, or would they?

He stopped. Has he talked of himself as a T-Rex? But he was a human. Not in the body of one but at least, he was a human. The smell of the fresh meat and the blood draw his attention back to the carcass and he started to eat his second meal on this day, before he walked home, with an idea to get fresh meat for Kelly everyday, in his head.



Chapter 4


Parental Instincts and an Amok Run



Ian slowly awakes as the sun sent her first warm beams over Islar Sorna. He yawned and slowly stood up, before he started his walk to a very intimate place. When he returned a strange odor was carried by the wind.


„Ugh… Dad!“ Kelly stood near the entrance and watched as her father walked out of the jungle and back to her. She was weaving her hand in front of her nose to get the ugly smell away.


“Are you decayed in there?” She asked, pointing at his huge belly.


“Only the meat I’ve eaten yesterday.” Ian answered, but all his vocal cords produced were some growling sounds.


“We have to find a way to communicate… again.” Kelly said with a sad voice.

Ian moved forward and touched her with his snout and almost overturned her.


„No Dad! Stop this, please!” Kelly yelled as she struggled, not to fall down.


Ian chuckled. It sounded almost human like, but in a much deeper tone.

Suddenly he moved his head forward again and Kelly felt at the ground, just beneath a branch, that hung off a tree.

He grabbed the branch with his teeth and ripped it off. Then he started to write something at the ground with it.


“Ha, ha?” Kelly read it aloud. “Very funny Dad.” She looked at the letters again. They were very huge, almost one meter in diameter, but at least, she was able to read them.




A few days later.




Ian walked back to the old lab. A very big piece of raw meat in his mouth, for Kelly.

But with every step, he walked closer to the lab, the strange feeling grew, that something was wrong. Strange odors waved against his nostrils. Odors, those were different from Kelly’s, but definitely human. Has someone sent a rescue team? At first he heard sounds. Then voices. Voices, which were talking something in Spanish language.

He stopped. That couldn’t be a rescue team. If it were, it would be really late. And they would be only able to rescue Kelly.

He heard the sound of breaking glass. Then a scream. Kelly’s scream. A scream of fear. Suddenly he stormed forward as fast as he could. He even dropped the meat to the ground. The ground was shaking under his weight.

A few minutes later he reached the Lab and he saw how a human was entering the building and he carried a gun with him.

A rustling in the bushes and a suddenly cursing voice moved Ian’s attention away of the entrance, as a man walked out off the bushes beneath him.

Slowly the man looked up, before he started to scream out loud and to try to arm his gun at Ian, but it was too late for him. Ian grabbed the mans head between his jaws and crushed it.

Ian looked back at the building.

A few men were rushing out off the building, aiming with their guns in different directions. And one of them was forcefully kicking Kelly outside the building. Her hands have been bound at her back and she was crying.

A younger man started to call aloud for something or someone. Ian was sure that he meant the dead man at his feet.

He grabbed the dead man with his teeth and throw it with a sudden movement of his head, in the direction the group was. 

The body flew through the air and lands only a few meters away from them.

He heard screams. Ian looked at them, covered by some large trees and their branches.

One of the men sat crying near the dead body. Maybe the son of the dead one.

Kelly was saying something but one of the men closed her mouth by kicking her in the stomach with his boots.

Seeing this Ian got in rage. He sends an angry roar over the isle and breaks through the line of trees.

The young man raises his gun with an angry and hateful expression on his face. He was able to shot some shots at Ian, but the bullets missed Ian, still stomping forward. Another man rushed to the younger man and grabbed him at the shoulder and pulled him back. Yelling something at him.

Both turned around and started to run for their lives. When they reach the other ones they pulled Kelly off the ground and throw her into Ian’s direction at the ground, before they started to run away. Ian stopped in front of Kelly. She was crying but at least she seemed okay.

He rolled her at her stomach, so he was able to get access to the cord, which was used to bind her hands at her back. Carefully he chewed at it until her hands were freed again.


“Dad…” She sobbed. But at least she was okay. Hell those bastards would pay for this.


Their scent was still in the air, leaving a trace you couldn’t miss, if you are a T-Rex. They’ve hit his baby, his daughter.

Anger, Hate, Feelings of Revenge plus the hormones of a T-Rex in rage who tasted blood. A very deadly mixture, which drives Ian almost insane as he started to hunt them.

It takes only a short time before they came into his view again.

He roared again. They froze in their movement and looked back before they started to run again. Ian close behind them.

The distance between them shortened with each step Ian made, and only a few minutes later he was able to grab the last man of the group. A strange thought rushed through his head. A quotation of the bible. “The last ones will be the first...” Ian unwillingly had to chuckle about this while he stopped to rip this man apart and to swallow him. He roared again as he started to follow them again, but this time his roar was answered and that with two other roars and a more silent roar.

Ian still was too much behind the group to get the next one, as suddenly two other T-Rexes crushed through the woods from their side and each one of them grabbed one of the dwindling group. And a few meters later even a third, but smaller T-Rex came from the side and grabbed one.

Now there were only two men left. The one was the one who had kicked Kelly into her stomach and the other one, the man who had shot at him.


“The older one is mine! Do with the other what ever you want, but the old one is mine!” Ian roared as he rushed behind the man. The other T-Rexes just behind him. He hunt ended at the coast. A boat lies at the beach.

Together the two men shove it into the water and jumped on it. The younger one started the motor but before they the boat was able to speed up, Ian reached it and grabbed the old one, lifted him off the boat and crushed his tiny body with his jaws.

The boat speeded up and soon the water was too deep to follow.

Hard breathing Ian stood in the water. Blood dropped off his maw. He turned around.

Behind him stood the T-Rex family and stared at him.

And he stared back.



Chapter 5 


Small Talk




“I remember you!” The female T-Rex said.


„Yeah?“ Ian answered.


“You’re the one I met after my mate here has been captured.” She said.


“So. You are the other one, my wife was talking about.” The male T-Rex said, which was almost as large as Ian.


“Almost looks like that.” Ian said, feeling suddenly not right in his skin.


“By the way…” The male said. “ That was a really good hunt… just not in your territory.”


“Sorry…I’ve crossed the border and didn’t realized it.” Ian said.


“Oh no problem. Such stuff happens when go hunting and at least we had something of it, too.


“By the way… Thanks for your help.” Ian said.


“I have to thank you. This way we could show our son here how to hunt.” The male said pointing at the smaller Rex.


“I know him.” Ian said. “How’s your leg doing?”


“Fine…” The young Rex said. “But why do you know me? And why do you know, that my leg was broken? I’ve never met you before.” All three T-Rexes where now looking at Ian who started to feel quite miserable.


“Well… Let’s say, I wasn’t born at this isle.” Ian said.


“Now I’m curious. Where did you’ve met our son?” The male asked.


“Damn. Me and my big maw!” Ian sighed. “From that Trailer.”


“From what?” The female asked.


“The thing you two shoved over the cliff… The thing your son her was inside with three humans.” Ian said.


“Oh that thing.” The male started to remember. “Well we hit those bastards really hard after they’ve tried to take our son away from us. Maybe even to kill him if we haven’t interfered there. But even I can’t remember a third of us there.”


“They didn’t try to kill him!” Ian got angry. “They tried to help him! To heal his broken legs! And your way of thanking them was to try to kill them!” Ian yelled.


“What are you talking about?” The male yelled back. “At first they broke his leg and then when he wasn’t able to fight, they wanted to kill him in their nest-thing.”


“The one who hurt your son was the leader of another group! We tried to save and heal your son! Not to kill him!” Ian shouted.


“We?” The male looked confused.


“Yeah! We! I was in that trailer, too!” Ian said totally serious. Hearing this the other Rex started to laugh.


“Now I understand! You are joking!” The male laughed. “There is no way that one of us fit in such a small thing!”


“And what if I wasn’t a T-Rex at this moment?” Ian said still totally serious. Silence.


“You are not joking you are insane.” The female said.


“No I’m not! Ask me what you want off this theme and I’ll show you that I’m are not insane, nor joking.” Ian said.


“Then tell me what we did when we arrived first at this thing you call a trailer?” The female asked.


“You waited until we’ve let your son go. Then you brought him to a save place and then you came back, shoved the trailer over the cliff and in the end you’ve killed a man, who has tried to save us.” Ian said.


“Was there another one of us?” The female asked the male who shakes his head.


“No. At least I haven’t smelled anyone.” He answered before he talked with Ian again. “Why do you know this?”


“As I said I was in this trailer and I wasn’t born at this isle, nor as a T-Rex!” Ian said, seriously again.


“That can’t be! How could it be possible that a snack changed to one of our kind! Tell me!” The male said.


“One of you were eating a dead man off the ground. Unfortunately my arm was stuck under him while you were eating from him and you wounded me really bad. Somehow you were disturbed and I was able to get away unseen. My daughter and me managed to reach one of the old buildings. We thought, that it was the rescue point. It wasn’t and inside my daughter found a medicament. We thought that it may stop the pain but instead it changed my into one of your kind.” Ian stopped. “And why did all this happened! Cause my girlfriend was that stupid to carry your wounded son back to our camp, to heal his injury!” Ian shouted totally angry. Again silence.


“Did the humans in this thing have hurt you?” The male asked his son.


“No. They even gave me something. It stung first but then the pain went away.” The young one said.

A strange look passed the face of the male. He looked to his wife and then back to Ian.


“Could it be, that we’ve made a mistake?” He looked at his wife again.


“A mistake, that costs the life of a good man and me my humanity.” Ian growled.


“We are sorry for this. If we had known, that you only wanted to help our son, we never would have attacked you.” The female said.


“You said you have a daughter?” The male suddenly asked.


“Yeah.” Ian answered.


“Is she one of us, too?” The male asked.


“No. And if you dare to hurt or eat her I’ll going to kill you! Like I did with the men I killed today.” Ian said.


“That wasn’t my intension. It’s only that we have a lack of females at this island and if… I mean your daughter and my son would have made a good pair, I think. Can’t you change her, too?” The male asked.


“Never!” Ian shouted. “I would have to hurt her and the second is that I never would change her into a…”


“At least you understand why we have done this… Mistake in the past.” The male said.


“What? Why should I understand this?” Ian asked.


“You did the same a few moments ago!” The male said. “I hope it wasn’t a mistake, too.”


“No. I’ve seen how they’ve hit her!” Ian said.


“Well…then you did the right thing. I still can’t believe it somehow that you have changed, but if you really did, you’ve become a real T-Rex. And I say this as a compliment.” The male said. “Your daughter is safe from us. We won’t harm her and if you need anything, just come to us!”


Ian stood there unable to say a word. He was shocked. The last sentence hit him really bad. Even more as if the male would have attacked him. A real T-Rex. No. That can’t be! That may not be.


“I… have to go now. Have to look for my daughter. Thanks.” Ian said as he slowly started to walk away.


“No we have to thank you!” The female said.


Then Ian walked back to the lab and the T-Rex family just in the other direction. He speeded up, while thoughts rushed through his brain.

He really wasn’t better than a borne T-Rex. He has killed three humans and devoured two of them in rage. He has hunted humans. His own kind. Could it be that he might even kill Kelly when he god in rage?

No! That might not happen. And if she was a T-Rex, too?  No, No, No! She would be much more saver but then she would have to be together with this damn stupid beast!


Ian stopped, thinking of the conversation he had only a few minutes ago. If they were stupid beasts. Then he is one, too.

He roared in agony.


At this time Kelly sat in the old medical research lab. She had found a bottle similar to the one she had used on her father. She had tears in her eyes. What if these men have shot him? What would she do then? She looked at the small bottle in front of her. What if?

Suddenly she heard the heavy footsteps outside. In front of the building stood her father. Chewing on something.


She rushed forward and started to hug his leg, crying.



Chapter 6


An unexpected guest



This evening, Kelly didn’t sleep in the building. She slept in the nest, too. At her fathers side.

Somehow she had the feeling, that this is the most certain place at the whole island. Slowly she woke up the next morning. Her father still was sleeping. Slowly she walked to his head and takes a closer look at some of his big teeth, which could be seen poking out from his upper jaw.

She knew that her father wouldn’t do this if he were awake. So she pressed her arm against the tip of one tooth and pressed as hard as she could. But she wasn’t able to cause a wound on her arm. Instead Ian woke up. He yawned and slowly stood up, before he grabbed a stick with his yaws and wrote a “Good morning” into the sand.


Then he saw the red spot on her arm, where she has tried to injure herself and her strange expression on her face.


“Is anything wrong?” He wrote into the sand.


“Dad would you mind to… to bite me in the arm?” Kelly said.


“WHAT? WHY?” Ian roared, while Kelly backed away from him. She didn’t understood what he had asked. He realized it and wrote it in the sand.


“It would be much saver and…* Ian interrupted her with another T-Rex roar.


“What the hell are you talking about?” He wrote.


Kelly took a deep breath before she pulled the bottle she had found out of her pocket and holds it in front of her father’s right eye.


“WHAT! NEVER! ARE YOU INSANE?” He started to roar out loud.


Kelly pressed her hands against her ears. Again she didn’t understood, but she could think what he had said.


“B…But Dad! Let me explain…” Another salvo of roars interrupted her. “DAD!”


“You can’t be serious…” With a sudden movement Ian moved his head forward and grabbed the tiny bottle with his teeth and pulled it out off her hands.


“Dad! Give it back!” Kelly yelled, but Ian just throws it with a fast movement of his head against a nearby rock. It burst and the ground soaked up the liquid.

“Why did you do this?” Kelly started to cry. “Everything I wanted was to be like you. To understand you again, Dad. To be able to protect myself.”


Ian felt a little miserable, but he knew, that it was the only right thing he could have done. Slowly he bowed down and started at first to nuzzle her and then to rub his head light at her, to show her, that he wasn’t mad at her and to cheer her up.


“All I want is to be your daughter again.” Kelly sobbed.


The answer of her father was a silent growling sound, before he started to write again.


“But you still are my daughter…my inspiration…” He wrote but that caused her only to sob even more. “You may not throw your humanity away… maybe there is still hope for you to get off of this island.”


“But I want to stay with you, Dad.” She sobbed. “It is all my fault.”


“No it is not!” Ian wrote. “It is your fault, that you’ve come to this isle, but that has nothing to do with what happened then!”


She didn’t answer. She just hugged the tip of his muzzle and cried.


“Ähm I don’t want to disturb you, but…Hello.” Ian heard from behind, while it sounded like the T-Rex growls her father produced.

Ian turned around and he saw the young T-Rex he had met yesterday, while Kelly got a light shock.


“Stay where you are! What do you want here?” Ian said while Kelly was hiding between his legs. Even when the young T-Rex wasn’t not much larger then her. He was still larger and his maw was filled with the same frightening teeth like her father’s maw.


“I was just curious if you’ve spoken the truth.” The young T-Rex said, turned his head a little bit to the side. He closed his eyes and sniffed the air. “I’m remembering her smell.” He said.


“She was in that trailer, too. When the others brought you inside.” Ian said.


“So you really were a human?” The young T-Rex said.


“Yeah.” Ian said.


“Wow… Oh by the way my name is Tyr.” The young T-Rex said.


“Well, if that name doesn’t fit…I’m Ian and that human down there is my daughter Kelly.” Ian said.


“Hello there…” Tyr tried to talk to Kelly.


“She can’t understand us.” Ian said.


“Uhh? But how do you communicate then?” Tyr asked.


“Writing!” Ian said.


“What’s that?” Tyr wants to know.


“A way to communicate.” Ian answered.


“Dad?” Ian looked down to his daughter. “What are you talking about?”


Ian grabbed a stick with his maw and started to translate the things he and Tyr were talking about.


“What are you doing there?” Tyr asked.


“I’m writing.” Ian explained while he slowly started to get pissed off, but then he remembered that Tyr was some sort of child, like Kelly. Even if he was a born, living killing machine.


“May I come a little bit closer?” Tyr asked.


“Yeah, but if you try to hurt or eat Kelly, I’ll kill you!” Ian said totally serious.


“I don’t want to do this and by the way… Mom and Dad told me not to do this…even when they believe, that you are crazy, somehow.” Tyr said.


“Well sometimes I’m asking me the same…For Example. Why the hell did I come to this isle, anyway? I should have known it better.” Ian said.


“I’m sorry, that I caused that much trouble…” Tyr said looking down.


“It wasn’t your fault… you haven’t broken your leg on purpose that day. Actually it was the fault of a man called Peter Ludlow.” Ian got angry, when he even thought about that guy.


“Who?” Tyr asked.


“Peter Ludlow… An idiot who likes to wear very expensive gray suits and talks all the time about his great plans, which are actually very idiotically. He wanted to take some Dinosaurs off this isle and to put them into some kind of zoo at the main continent.” Ian explained.


“I know… they’ve brought me and my father to the mainland… but that got out and shows them what he thought about all this. By the way… did these Ludlow guy wear some strange things on his head?” Tyr asked.


“What are you talking about?” Ian asked.


“They were really strange, but funny, too. He had this things just in front of his eyes and you could look through them.” Tyr asked.


“Oh you mean glasses…yeah… he wears them. Why are you asking?” Ian wanted to know.


“Well it could be that I’ve eaten him.” Tyr said. “When the woman of that trailer thing brought me back into that dark room in that swimming thing, another man, your description fits on, came only a few minutes later in and tried to capture me again, but then Dad came and has thrown him at the ground, before he said, that this human is mine. So I’ve eaten him.”


“You’ve really killed Peter Ludlow?” Ian asked with a strange tone in his voice.


“It seems like that…” Tyr said, not knowing if he should stay or leave. But suddenly Ian started to laugh out loud. He even let the stick, he was writing with, fall to the ground.

 The loud laughs that sounded for Kelly like roars caused her to duck down and to press her hands against her ears.


“I only wish, that I could have seen the expression on his face.” Ian chuckled.  “You are always welcome here Tyr… always…as long as you don’t try to hurt Kelly.”


“What? Really? Thanks!” Tyr shouted totally happy. Slowly he walked nearer towards them. “And maybe we can become friends, too.” He said to Kelly. Meanwhile she only sat between the legs of her father, reading what her father translated to her in the sand. When she looked up after she had read the last word she found Tyr, standing only a few meters in front of her father.



Chapter 7





The young T-Rex visited them very often from now on; almost daily. At first it was strange for Kelly. But then she got used to it. Her father every time stays near her when he arrives, anyway.

But this day her father wasn’t there. He was hunting when Tyr arrives.

Tyr walked towards her and produced a low growl. Kelly knew meanwhile, that even the frightening loud roars often are only parts of their way to talk. But it still was strange for her to be alone with Tyr.

Tyr has stopped in front of her.


Meanwhile near the grass areas:


Ian slowly made its way through the jungle. It was a very warm day. Even for Islar Sorna. But for Ian it felt just okay. He was a little bit tired but that was all.

But then he heard something that woke him fully up.


He heard the Raptor screams not far away. So he walked towards them.

When he arrived he stopped between the last few trees and waited until the pack has finished the Parasaurolophus, they were hunting.

He looked around and saw a movement almost two hundred meters to his left.

He focused on it.

On a small hill one Raptor stood there alone. While the others were hunting he just stood there and watched them. It was a male, that much Ian could say. The male Velociraptor was that distracted, it would have been very easy for Ian to get behind him and have him for lunch, but the other prey that was awaiting him looks much more appropriate for him. So he decided to wait a little bit longer.

Around ten minutes later it was done. The Raptors had killed the large Dinosaur and started to eat, but before they do so, one female called for the male and it followed her call. The both Raptors nuzzled each other before he was allowed to eat first. That was strange, but the next moment Ian realized why it was allowed to do so.

It was the only male Ian could see in the pack, so it must be the Alpha. But it was still strange. As an Alpha, this one had to be the top hunter, if he remembers right.

But it doesn’t matter. All what counted for him now, was the meat and so he rushed forward, roaring, to scare the Raptors away and a few moments later he found himself swallowing a large piece of meat, he had ripped out of it.

When he has finished his meal, he ripped another large piece of meat out of it and carried it home for Kelly.


When he arrived, he found Tyr sleeping in front of the building entrance and Kelly leans at him. She was asleep, too. A funny picture. He wasn’t sure how old Tyr really was. Maybe a few months or maybe a year, but not much more. But it seem, that he has the mind of a teenager, too.

He was very tired, too. So he walked toward the entrance and lays the meat into the shadow of the building and then lays himself next to Kelly, so that she now lies between two T-Rexes. A few hours later Kelly woke up.

She slowly opened her eyes as a warm breath was blown into her face, just to stare into the face of another T-Rex who stood in front of her father. But its head was very close to her. She tried to back away from it, but bumped into Tyr’s body. Her still sleepy brain reacted to this whole situation with the typical reaction.


Kelly’s scream wakes Ian up, who tried to stand up as fast as possible, what caused a collision between his back and the lower yaw of Tyr’s mother.

Tyr’s mother roared more in shock than in pain, what awakes Tyr. Kelly was, as soon as her father stood, between his legs; the only save place she could think of at the moment.  Tyr’s mother took a step backwards and shook her head.

It took them a few minutes to calm down from the biggest shock before they started to talk.


“What are you doing here?” Ian asked a little bit pissed off.


“I was searching for Tyr.” Tyr’s mother replied. Then she turned to Tyr. “What the hell, are you thinking of being away from the nest this long?”


“Mom! I’m not a hatchling anymore!” Tyr answered.


“Don’t dare to speak to me like this!” His mother shouted. Meanwhile Kelly told her father what has happened before.


“Excuse me?” Ian said totally calm.


“Yeah?” Tyr’s mom looked at him.


“Why was your head that close to my daughter? Do I have to remind you at your promise?” Ian asked.


“I know, what I have promised!” Tyr’s mother said angrily. “I was just searching my son and when I got closer this human started to yell as if I had bitten her.”


“Sorry… just get a little bit to fast angry and carefully, if something happens to my daughter.” Ian said, knowing, that it wouldn’t be good, if he got her even angrier.


“Aren’t we all like this, if something happen to our children?” She sighed then back to Tyr. “And now back to the nest with you!” She ordered.


Slowly Tyr followed her command and walked away.


“So…this is your daughter down there?” She asked.


“Yeah!” Ian sighed.


“So you’ve spoken the truth then… about your heritage.” She said, but Ian only nodded.


Tyr’s mother looked down to get a better look at Kelly.


“Still can’t believe this.” She finally said.


“Me, too. Me, too.” Ian sighed.



Chapter 8


On the hunt



“Good morning Dad!” Kelly said as she walked out of the building, the next morning. Her father still lies in his nest, sleeping. But when she stepped into the nest he opened his eyes.


“Good morning.” She said again while her father replies with a grunting sound.


Slowly Ian stood up. He yawned before he grabbed a stick with his teeth and wrote a

“Good morning.” In the sand.


Kelly wanted to say something but suddenly a few Compies jumped out of the nearest bushes. But when they saw Ian they froze in their movement, before they turned around and started to rush away.

Kelly jumped back totally surprised as Ian started to rush behind the Compies. He couldn’t resist as his hunting instincts sets in.


He rushed behind the Compies. Even when he normally was slower than them he was able to follow them, cause his large body was able to stomp through bushes where the Compies has to find a way through.

At least he got close enough to grab one with his maw. Ian slowed down as he felt the movements of the small Dinosaur between his jaws got weaker and weaker, while the taste of the blood and the warm flesh grew stronger. He stopped before he swallowed the small body. But that only was an appetizer for his huge body. He sniffed the air, but he wasn’t able to smell the other Compies. They were gone. But his hunger was even stronger. But then another smell hit his nose. He never smelled it before. It wasn’t human, neither a T-Rex, nor the other Dinosaurs he preferred as food. After a while he decided to follow the smell. He walked through the jungle until he stood on top of a cliff. He looked down and what he saw made his breath to stop. Down there walked a really big Dinosaur. Even bigger than him and he could see that it definitively was a predator, too. It has a long and pointed snout and walked on two legs, too. And it has a strange comb on his back.

Ian doesn’t know why, but suddenly he felt something, that he hasn’t felt here for a long time now.


He was very lucky that the wind blow out of the direction the other Dinosaur was walking in. So Ian was able to get away from it, without getting smelled. Each step brought him further away from this beast.

Slowly he calmed down and his stomach started to complain about the lack of meat again and he remembered, that he has to get something for Kelly, too.

Another smell hit his nose. A foul one and as he followed it he soon stood in front of an old carcass of a Parasaurolophus. Without thinking he bit into the stinky flesh, but it tastes wonderful for him. It seemed that the Dinosaur died without getting harmed by another predator. Maybe he died cause he was old. And no one else had found it. What luck.

He eats until he wasn’t hungry.

It wasn’t far to the old lab, so he decided to carry the carcass, or better said, what was left of it, back to his nest.

When he arrived Kelly was waiting for him. He let the dead Dinosaur fall at the ground near his nest and ripped another piece of meat out of it and started to swallow it.


“Ugh! Dad!” Kelly said as she stepped closer and smelled the rotten flesh. “Can you digest that rotten flesh anyway?”


Ian stopped chewing and swallowed the rest, what was left in his maw. Then he grabbed a stick again.


“My stomach finds a way.” He wrote into the sand.


“Yeah! But I can’t.” Kelly said.


Ian froze in his movement. He knew he has forgotten something. The food for Kelly. Damn!

He started to walk into the jungle again, but this time he needed fresh meat.

So he decided to walk into an area, which provided much fresh meat for him, normally. The hunting ground of the Raptor Pack.  

He had luck and soon he found what he had searched for. But this time it was an unusual hunting tactic the pack used.

It was only a small Dinosaur. The whole pack would have finished it off easily, but instead of doing so, there was only one Raptor in the bushes. It was the male, hiding behind a bush near the Dinosaur, while the pack stood a little bit away. It seems, that they were watching the male.

Suddenly the small Dinosaur turned around. Presenting his back to the Raptor, who used this to attack it. It was a short fight and soon the Male was eating from the dead Dinosaur. Slowly the other Raptors arrived and the Male stopped eating and stood in front of a female Raptor, while the others started to eat.

It was really a small Dinosaur, so Ian had to act fast, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything left for Kelly.

He roared and rushed forward.

The Raptors rushed away as he stomped towards them. While the other Raptors rushed away, the Male stopped after a short time and looked back, chirping something that Ian can’t understand.

It doesn’t mind. He had all the fresh meat he needed for Kelly, so he grabbed the half eaten Dinosaur and carried it back home.

Kelly still was waiting for him but this Tyr was there again. He was eating of the carcass Ian has brought there before. It wasn’t a problem for Ian, cause it was big enough for two fully-grown T-Rexes and Tyr was only half grown now. Slowly Ian laid the dead body in front of Kelly.


“Thanks Dad!” she said before she rushed inside and came back with a long knife soon. She started to cut several pieces of meat out of it and carried them inside.

It was strange, how fast she got used to this and how fast he got used to his new role, Ian thought. Well… The ways of Chaos always are strange. 



Chapter 9





A few weeks later.


Ian lies in his nest and took a sunbath when Kelly walked out of the building. She sat down next her Dad and rested her head at his side. For a long time both were totally silent. Kelly only heard the breath of her father.


“It’s strange.” Kelly sighed. While Ian turned his head to the side, to get a better look of her. Kelly could see her own reflection in his large yellow eye. “Even that moment is strange.” She continued. “I mean…under different conditions I would be dead now, within a few seconds.”  


Ian only chuckled as an answer, but Kelly really meant this serious, so she walked back inside and started again with what she normally do when her father isn’t around. She looked through the old lab. Sometimes she found really interesting stuff. But today she walked back into the medical research lab. Slowly she walked through the room, to a door at the end of the room. Slowly she opened the door and stood in front of a stair, which lead downwards. After a short time she was able to switch the lights on and walked downwards. Down the stairs she stood in front of another door and behind this room filled with crates and shelves. At a small table at the entrance she found a list, that shows her all the things, which were stored in there and after a short time of reading, she’d found just the medication on the list she had used on her father. Somewhere in this room, there has to be another crate with these small bottles. I took a few hours, but in the end on the table, in front of her, stood a small Box with fifty small bottles. All filled with this strange medicament. Slowly she opened the box and took one bottle between her fingers.

It was strange, that this few drops of liquid could change a human into something different, even if this wasn’t planned. She looked at the bottle and sighed.

If this wouldn’t need T-Rex DNA to become like her Dad, she would have used this as soon as possible. But she knew, that she wouldn’t get the DNA from her Dad but she wasn’t sure what would happen if she tried this. Maybe they would eat her. But how shall she get the DNA then. She knew, that if her Dad would knew about this small box, he would do everything to destroy it. Maybe even to destroy this building. Slowly she put the bottle back into the box and closed it again. But instead of putting it back into the shelve, she carried it with her back into her room. Maybe she would be able to get some T-Rex DNA later.

After a while, Kelly heard the roar of her father and walked to the main door.

Outside the building stood Ian and in front of him lays a dead Gallimimus. Kelly walked into the kitchen and got her knives, before she walked back to her father and started to cut a few large pieces out of it. Soon she finished this, thanked her father and said him, that he could have the rest of the dead Dinosaur, before she walked back into the kitchen. She put the meat into a pan and started to cook it. She put a little bit salt and pepper on the steak. She doesn’t have other spices. She runs out of them a few weeks ago. She stopped eating and looked at the small piece of Gallimimus steak on her fork.

The first time her father brought her something, it was two dead Compies.

She had almost puked as she cooked them and now she cut through the dead Dinosaur’s bodies as if it was nothing.

She put the piece of meat into her mouth and started to chew. Gallimimus was one of her favorites. It tasted like a mixture of pork and chicken. But it would have tasted even better, if she would have a few more spices.

Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by a loud T-Rex roar outside. She let the fork fall to the table and rushed to the entrance. Outside stood her father again, but this time he looked to the jungle. As just in this moment Tyr’s mother stomped out of the jungle. Tyr short behind her. Kelly rushed between the legs of her father again.

Tyr was one thing but his mother was just too big.

Ian doesn’t move an inch as Tyr’s mother stopped in front of him.


“What do you want here?” Ian asked.


“My mate, Tyr’s father. He is…he is dead.” She said, while she looked down.


“What?” Ian asked. He have seen Tyr’s father only one time, but he remembered how big he was. And this huge T-Rex should be dead?

“How?” Ian asked.


“He was killed by one really large beast.” Tyr’s mother sobbed. “We knew it, but we never thought, that it would be even dangerous for us.”


“Was it a big Dinosaur with a comb on his back and a long and pointed snout?” Ian asked. Tyr’s mother only nodded for an answer.


“And what happened?” Ian asked.


“I don’t know… All I know is, that when I searched my mate, I found him while this beast was eating of his dead body.” She answered. But then she roared out loud again.

All the time Tyr stood close to her and looked down all the time.

After Ian had written what they have said into the sand, Kelly felt somehow sorry for him and even for his mother.


“And what has this to do with me?” Ian asked. “I mean, I really feel sorry for the loss of your mate, but why are you telling me all this?”


“Well… I… want to ask, if Tyr and I could stay here for a while.” Tyr’s mother still looked down, but slowly she looked up and Ian could see, that she didn’t liked to ask this question.


“Why” Ian only asked.



Chapter 10


Long time Guests



Tyr’s mother looked down.


“Well… it’s only… I am not used to be alone anymore.” She sighed. “And especially if this thing could be a danger for Tyr.”    


“Isn’t he big enough, to care for himself?” Ian asked.


“Either you really wasn’t born as one of us and have changed into one of us or you…” She wanted to say more, but Ian interrupted her.


“I told you, that I’ve changed!” Ian shouted.


“Oh…” After a short break she continued. “So you really believe this?” She asked, while Ian only moaned.


“Mom he speaks the truth.” Tyr said.


“Don’t be ridiculous, nothing can change its shape, nor what they are.” His mother told him.


“No there are such things. I’ve seen it myself, that something like that could happen.” Tyr said, what caused the both grown up T-Rexes to look at the younger T-Rex.


“What are you talking about?” Tyr’s mom wanted to know.


“Well… a few days ago, at the beach, there moved something towards the water. I’ve seen that it moved, but when I tried to eat it, it suddenly changed its shape and was a stone!” Tyr said while his mother looks really stressed.


“That was a turtle.” Ian said.


“A what?” Tyr asked.


“A turtle. They have shells and some of them can move into them if any kind of danger appears.” Ian explained.


“Oh.” Tyr said.


“By the way! What have I told you, about things you don’t know and which look strange?” Tyr’s mother shouted.


“Never try to eat them.” Tyr said while he looked down.    


“Good boy.” His mother before she started to speak to Ian again. “So may we stay here or at least close to this place?”


“Close to this place sounds better. Yes.” Ian said.


“So we may stay in your territory?”


“Yes.” Ian sighed.



A few days later…


Ian slowly got used to the fact that Tyr and his mother live only five hundred meters away from his nest. At least they wouldn’t be a danger for Kelly and he wasn’t alone while he was hunting anymore. Tyr and his mother came with him very often. Together they were able to get much more prey, than he could hunt alone. And every time there was enough fresh meat left for Kelly, even when three T-Rexes were eating from one carcass. But this day, after the hunt he stayed together with Kelly at the old lab.

He wanted to talk to her.


“Kelly do you still think of me as your father?” Ian wrote into the sand, with the stick between his teeth.


“Oh Dad.” She said while she took a step forward and grabbed his dead bringing snout into a hug, or at least as good as she could. She felt his warm breath. After almost ten minutes she slowly stepped back from him. “You’re always being my Dad.” She said. “Even when we both don’t belong to the same species. What we could have changed, if you haven’t destroyed the last bottle of this medicament.” She said, well knowing, that it wasn’t the last one.


Ian only sighed. And slowly started to write again.


“It isn’t fun to be a T-Rex, Kelly. Please believe me and it was the only right thing I could do, to destroy this bottle.” Ian wrote.


“But why? Why would it be wrong?” Kelly asked.


“It’s just… wrong! Do you know what a feeling it is to kill?” Ian wrote into the sand.


“As often as you go hunting… a great one.” Kelly answered.


“It is! But that’s the problem!” Ian wrote.


“Why?” Kelly asked.


“I don’t wanted, that my little girl would become such a beast… Like me!” He wrote. With a sad expression on his face.


“You aren’t a beast… you are my Dad!” Kelly said. “I just wanted to understand you again.” She said with a sad tone in her voice.


Slowly Ian stepped forward and let her hug his head again.


“So. She really is your daughter.” Ian suddenly heard Tyr’s mother. When he looked back he saw how she stepped out the jungle.


“Do you believe it now?” Ian asked.


“Yes…” Tyr’s mother said. “But if this really is true… why don’t you let herself change into one of us, too?”


“I don’t want this.” Ian only said.


“Why?” Tyr’s mother looked confused. “Why don’t you want her to be a superior being?”


“SUPERIOR?” Ian yelled. “You call, killing everything that moves, superior?”


“Yes! I do! It’s better to be one of us, than such an appetizer!” She pointed with her maw in Kelly’s direction.


“No it’s not! Do you believe, that I like it to be a T-Rex?” Ian shouted, while he took a step forward, demonstrating how big he was.


“Ye…” Tyr’s mother was interrupted by Ian’s outburst.


“NO!” Ian roared. “The first time I saw a T-Rex! It tried to eat me, two times! And it was only luck, that I’m still alive! And I’ve sworn to myself, never to enter Islar Nublar again! But then Hammond somehow got me here and as soon as I was here, two Rexes, and one of them is at the moment just standing in front of me, tried to kill me and my friends and my daughter, for helping their Baby! And to make this small summary complete! I was changed into one of your great species against my will! And because of this! I don’t want Kelly to become a T-Rex!” Ian spitted the last few sentences.


Tyr’s mother doesn’t say a word for a long time. She just looked down.


“If I ever would have known… If we had known…we would never have attacked you! And this other one, you were talking about…” She was interrupted again.


“I don’t want to talk about this.” Ian said, while he slowly turned around. “I think, that it would be the best, if you go back to Tyr now. If anything would happen to him, the dead of one man would have been a totally waste!”


“I’m sorry.” Tyr’s mother said, while she turned around. “It was just a misunderstanding. You’ll have to believe me. Just a misunderstanding.” Tyr’s mother said with a sad tone in her voice, while she walked back to her nest.



Chapter 11





Ian was really upset about Tyr’s mother.


“What has she said?” Kelly wanted to know.


After Ian had translated it and wrote it into the sand in a few words, Kelly took a deep breath.


“Well… You know that she somehow is right…” A loud and angry Roar of her father interrupted her. He was really close as he has done this and Kelly stared deep into his maw.


“OH DAD!” She shouted as she turned around.


Ian was really angry now and with a quick movement he grabbed her T-Shirt with his teeth and lifted Kelly off the ground.


“Ahhh! LET ME DOWN!” Kelly shouted hysterically, but Ian carried her back to the Lab entrance before he did this. Then he shoved her through the door, as far as his snout allows it. Then he grabbed a large branch that lies on the ground near the entrance and blockaded the door with it.


“Oh great now I’m grounded in here! Great idea Dad! And for what? For telling the truth?” Kelly shouted angrily. Ian only growled, turned around and walked into the jungle.

Damn he had to kill something or he would become mad.

He stomped through his territory. Why the hell wants everyone that Kelly becomes such a hideous beast. Even Kelly herself.

Went everyone on this isle insane, or was he the one who was insane?

He came to a glade where a few Pachycephalosaurs were grazing.

Ian waited between some trees for the right moment. Then he started his attack. When one of the herbivores was close enough, he spurted towards it and dug his teeth in his flesh. The Dinosaur yelled in pain.

Suddenly Ian was opening his jaws.

What was he doing here? He wasn’t even hungry. He looked down at the small Dinosaur who tried to get away but Ian has injured its spine. So its hind legs were paralyzed. The small Dinosaur yelled in panic and in pain.

Ian wasn’t hearing the screams he was almost as paralyzed as the small Dinosaur in front of him. But instead of the injury, he was paralyzed by his thoughts.

He just wanted to destroy. He had become such a hideous beast. The only thing what would make this complete, would be, that he tried to eat his own daughter.

Would she even talk to him anymore after he had been this rough to her? As a human, he never would have been this rough to her. As a human. He almost has forgotten how it felt to be a human.

The screams of the Pachycephalosaur slowly became weaker. The loss of blood and the attempt to get away of this T-Rex slowly demanded its tribute.  

Maybe he was that much against the idea that Kelly would become a T-Rex, too, because he feared, that he might loss his only connection to humanity. To his old life. But what was left of this life anyway? Memories. Nothing more than memories.

Even if he might get home. He would end in a Zoo or anything else. Or Hammond would have another of his brilliant ideas. Ian sighed. Somehow he had the feeling, that he now pays the prize for Hammonds playing with Mother Nature. He shouldn’t be mad at Kelly. She only wanted to be like him again. Maybe he should let her become one. She would be much saver and it would become much easier to get food for her.

What was he thinking of? He had destroyed the last bottle of this medicament. It was impossible for her to change into another T-Rex now.

Maybe he even was to hard to Tyr’s mother. She had lost her mate only a few weeks ago and he was such an idiot.

Maybe he should ask, them, if they forgive him. The best would be if he starts with Kelly and then with Tyr’s mother.

A groaning sound makes him to look down again. He saw the small Dinosaur, almost dead, lying a few meters away from the place he had caught it.

Ian slowly walked towards it and finally ended the life of the Pachycephalosaur.

Even when he wasn’t hungry. So he would have at least a gift for Tyr’s mother. Maybe she would accept it as a way to say, that he’s sorry for what he had said.

Slowly he grabbed the small Dinosaur between his teeth and carried it home. When he arrived there, he lays the carcass into his nest and walked to the door, where he removed the branch and called for Kelly but she didn’t appeared. After several tries he decided, that it would be the best, if he starts with Tyr’s mother.

He knew Kelly and how she reacted if someone did something bad, that she didn’t deserved.

She would come out in the evening and then he would ask her.
Slowly he grabbed the dead Dinosaur again between his teeth and carried it to Tyr’s mother.

When he came closer to the nest, he dropped the carcass at the ground and called for Tyr’s mother.

A few seconds later she slowly walked towards him.


“Yeah?” She asked as if nothing had happened before.


“Well I want to ask you if you could forgive me? Being that rude. Well I want to say, that I’m sorry about what I’ve said. Erm…what’s your name again?” Ian asked, not knowing what to say.


“Sylien.” Tyr’s mother answered him with a strange look in her eyes. Then Ian slowly bent down and shoved the dead Pachycephalosaur with his maw, in front of Sylien.


“I hope you accept this small gift as an excuse for my behavior.” He still looked down when he said this.


“YES!” Sylien shouted totally happy. Then she almost rushed towards Ian and first started to nuzzle, then to rub her head on his one. “I almost thought, that you never would ask.”


“So? Did this mean you’d forgive me?” Ian asked totally surprised by her behavior. He looked at her and saw a glimmer in her eyes.     


“How couldn’t I forgive my new mate?“ She answered with a dreamy voice.



Chapter 12


Mate against his will



“Mate?” Ian stammered. He thought, that he have heard wrong.


“Yes my beloved one.” Sylien said with a dreamy voice. “I wasn’t sure but the proposition you brought… Now I knew that you love me, too.” She still rubbed her big body at his one.

Now Ian slowly started to understand what went wrong. But what was even stranger was that he started to feel really good. He somehow likes it, that Tyr’s mother was close to him, rubbing herself at his body.


“Yes…” He finally sighed. Slowly he inhaled her scent. Somehow he wasn’t sure why he was against the idea, that she and Tyr would live near the lab. And with each breath he felt more and aroused by her scent.



Meanwhile near the Lab:


Kelly tried to open the door from inside. But the door still was blockaded somehow. Even when the branch wasn’t there anymore. When her father has closed the door, he surely bent some parts of the door.

After several tries, she gave up. She wasn’t able to open that door. The only strange thing was, that the glass in the doorframe wasn’t broken. She still asked herself, what her father wanted from her.

But her thoughts were interrupted as suddenly Tyr walked out of the jungle. The half grown T-Rex walked towards the building, stopped and started to look around.

Maybe he could open the door for her. So Kelly decided to do something she normally would never have done before.


“Hey! You! Erm…Tyr!” She called out loud. Tyr tuned his head towards the door. “Would you mind to come here, please?” She shouted and Tyr followed her call. And only a few seconds later he stood on the other side of the door. That was closer than he ever was before and she saw how large he really was.  Compared to her father or his mother, Tyr only still was small but compared to Kelly he was already almost too big for her taste. He lowered his head and looked just into her eyes. Then he leaned his head a little bit to its side and produced a short growling sound.

Kelly took a deep breath before she continued.


“Could you help me to open this door?” She asked not knowing whether she did the right thing or not.


Tyr nodded before he grabbed the door handle with his teeth and started to pull. A screaming sound could be heard before the door swung open and Tyr almost felt down. The glass was broken now but that wasn’t a big problem. Kelly walked out of the door.

“Thank you.” Kelly sighed. “Sometimes Dad simply overreacts.” Tyr only nodded.


Slowly she walked over to him and touched Tyr, while he started to nuzzle her. But then both looked in the direction of Tyr’s mother’s nest as suddenly came two loud Roars out of this direction. Both were almost triumphal ones. And the young ones knew them.


“Mom?” Tyr asked confused in that growling T-Rex language.


“Dad?” Kelly asked with a strange tone in her voice. Then both looked at each other, knowing what that meant.

“It seems, that you are my stepbrother now, Tyr.” Kelly sighed when she saw her father step out of the jungle with dreamy eyes, short followed by Tyr’s mom with the same peaceful and happy expression on her face. Tyr only looked at Kelly with the question written on his face.


The two large Rexes stopped in front of Kelly and Tyr.


“Tyr. Let’s go home. It’s dark soon.” His mother said with a dreamy tone in her voice. “Good Bye. Ian.”


“Good Bye Sylien.” Ian said with the same tone in his voice, before he turned around and walked to his nest.


“Mom? What’s a stepbrother?” Ian heard how Tyr asked his mother as they entered the jungle.


“Dad?” Ian stopped as he heard Kelly’s question. “What have you done there?”


Ian grabbed a stick with his teeth and started to tell her what has happened. Except for some scenes, which weren’t made for younger ears. Or better-said eyes. But he told her about him and Tyr’s mother being a pair now.


“Great!” Kelly sighed. “A new body, a new girlfriend. Dad you’ll never change.”


Ian only chuckled.



The next day:



Ian was on the hunt again. He was very hungry and he needed food for Kelly, too. So he walked into the Raptor’s territory, to see, if he was able to scare them away once more. On his way, many thoughts run through his mind. Has he really done this yesterday? Was he really that clouded by her pheromones? But then why was he still thinking of her now? Has he really changed that much? Maybe it really would be the best if Kelly changes to a T-Rex now, too. But what if? No they surely think, that we are dead by now. So it really would be the best if she changes now. But I have destroyed the last bottle.

Ian stopped and sniffed the air. He could smell the Raptors not far away. Slowly he stepped towards the open grassland and watched the scene.

Even if the last time he has stolen some flesh from them lays several months back, he was surprised how much the number of the Raptors had increased since the last time.

He’ll have to make a big show, if he wants to scare them away.

Ian watched as the Raptors killed a Corythosaur and started to eat of it. Ian let eat them at first, watching a really unusual scene.

One of the female Raptors seemed not to want to eat, but the Alpha male almost forced her to eat of the bloody flesh.

A strange behavior for Carnivores. But that didn’t bother him much longer. He wanted to eat. And he wanted to eat now.

A loud Roar of him let most of the pack ran away in fear. One Raptor felt down as he rushed towards them. But the Alpha male rushed to it and helped the other male on its legs and both rushed out of Ian’s way.

Soon Ian found himself again ripping and swallowing huge amounts of flesh out of the dead Corythosaur. When he has finished, he grabbed one of its legs and ripped it off, before he walked home to Kelly.


Kelly walked out of the lab and towards her father when he has laid the leg of the Dinosaur down and called for her. But before he has called her, he has written something into the sand.


“It’s okay, if you want to become a T-Rex, too.” He has written.


“Thanks Dad!” Kelly shouted happily as she hugged his big maw for a very long time.


Both don’t recognized at first, that several eyes, out of the bushes, watched them. Suddenly Ian felt as if he was watched and looked around. But he wasn’t able to see anything. The eyes have disappeared.


“Is anything wrong?” Kelly asked.


“No, no. Only thought, that somewhat has been watching us.” He wrote.


“Maybe some Compies.” Kelly said.


“Maybe…” Ian only wrote.


“Don’t worry about me! What should happen to me here with three T-Rexes protecting me?” Kelly laughed.


“I hope you are right.” Ian growled before he wrote it down. 



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